We LOVE decorating Easter eggs over here, and I’m always on the hunt for new ideas on decorating them.  I think Evie likes decorating the eggs more than hunt for them actually, so I needed a good idea for her this year. I wanted something she could do with me, have some creative freedom with, but would still be cute to use as decor.

Enter confetti. 

It is so versatile! Decorating eggs with it was the perfect choice!

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Materials Needed:

First Step:

Make hard boiled eggs OR blow out your eggs.

Have you ever blown out eggs before?? It’s actually super easy, yet disgusting, but oddly satisfying.

Take your egg and poke a small hole with a pin in the top and botton of the egg. Make the bottom hole a tad bigger because that’s where the egg will come out of.

Once you have your holes, blow into the egg (hard!), and watch the inside slide out of the bottom hole.  I told you it was gross. 😉 

Give them a little rinse after all the egg inside’s are out, and you’ve got a beautiful delicate egg shell to decorate!

Upside to this?? You get to keep the eggs you decorate!

Step 2:

Dye your Easter eggs! We just bought a simple kit at Target and used that since most of the egg will be covered in confetti, but you can use any set you like!

You can also skip this sit if you want the confetti to be on the white egg (which is SO cute), but Evie wanted them colored, so the boss won.

Step 3

Time to confetti-ize these rainbow babies!

Grab some mod podge and a foam brush and paint your eggs.

Be a little helicopter parenty at this stage because these little suckers can be slippery, and those blown out eggs are super fragile. It may also be easier to have kiddos paint the eggs in the egg carton, then you finish the bottom at the end.

Step 4

Cover the eggs in confetti!  I like this bright, rainbow paper confetti but you can use any paper confetti you like or may have on hand.

The thick metallic confetti will work but it’ll take more mod podge to stick to the egg.

Sprinkle as much or as little confetti on as you want.  Evie LOVED this part.  I used a little less than she did, and tried to spread it out a little more, but the end result was still very similar.  So easy, fun, and I love that it’s a bold colored egg versus the usual pastel!

Step 5

After the original mod podge dries a bit, add another layer on top of the confetti.  This seals the confetti in place and makes evertything nice and shiny.

That’s it!

5 super easy steps on decorating Easter eggs with confetti!  As you may have noticed by the outfit change, we did this project over two days.  The first day we blew and dyed the eggs, then a couple days later we decorated them with the confetti.

Such a simple activity to do with your kids, but results in a gorgeous piece of decor you will look forward to displaying (remember to blow your eggs if you want to display these!) each year!  Keep them nice and safe in some bubble wrap if you are storing them after Easter is finished.

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