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7 Things Saving My Summer Life Right Now

July 22, 2020

Time for another edition of Allison’s Friday Favorite Things!! And today’s topic is SAVING MY SUMMER LIFE. The things I’ve found this summer that are absolutely saving my life when it comes to parenting and trying to work 24/7. Are you in the same boat and looking for some help? This list is for you! […]

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Time for another edition of Allison’s Friday Favorite Things!! And today’s topic is SAVING MY SUMMER LIFE. The things I’ve found this summer that are absolutely saving my life when it comes to parenting and trying to work 24/7.

Are you in the same boat and looking for some help? This list is for you!


Music legit makes everything better. A good song can instantly change your mood. However, I’m referring to how I’ve been using Spotify (or whatever music app you want really) with my kids!

When I need some work time or dedicated time to get something productive done, kids get full reign of the Spotify. They can tell Alexa what to play or play it on their iPads and they get SO excited. They instantly get distracted by what they want to hear next, discovering new songs, etc. and I get a few uninterrupted minutes to myself…all while hear the Zombies soundtrack in the background but whatever, I’ll take what I can get!!

Kids Baking Competition

Okay, you know that I love TV. It’s my treat at the end of the day, one of the great loves of my life. But kids tv? Ugh. Those voices are so annoying. HOWEVER. At the start of quarantine we discovered Kids Baking Competition on Food Network and Evie and I immediately got hooked!

It’s the perfect family show, SO fun and addicting and it makes them want to learn about the kitchen! Her skills helping me bake and with meals has really improved. She’s very independent and motivated and I love that all the kids are so kind and helpful to one another. Glorifying creativity, showcasing kids using their gifts that are also kind, and promotes independence? Perfect show! Also…these kids are unreal. Like how do they know what they know?!


The fitness hater inside me has been destroyed. I’m legit beyond obsessed with my Peloton. It brings me SO much joy. We had a knock off, which I fully loved and support just as much, but decided since my husband and I love and use it everyday, we should go for the real deal. Man is it fancy! I’ve completely drank the Kool-Aid and am Team Peloton for life. Some days when the kids have been extra crazy, I get on the bike and rage ride my little heart away and it feels SO damn good. 

Do you have one too? Reply back to this email with your user name and we can add each other and ride!! Riding with friends is so fun! ??

I’m Bored Card Pack

This card pack was included in June’s Summer at Home boxes and it’s the thing I’ve definitely used the most with the kids. They each have their own pack, laminated, and have been using them without prompting now. YAY! They are in the same place in the playroom so no wandering around looking for them. Find your activity, circle it to solidify your plan, and GO. A lot of times just the cards alone get them thinking enough about what to do that they end up figuring something out and are excited to start. Total win over here!

I usually keep box items exclusive to subscribers, but I know so many families have found these card packs beneficial, so I wanted to offer them to you! I have them listed in my shop- both as a digital (you print at home!) file OR I’ll print, cut, laminate, binder clip and ship them to you! Easy easy! 

Shop I’m Bored Cards here!

Big Life’s Kids Podcast

We looooove this podcast! It’s created by early podcast guest, Alexandria Eidens, creator of the Big Life Journal. Check out her episode on raising kids with gratitude and a growth mindset here!

We have needed someone more equipped to help teach our kids some of these practices lately. I have really struggled during quarantine, and while I do practice gratitude and try to stay in the positive, it is HARD work, and the kids don’t always get the best of that. This podcast is such a gift! It teaches skills like confidence, bravery, growth mindset, failure, etc. in an engaging and funny way through storytelling. The kids BEG me to play this in the car and often listen to it at home as well!

Using a Timer

Remember when your kids were really little and you lived by a timer? Like 5 minutes and we’re leaving the house! Or set a timer for 3 minutes and play time is done. Well the timer is now back full force into our lives- and I mean for everyone in the family. With my work and home being SO intertwined, I need a physical reminder to transition out of work. The timer helps remind me of what I need to be doing and when. And of course, I use it parenting because no one ever knows what day and time it is and the timer reminds us to do important things like go to swim lessons.

The kids are now so used to it that they set their own routines and timers! It’s so fun to watch something you implement stick to the point they just start doing it without thinking. Magic mommy brainwashing for the win.

Water/Sand Play

Shocker, being outside makes my kids nicer…and less annoying. Give them sand and water and they are entertained for SO long. Add the bouncy house outside and hot damn, I may even be able to finish this whole blog post in one sitting! New diggers, buckets, shovels, squirt guns, water balloons, sprinkers, etc. have invaded my house and I don’t even care. Whatever entertains them outside and holds their attention- done deal.

It’s so funny how back to the basics is almost always the answer. Give them dirt and water and they’re happy as can be…and I am too!

I’ve also done that kinetic sand or different water bins, like dumping cups or washing cars- that have been total hits. Fill a plastic bin with water, dump in some small toys like figurines or LEGOs and freeze it! Have them chip away and try to extract the treasure- super time consuming! Also any type of bath is alway a hit. Bath bombs, LEGO bath, glow stick bath, color bath (find only blue toys to dump in), car bath, etc. all total wins and I can sit outside the bathroom with my laptop while they play!

That’s my 7 favorite things that are currently saving my summer life!

Juggling all the things is totally challenging, and I’m constantly trying to think of new ways to buy myself some time and sanity. If YOU have some things that have been saving your life, will you please comment them below?? I’d LOVE to hear them and try them out too! Thanks, friend!

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