Planning a Baby Shower? It All Starts with Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Invitation

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Thank you to Basic Invite, for partnering with me on this post about baby shower invitations! 

Baby Showers are one of those parties that we are so honored and excited to host, but for some reason, they always sneak up on us and can be overwhelming to plan. You want to give the mama to be a dreamy shower, but you also have a job, a family, and a million other balls in the air. That’s just life…and that new mama will understand that struggle soon enough! ?

One of the first things I do when I’m designing a Shower Party Plan is to nail down the baby shower invitations. It’s a task I can easily complete, which makes me feel productive, and it helps start to cast the vision for the shower. 

One of the easiest and most fun places to grab baby shower invitations, is Basic Invite. The awesome thing about Basic Invite is that they have almost unlimited color choices! If you find an invitation you like, like the darling moon and stars baby shower invitation below, you can pick and choose the colors that work for you, and then see what it will look like in real life with their instant online previews! This is how I ensure I can get exactly what I want, both in design and color. I have a very hard time visualizing something. I need to see it in order to know I like it. Because I can see my previews with Basic Invite, I know exactly what they’ll look like when they arrive at my door! Then I can go about my planning and prepping without having to wait until they arrive to know if they’re right or not! So convenient!

Another rad thing for those of us that need to see something in real life to fall in love with it? You can order a printed sample of your invitation from Basic Invite before you make the final decision! You can make sure the colors are spot on, check out how great the paper quality is, and even give the mama to be final approval if you want! Just another fun perk!

This To The Moon and Back Baby Shower invitation goes perfectly with my We Love You to the Moon and Back Baby Shower Plan! It is the exact colors I planned the theme with, down to the real foil gold on the invite that pairs with the metallic accents of the party decor! It’s a match made in party heaven!

The Love You to the Moon and Back shower theme is totally out of this world, but I’m also seeing a lot of Rainbow baby showers lately! The Rainbow Baby Shower Plan is one of my top sellers. It is a really special shower plan, especially for those mamas that are celebrating having a rainbow baby, a baby that comes after a loss.  

When I saw this invite out of the many rainbow baby shower invitations from Basic Invite, I was totally inspired by the sprinkle of rainbow hearts! It adds such a fun decor touch that you can bring to the party. I have a tutorial and links to purchase supplies to create your own sprinkle heart backdrop in the Rainbow Baby Shower Plan, just like the one pictured below!

Bonus! This can double as a gift for the baby’s nursery! How fun to have your guests see one of the details on the invitation come to life as a piece of decor at the actual shower!

So you’ve found your perfect invite, you’ve customized it exactly how you want it, and the vision for your baby shower is totally forming in your head! You are well on your way to hosting a beautiful shower, sister!

But then…ugh. You forgot you need to actually address and mail the invitations. Why is that always something we leave to the last minute? Who wants to write addresses when they could be doing something more fun with their down time…like catching up on Housewives!

Problem solved! Get your DVR fired up because Basic Invite will address, mail, and stamp your baby shower invitations FOR YOU for a small fee. 100% worth it! They even have an address capturing service that allows you to share a link on your favorite social media platform and request your friend’s and family’s addresses! They store them all in your account and you can just pick and choose who your invite gets sent to when you’re ready to roll.  How amazing would this be for Christmas cards?! There is always that random that moved and you don’t know their new address, but for some reason sending a text is too tricky. Basic Invite to the rescue yet again!

Like I said before, planning a baby shower can be such a fun experience, but it can also be something that causes us some stress because of the work and effort that goes into planning a party when we’re already busy. Using a company like Basic Invite which can help you nail down your invitation and help spark your creativity when it comes to the overall vision can save you a lot of that stress. That in addition to downloading one of my Shower Party Plans to help take even more off your plate? Dream team, baby!

Dying to try Basic Invite out for your next shower or party? Use the coupon code: 15FF51 to get 15% off!

This post was sponsored by Basic Invite, but all opinions and content is 100% honest and straight from me. I will never recommend a brand I don’t trust and support.

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