Family Backyard Campout: 100% Adventure, 50% Effort

Celebrate the end of summer with a campout! Backyard campout that is.  You don’t have to drive four hours, sacrifice showering for 3 days, or give up your fancy coffee machine to experience the benefits of a family campout.  Bring the good stuff to your own backyard and leave the not-so-pleasant parts in the wild.  […]

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kids playing games in a backyard tent- Travel blogger Nikki Harrington shares seven ideas that will turn your backyard into the ultimate (easy) family camping adventure!

5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Outside

By Sandi Schwartz Having trouble getting your kids to play outside? Spending time outdoors provides incredible benefits to our kids like feeling happier and calmer, but many are too tied to their screens to enjoy the fresh air. There is even a term to describe this: nature-deficit disorder. Coined by Richard Louv, author of the […]

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August 4, 2021

outside kids activities - kids planting their own garden

Time for a Family Screen Time Reset!

This post was written by guest contributor, Kailan Carr with The Quiet Book Queen! This post does contain affiliate links. To learn more about this, click here! Hey, we’re in a pandemic so screen time limits likely went sayonara with our social lives.  Every family is different, and every parent out there is navigating their […]

Kids Activities

Episode 56: Mommy, Let’s Play! New Ideas for Fun and Engaging Activities

Sometimes playing with your kids can be boring and we get in a playtime rut! Emily Lawson with Sandbox Academy is here to share easy and quick new ways to play with our kids that are are engaging and educational without having to look at Pinterest! She gives her favorite supplies to have on hand […]

Memories in Moments

October 16, 2019

Emily Lawson with Sandbox Academy shares new ideas for play-based learning activities- sensory bins, playdough and leading kids to independent play.

Episode 55: How to Raise a CEO Kid with Leah Remillet

Leah Remillet, founder of The CEO Kid, is talking all about raising creative and problem solving CEO Kids! She calls them CEO Kids. Topics on today’s show include, what skills we should be teaching our kids to foster their creativity, how to encourage them the try new things and take risks, how to deal with […]

Memories in Moments

Leah Remillet, with The CEO Kid, shares her tips for raising kid entrepreneurs and fostering life skills like creativity, problem solving and goal setting.

Episode 34: Bringing the Fun and Silly Back to Family Game Night

Meghan and Christine, the mamas behind my family’s favorite game, Silly Street, are here to talk all about the importance of family game night, how Silly Street is helping build character and empathy skills, and the impact being present and playing with our kids is having on kids all over the world.  Listen below or […]

Memories in Moments

October 15, 2019

Episode 28: Making Memories in the Garden with Lacey Rabalais

 In this episode, Lacey Rabalais, mom of two, blogger, and master gardener, shares her tips on how to get started setting up your Spring garden for success, ways to involve your kids in the gardening process in fun and educational way, and some no fail (let’s hope) plant ideas to try this year! Listen below […]

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Episode 15: Teaching Kids to Give Back This Season with Little Hands Can

Ashley Bohanan, the executive director of Little Hands Can, is here to share SO MANY brilliant, simple and realistic ideas for us to teach our kids how to give back this season in a way they’ll understand. Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! Meet a Mama with a Heart for Service, Ashley Bohanan! Ashley […]

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October 14, 2019

How to Host a Books and Bites Playdate

Book lover roll call! I’ve always been a massive book lover. When I was a kid, if we went anywhere, and I mean like up the street to the store…a book came with me. I’ve always loved to read and get lost in the story. Raising readers is something insanely important to me as well. […]

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Confetti Easter Eggs

We LOVE decorating Easter eggs over here, and I’m always on the hunt for new ideas on decorating them.  I think Evie likes decorating the eggs more than hunt for them actually, so I needed a good idea for her this year. I wanted something she could do with me, have some creative freedom with, […]


March 15, 2018

rainbow confetti dyed Easter eggs made by Allison Carter Celebrates

Love Notes to Celebrates Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Days with my kids is to write love notes for them.  I started this tradition a couple years ago when Evie was 2, I believe. Last year was Hudson’s first Valentines so it was my first year writing double notes!  I loved it. Starting February 1, I […]


little girl in pink bow coloring on pink and purple hearts

DIY Gold Sequin Pumpkins

Download Your Halloween Celebration Guide! Halloween is right around the corner, and today, Evie and I decided to jazz up some white plastic pumpkins we got at Target with some gold sequins and chunky gold glitter!  This idea (and SO many more!) is included in my new Halloween Celebration Guide! For this project, you will […]


September 25, 2017

white pumpkin with gold sequins on them made by Allison Carter Celebrates

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