10 Things Every Mom Needs to Do Before the School Year Ends

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May 1, 2020

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Something I’ve been thinking about lately and noodling through?

How the heck am I going to make a distinction between this random wash of a “school” year and summer?

Summer is a critical part of childhood and your family’s story. When you think back on your childhood, what do you think? Chances are summer. Summer nights with your family outside, sprinkler time with your siblings, bike rides, late nights, campfires, grilling, pool time with friends. So many of our favorite memories are wrapped into summer. ✨

But this year…summer is just sort of an extension of the current quarantine situation. So I wanted to help families feel like they can wrap up summer and prep for a fun summer with their families. Time to put this homeschooling thing to rest and still look forward to summer and all the fun times it brings, no matter what the situation is!

I’ve created a Summer Prep Checklist for you- totally free! You can download it with the link in my bio and get started prepping for that sunshine! ☀️

Download the full Summer Prep Checklist here!

Teacher Gift

Teachers are super heroes, especially this year.

They’ve recorded videos, Zoom chatted our kids, comforted, and loved your kids all year long (many while parenting their own at the same time!). They deserve a proper thank you and token of appreciation. Send something to them virtually or email asking for them address.

Personalized Stationary

Motivational Quote Cards

Gifts cards for THEM (not for them to spend on school stuff! Audible is a great one!)

A meal/date night box from a local restaurant or winery or Door Dash delivery card!

Spa basket: bubble bath, sheet masks, lotion, lip scrub, flowers: order all at Target or Amazon and ship it

Mother Snacker Treat Box

Summer Bins

This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the end of the school year!

Shop Target Bullseye online or brave the Dollar Store. They have a TON of outside games, gear and toys all for super cheap!

Then get big plastic bins and fill it with the toys and have them waiting for the kids outside when they finish on their last day of “school.”

Bins can include a variety of…


water toys

dump trucks

puddle jumper life vest


sand toys

catching toys

chalk paint

beach towels


bathing suits

popsicle molds

Create a Summer Meal Plan

Summer dinners always seem to go on the back burner over at my house. It’s always us being outside then we get hungry and the what should we have for dinner tonight conversations start! Start this summer off with making meal planning a routine and habit to check it off your list!

Set up an easy to follow schedule

Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, leftovers or snacks Wednesday, Salad Bar Thursday, Pizza Friday, Family Member’s choice Saturday, Eat local or crock pot Sunday

Get on Zoom with your mom tribe and each bring 3 favorite recipes to share! You’ll walk away with about a month’s worth of recipes and dinners to try!

Want All 10 Ideas? Grab my Summer Prep Checklist Below!

Get prepping! Summer awaits, mama!

For some reason…mobile isn’t loving this form! Mobile users- CLICK HERE to download your checklist!

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