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Social Distancers Are SuperHeroes: Hudson’s 4th Birthday Party!

June 29, 2020

Quarantine? Ugh…so hard. I’m so sorry you can’t have the party you and your kiddo want! When this all went down, I was sad, scared and frustrated. The party side of my business pretty much stopped, obviously, which was hard, but I kept holding onto hope that by summer, things would be different and we […]

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Quarantine? Ugh…so hard. I’m so sorry you can’t have the party you and your kiddo want!

When this all went down, I was sad, scared and frustrated. The party side of my business pretty much stopped, obviously, which was hard, but I kept holding onto hope that by summer, things would be different and we could go back to “normal” for Hudson’s 4th birthday.

Spoiler alert…that didn’t happen.

So! Party planning memory making mom hat is ON and we went all in on Hudson’s Superhero themed drive by social distance party!

I basically let him have full control over this one.

What theme would you like? Superheroes…Batman!

What sweet treat do you want to eat? Chocolate cupcakes!

What do you want to wear? My Batman t-shirt!

Yes, yes, and yes, Big Boy!

Cupcake Time

Daydream Society has the BEST party supplies. They are by far my favorite place to shop when it comes to leveling up my party. They perfectly fit the theme and are super great quality.

Mom tip: I always keep a few extra plates and napkins on hand to surprise the kids with for a fun snack or breakfast. Just adds a little fun to a blah week!

I hated the idea of hosting a “party” and not providing something for my guests , but I also knew that some wouldn’t feel comfortable with cake cutting and having a meal and all that, so I figured cupcakes were the easiest choice when it came to a drive by social distancing party.

Hudson loved chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, so this non baking mama cooked up some box mix cupcakes and added some sprinkles on top to match the cute paper plates and napkins from Daydream!

A few quick cupcake toppers using my party bff, Cricut, were the perfect finishing touch to this little mini drive by dessert table!

Party Decor

Knowing this party wasn’t my usual all out bash, I wanted something simple, but something that would make a statement when our family and friends drove by.

Balloon garland is always the answer to that! I’m telling you guys, it’s insanely easy to make. I have a tutorial coming for balloon garlands, but take my word for it- massive impact for minimal effort.

I chose to stick with the turquoise, white, black, yellow and red vibe nodding to the paper plates and napkins as my inspo. I like that vintage comic Pop Art vibe the colors gave off too!

You need:

Balloons (any color you want that match your theme)

Fishing line

A needle with the eye big enough to thread your fishing line through

Blow up all your balloons (no need for helium- an air compressor works awesome, if not get a pump- worth it, promise!)

Thread the fishing line through your needle and stick it through the tie part of your balloon. Pull the fishing line all the way through so you have lots of slack and enough line to thread the rest of the balloons on for your garland. This first balloon is the end of your garland, so pull, pull, pull.

Take the next balloon, thread through the tie part, pull and smoosh up against the first balloon.

Rinse and repeat until all your balloons are gone!

Vary colors and sizes as you are putting your balloons together, pull tight so the balloons really nuzzle into each other and stay in place!

Video coming soon, promise!

What’s a superhero party without a city to defend? The balloon garland was great and added some much needed color, but we also needed a good ole’ city for our sweet boy to protect!

This city was literally the easiest and cheapest piece of decor I’ve ever made too. Bonus points for having everything at home already. Yay, quarantine win!

You Need:

A roll of black plastic tablecloth (any craft store)

Yellow cardstock

Glue dots

Roll the tablecloth out to your desired length and cut.

Cut the top of the sheet you just cut into a city. Make rectangle tops, slant, triangles- vary the height and width but don’t stress about it being perfect.

Once the city is cut out, use glue dots to attach yellow rectangle and square “windows” to the black tablecloth. Boom, baby. You got yourself a city for your superhero to defend!

I attached the city to the garage doors with paints tape!

The Parade

Our little guy had zero idea what to expect for his party. We told him some friends were coming to say hi, but he had no idea they would be driving by honking, playing music and singing Happy Birthday!

My parents even decked out their car with a whole Batman theme- masks and everything! Hudson was SO excited to see them.

But…the real heroes of the day? The local firefighters making a surprise appearance with the FULL ladder truck! Lights, sirens, and MAJOR birthday boy smiles happening with that one! What a fun treat!

In Episode 80 of the Memories in Moments podcast, I shared my top tips for making a quarantine birthday special during the time of social distancing! It’s a great listen if you’re planning a party. Listen here!

In that episode, I talked about having surprise guests at your party/parade! My husband called the local station and asked if they would have time to swing by the party! They said they’d do their best, they’d love to come celebrate, and as the party went on with no sign of them, we just figured they were busy on a call and that was that. No big deal- we didn’t tell Hud they may be coming anyway!

But then, we heard a MASSIVE honk with a big siren and surprise! They came! They just finished up a call and wanted to swing by to wish our guy a happy 4th birthday! So nice.

Call these people! They would love to help and you never know, they may just come and provide some entertainment and a special surprise moment to remember forever!

We had the best day celebrating our favorite superhero, Super Hud, on his 4th birthday! It was low key, no pressure, simple, but still incredibly special and memorable. He was smiling ear to ear all day and felt very loved and celebrated.

Was it the party of his dreams? Probably not. What it the party I wanted to host for his 4th birthday? Definitely not. But it was perfect for this season that we are in and we all will look back on this day with big smiles and happy memories!

Cheers to an amazing 4th year with my favorite guy in the whole world. I love you to the moon and back, Huddy Bud!

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Celebrating our super guy's 4th birthday with a superhero themed social distance approved quarantine drive by birthday party with friends and family.

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