It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day is upon us! The time of year where we get to show (and receive) appreciation for all that goes down in the life of a mom. There is no harder job than being a mom, so it feels good to honor and celebrate that!

Like any good celebration, this one comes with gifts. When thinking about gifts for Mother’s Day, and what personally means the most to me, I love gifts that require some thought. Something that can be a little keepsake for me or reminds me of where my kids are developmentally at that moment in time. When I look back at the gift, I can remember my life during that season. Often times these gifts require a little effort, but not a lot of money…but man, let me tell you, the pay-off is worth it!

Ladies, this is a post to pass to the men in your life.

You know the ones that are sitting there not totally realizing Mother’s Day is next week, but would be forever grateful to read something with gift ideas done for them? Just forward this little baby onto them…or better yet, get a member of your mom village to pass it on for you and return the favor!

I’ve got 3 creative and special gift ideas that will make Mother’s Day extra memorable this year!


Head on over to Komae’s blog to check out the 3 gift ideas!  You don’t want to miss these!


I had the pleasure of meeting the genius ladies that run Komae, a babysitting app, when I went to Rise.  They are on a mission to help mamas, just like I am, so I was so excited when they wanted to collaborate on this fun Mother’s Day gift post!  Click here to continue reading!

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