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Is Every Day Feeling Like Groundhog Day?

July 13, 2021

It’s time for you to take some reflective time to figure out- what are you passionate about? Do you know who you are outside of motherhood and achievements? Knowing that you are a VIP person with gifts and talents and the world is ready to receive you! Many women struggle with who they are after […]

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It’s time for you to take some reflective time to figure out- what are you passionate about? Do you know who you are outside of motherhood and achievements? Knowing that you are a VIP person with gifts and talents and the world is ready to receive you! Many women struggle with who they are after babies and even get lost in the shuffle!

So, you are a mother and love serving your family and children and you also have a yearning for something more. You are unsure whether you should pursue a career, start a small business, or begin your health journey. You might feel guilty for wanting more. Not for the pursuit of money but rather the fulfillment that it brings to your soul. You are feeling an itch that there is a missing piece in your life and you want to bridge the gap between your day to day life and a dream you’ve had. Or maybe you want to do something but don’t even know where to begin so you keep putting it off. The FEELING of yearning for more doesn’t go away though.

Are you feeling like this? Momma, I hear you! Because I was you a few years ago. My heart was yearning for more and yet I didn’t know what. In my pursuit for something more I had to bring clarity to who I was and what I really wanted. It took time, coaching, starting at multiple ventures before I figured out that I was called to speak, motivate, and coach mothers. As soon as you have clarity in what exactly you want, things start falling into place. For me, I was able to start my solo entrepreneur business and feel confident in doing it! I am able to have set boundaries with myself, kiddos, and work! I am able to finally relax and enjoy my family more!

Figuring out your values and gifts is a great place to start to get you from lost to found as a woman, mother, and wife.

You are absolutely more than enough and you can do your dreams and be yourself again!!

Where do you even begin the process of finding out who YOU are?

1. What are your values?

What is really important to YOU? Values are your belief systems, behavior, and principles important to you. Write down your values and access if you are living your life system around that. One of my values is “Freedom”- freedom of time for work, time for family, time for faith, and me time. So, I have created boundaries each week so that I can feel fulfilled in each of those areas.

2. Analyze what you are good at

What are 1 or 2 things no one reminds or motivates you to do? Your gift is what you do best with the least amount of effort.- Steve Harvey (sometimes we are so good at something we don’t even realize it) If you are stuck, ask your close friends and family and they will easily be able to tell you what you are really good at. Take some time to reflect – What is something you can easily talk about for days and your friends come to you for it?

3. What would it take to make those talents alive again?

Think about how you could fit those talents into your life now. Do you need to schedule time, babysitting, or take a class? Or – Can you adapt your passion?

4. If you are interested in starting a business- can you make a profit off of it?

Does the market have a need for that gift? IF, you love to bake and there are multiple bakeries in your area that is a great sign that people love cake, cookies, and all the sweets. So, don’t think that there isn’t room for you and your gifts! Is anyone else doing what you love? Experts in your field can be great mentors and coaches to help you succeed. Finding great support is an absolute must in building a business or starting a hobby.

5. Start doing something!!

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect! Done beats perfect every time! Waiting for everything to be perfect is a waste of time and the world needs YOU NOW more than ever!!

GO FOR IT MOMMA!! I love to hear women fulfilling their passions and potential! I hope you understand that when you are happy and fulfilled you are a better mother and wife.

Meet the Author, Jessica Brite Peterson

Jessica Brite Peterson encourages moms to find something they are passionate about and get back to themselves after having kids.

Jessica is a motivational success coach for mommas. After years of struggling with mom guilt and feeling like she lost herself, she jumped into entrepreneurship and found her passions again. She realized that when she invests in herself, not only does her business thrive but her family does too. Building a successful business has been the best self-development journey. She worked through her own mindset blocks and is now passionate about teaching other mothers how to be successful without sacrifice and guilt.

Her mission is to empower mommas to build self worth, confidence, and their full potential so they can take control back of their lives.  


Instagram: @jessicabritepeterson


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