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Episode 79: How the Heck to Celebrate Easter During a Pandemic

April 1, 2020

Easter is around the corner and we don’t even know what day of the week today is. The good thing about a holiday coming up? It gives us something to look forward to! Easter is here to get us out of this Groundhog’s Day to day rut and focus on something more fun and special. […]

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Easter is around the corner and we don’t even know what day of the week today is. The good thing about a holiday coming up? It gives us something to look forward to! Easter is here to get us out of this Groundhog’s Day to day rut and focus on something more fun and special. In today’s episode, I’m going to share my ideas for making the most out of Easter in the Coronavirus Pandemic. I’m talking about Easter baskets, how to support local and small businesses, how to keep your favorite traditions alive and involving your family and community while you’re at it! This is going to be a great Easter, I promise!

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An Unforgettable Easter!

This Easter is already going to be one for the books! We will look back on this year and remember being away from our family’s, tweaking our traditions to make them work, and being insanely exhausted. BUT, I hope we also look back on this year with great memories over new memories and traditions made with our core family unit! We can still have a beautiful and special Easter with our family despite the crisis happening outside.

Unique Egg or Basket Hunts

Support Small Businesses

Easter is the perfect opportunity for us to support small businesses, especially those run by moms! Craft kit subscriptions, personalized notepads or journals (great time to start a gratitude journal with your kids!), personalized coloring pillow covers, art supplies, playdough kits, and treats from a local baker are all great ideas that keep kids entertained and baskets extra special!

Themed Baskets

Picking a theme for Easter baskets is one of my favorite ways to save time and money when shopping. Last year I chose a garden theme for my daughter and a race car theme for my son! Inside their baskets I added themed books, swimsuits and pajamas, toys, seeds for the garden basket, and art supplies (flower crayons and car crayons). Picking a theme makes shopping super easy because you are focused on the end goal. When searching online, type in “kids garden books” or “race car toy” and pick what works for you!

Finding Their Basket

Getting a little creative this year and stretching out the basket finding wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world! Time seems to somewhat stop during this time so might as well get those kids up, moving and working together with a fun scavenger hunt! Instead of just having their Easter baskets waiting for them when they wake up, have them come out to find a clue. Follow all the clues to see where their baskets are hiding! 

Another fun way to make Easter Egg hunting more special this year is to include coupons instead of candy inside eggs. Coupons based on family connection. A special outdoor family adventure, an ice cream date with Daddy (in the backyard!), choosing dinner one day that week, picking the games for game night, etc. all get your kids focused on making memories together as a family, and also helps get you out of the Groundhogs Day rut that you and your family may be feeling right about now!

I have 3 printable Easter Egg Hunt activities (including a scavenger hunt with clues done and coupons ready to roll) included in the bundle with my Easter Activity and Celebration Guide! Total steal and perfect resource for you to use while celebrating at home this year!

Grab your Celebration Guide and Activity Printables here!

Keeping Your Traditions Alive

My community has been asking how it’s possible to make Easter special this year, and I keep telling them the same thing, keep it as consistent as possible. Your family looks forward to certain holiday traditions so do them!

If you always have a certain breakfast on Easter morning, make that breakfast! If you always spend the day with your extended family, get them on a video conferencing call and spend the morning with them! And use this experience to try a new tradition! It may just be your favorite! 

Fancy Breakfast

Put on that Easter dress, wear the pearls, make it a celebration. Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean it has to be pjs all day everyday. I mean, that’s nice and everything, but let’s make Easter a bit more special and change up the getting dressed routine! Get out the fancy dishes and make something your family loves, or your traditional Easter breakfast- for my family that’s Eggs Benedict and Easter themed donuts from our local donut shop. 

Get Family Involved

Virtually of course! Enjoy breakfast or Easter dinner together over video chat. Everybody can cheers, the kids can show off their Easter baskets, and that family time will still be spent together celebrating, it just looks a bit different. Grandparents can even give their kids the final clue to find their Easter baskets as a fun way to get them involved!

Give Back to the Community

Something like involving the community and helping give back with your family is a great tradition to start!

This Easter is unique in the fact that you aren’t running from house to house to celebrate with relatives, or heading to church. You’re at home all day long. So how can we be thinking of others?

Think about dropping off or having breakfast pastries delivered to first responders working on Easter weekend. Write letters or make cards for residents at nursing homes, grocery store employees, firefighters, police, nurses, etc. Take a walk in your neighborhood and leave encouraging notes on the sidewalk, or tape pictures or notes to neighbor’s front doors. Have your kids think about ways to thank those working to keep us safe and healthy and help brighten the day of our community members!

Grab your Celebration Guide and Activity Printables here!


Get Your Easter Activity and Celebration Guide AND Easter Egg Printable Activity BUNDLE!


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Tips for celebrating Easter with your family during the Corona virus pandemic. Easy Easter kids activities, Easter basket ideas and how to involve family on the Memories in Moments podcast with Allison Carter

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