Easy Valentine’s DIY for Kids: Rice Cereal Heart Treats


January 29, 2018

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Aren’t these heart shaped rice crispy treats the cutest? Evie and I had a blast making them and they couldn’t be easier!

What you need:

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Give your kids a rice crispy treat, some frosting and sprinkles and let them go to town!  Evie was in heaven decorating these little babies. I gave her complete creative control, and it was so fun doing something just with her while big boy napped.  Let’s be real, that frosting would have been gone in 3 seconds had he been participating!

Once you are finished decorating your hearts, you can turn them into pops!  I got these cute little lollipop sticks and we stuck them in the bottom and pushed up.  I kind of had to mold the bottom around the stick a bit, and a bit of a smaller heart may have been easier.  Evie decided to make half pops and half regular, so that’s what we did! This quick and easy DIY Valentine’s treat was SO easy and fun.  We both had a great time spending some quality time together, and family dinner had a great dessert that night! I plan on making these for Evie’s Valentine’s Day party at school.  I’m going to make smaller hearts, then have all the frosting and sprinkles available for the kids to decorate. I know they’ll love it, and it’s a little something different than the standard sugar cookie or cupcake.  Side note- I used gluten free rice cereal also so enojyed some myself!

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