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A Favorite Things Party: The Ultimate Summer Girls Night

May 31, 2018

Every summer I throw a big backyard bash for my best girlfriends.  A Favorite Things themed party is one of my absolute favorites to host.  Who doesn’t love leaving a party with 3 new gifts? For someone who’s love language is gifts…this one is right up my alley! Never heard of a Favorites Thing Party […]

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Every summer I throw a big backyard bash for my best girlfriends.  A Favorite Things themed party is one of my absolute favorites to host.  Who doesn’t love leaving a party with 3 new gifts? For someone who’s love language is gifts…this one is right up my alley!

Never heard of a Favorites Thing Party before?

Let me give you the lowdown!

The host will decide on a spending limit for each gift.  Then each guest will decide on a gift their girlfriends will love in that price range. Once the perfect gift is decided, you buy 3 of them. Yes, 3 of the same gift. I prefer to not wrap the gifts so people can easily see what they’re going to go for during the game portion of the party!

At the end of the party, each girl walks away with 3 new amazing, favorite things! Does that not sound like the best party ever? I told you it was the ultimate girls night!

The Invitations

I cohosted this Favorite Things Party with my party planning bestie, Nicole, with Twisted Sister Shop, and our girlfriend Jenn.  We really wanted a unique invitation for this event, since it was for our best girlfriends, and we wanted them to feel a little fancy. Nicole made these tea towels with her Cricut and a heat press, and the darling tags are her creation as well.  Each invite had the instructions for the Favorite Things gift exchange, and a dish assigned them to bring. One of my biggest tips I’ll ever give you is you can’t do it all!  Delegation is your friend when it comes to a party like this!

All photos credited to Aleks Lopez

Grab Your Favorite Things Party Plan Here!

The Bar

We knew the bar was going to be the most visited party station with this group of gals, so we really wanted to make it a statement. The backdrop was actually repurposed from a friend’s daughter’s art party, so major score there! Then we made it all about the drinks! I love all the pops of color the bar brought to the party.

The key to a good girlfriend’s party is signature cocktails.  Refreshing, easy to make, and go down easy…hello, lover. The Favorite Things Party Plan has multiple delicious cocktail recipes that are sure to be a hit at your own party.  I also included some fun mocktail recipes for anyone who may be interested in that way of life as well. Another great thing about the Favorite Things Party Plan? I outlined creative bar set-up ideas so you can create a statement bar for your own party too!  I generally focus on dessert tables, so I really enjoyed trying something new with the bar. The ideas in the plan are SO cool, and I can’t wait to try more of them out!

Nicole made the cutest prints for this party.  Gorgeously colorful and perfect for a summer party, and she generously gifted them to the Favorite Things Party Plan!  Three Twisted Sister originals with your purchase of the plan.  Getting something for free is definitely one of my favorite things! ? This “Who Gives a Flock” sign is the perfect addition to this fabulous bar!

The Food

We kept things very simple for this party, and by simple I mean, we delegated food and desserts. Listen, we are two party planning gal pals, but we are also stay at home moms with side hustles…we can’t do it all! Delegating food makes everyone happy.  Guests like being able to bring something, and I like not having to cook/buy it all. Win win, people.

Also, don’t you love when you go to a party and the spread is made up of all kinds of goodies so you can sample everything?  It’s the best! Taste everything, eat nothing. Allows for more dessert too. The Favorite Things Party Plan has recipe ideas to delegate to your guests, both for food and desserts.  How easy to tell your friend to bring a dessert then also offer a recipe for an easy to prep dish to bring.  I know I’d appreciate that!

Grab Your Favorite Things Party Plan Here!

The Favorite Things: Gift Exchange Time!

The main event of the party…the gift exchange! Like I said above, each guest was told to think of a favorite thing and buy 3 of them.  We asked for gifts to be unwrapped because we wanted them out and displayed in their full glory, mainly so we could all plot about what we wanted to fight for and take home.  We decided on 3 different activities to determine the order of gift pickers. One was a random draw, one was an individual game, and other was a team game. All of the details are outlined for you in the Favorite Things Party Plan!

What would you go for??? There were SO many fun choices! Bath bombs, date night kits, meal planners, and champagne were just a few!  Your Favorite Things Party Plan also has 3 pages dedicated to unique, on trend gifts in various price points for you to bring to your party!

Nicole, Jenn, and I gave each of our girlfriends a cute tote as their party favor.  They were all leaving with a bunch of new goodies, so they needed something to put it all in!  Nicole created these with vinyl cut on the Cricut and secured with a heat press. They were a total hit, and I still use mine! I chose naps, champs, and reality tv…brunch, caffeine and yoga pants was a close second though!  Which one most describes you?

Your Turn!

This Favorite Things Party is such a blast.  Summer parties are the best because everyone just wants to come over and hang out.  Creating an experience and celebrating my friendship with these women is so important to me, so anytime I get to host a little get together, I jump at the chance.  We all have little kids, jobs, responsibilities, and insane schedules. I can’t tell you how good it feels to all get together, drink, eat, and walk away with presents on a beautiful summer night with your best friends.

If you are ready to host your own Favorite Things, I have a Favorite Things Party Plan ready and waiting for you.

It breaks down the whole party- decor, food, gift exchange games, printables, gift ideas, and tons more so all you need to do it click what you want, set it up, and have a blast with your girls.  This party plan will save you over 10 hours of prep time, which is basically priceless in my book, and remember, it comes with 3 free signs from Nicole! That alone is a $30 value! Click here to grab your party plans and get to prepping your new favorite party!

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