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August 29, 2019

Book lover roll call!

I’ve always been a massive book lover. When I was a kid, if we went anywhere, and I mean like up the street to the store…a book came with me. I’ve always loved to read and get lost in the story.

Raising readers is something insanely important to me as well. We’re always on the hunt for new books and characters to love so when Kailan from Quiet Book Queen asked me to team up with her and create a Books and Bites Playdate Plan, I was ALL IN!

We’re thrilled to announce our FREE download: How to Host a Books and Bites Play date! To celebrate the season of back to school and the necessary purge that needs to happen, this play date is all about inviting your buds over, swapping books with them and having some fun book themed snacks and activities! Every single detail is outlined for you in the plan, as well as a Google Doc jam packed of snacks and activities to match your favorite books!

Teachers, this one is also an awesome resource for you! I would have killed for this download when I was in the classroom! Head on over to Quiet Book Queen’s Blog and see how her Books and Bites Playdate turned out! Spoiler alert, it’s freaking adorable!

Comment below! What’s your kids’ favorite book??? The ones pictured are a couple of our favorites! I’m a sucker for The Gruffalo! 🐗

FREE DOWNLOAD: Books and Bites Play Date Plan!

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