Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Party Plan?

Party plans are your secret weapon for planning your next party.  They are 20-25+ page digital documents outlining your whole party, start to finish.  I’ve completely planned your themed party and given you everything you need to host. Now there is NO need to open Pinterest, have a million tabs open on your browser or stress about where you’re going to find the time to plan it all.  It’s all done for you, so breathe a sigh of relief, sister!

Plans include links to purchase…

  • invitations
  • themed printables
  • party outfit
  • themed decor (both DIY options with links to purchase supplies OR  decor already made and ready to go!)
  • tabletop items (napkins, cups, plates, etc.)
  • serving pieces for the food and dessert tables
  • cake/cupcake toppers
  • materials for themed party activities
  • party favors
  • other themed details

All party plans come with a menu plan with recipes for both the food and dessert tables.  I’ve also included a tutorial on how to set up a stunning dessert table! I know that tables causes people stress, but I’m here to tell you it’s SO much easier than you think if you follow my tips!

One of the best parts about a party plan is the weekly checklist.  It breaks down your tasks in the weeks leading up to your party (and I mean super specific tasks aligning with your plan!).  They are small, very manageable, and super satisfying to check off.  The goal of this is to keep you organized, focused, and not overwhelmed when going into your party prep. This party planning checklist worth the whole plan in itself, and the thing that clients give me the most feedback on!

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So what exactly do I get in my Party Plan?

Your party plan includes all the ideas, inspiration, outlines, a weekly checklist, and links to purchase all the decor, supplies, and materials needed to host a stress-free party. Want that themed birthday banner? No problem, click the pic and it’s yours!

No physical product* comes with the purchase of a party plan.

*Certain themes have a free printable that come with the purchase of their plan.  These are often items the designer has chosen to donate to the plan, but not something that is included with every party plan theme listed.

Do you only plan kid's parties?

I LOVE planning kids parties.  There is nothing better than taking something off a busy mama’s plate and helping her create an experience making memories with her family.  BUT, I plan other parties too! For grown-ups!

I have party plans for showers, adult birthday parties, girls nights, holiday, and more.  If you have an adult party you need planned, I’m your girl! 

What if the party theme I want isn't listed?

I have about 50 party themes listed on my shop party plans page, but if you do not see the theme you’re looking for, I’d be happy to make a custom party plan for you! That means I start planning your party, from scratch, and will include everything you need to host your stress-free party all with links to purchase.  If you have any ideas or requests, I can include them as well! 

When you purchase your custom plan, write to me about your theme and needs in the notes section of the order form, and I will email you to follow up! You can expect your custom party plan within 3-5 days.* 

*this is subject to change based on my current orders and availability- I will give you a date when I email you about your order!

Why buy a Party Plan when I could plan my party for free?

Totally valid question!  I am here to help, plain and simple.  I am here to take something off your plate.

I am a stay at home mom who is also running a thriving business. Full disclosure, I have someone clean my house twice a month and I have my groceries delivered almost every week.  I outsource something so I can have more time to do the things I love. Could I clean my house and grocery shop for free? Of course. Does it better serve me to be doing something else with my time? 100%.

You may not love party planning, just like I don’t love cleaning my house. Why wouldn’t you outsource something that was sucking up time and causing you stress it if it was an option?  Party Plans save the average mom 20+ hours.  WHAT?! That’s insane!  20 hours where you could be doing something way more productive. 

When you get a party plan, you are giving yourself the gift of time and convenience.  You are going to receive an adorable, unique party, with all of the shopping done for you (you just have to click and add to your cart!), a checklist telling you exactly what to do and when, so you can focus on celebrating with your loved ones and making memories. 

What is the Memories in Moments Podcast about?

The podcast is another way that I get to serve busy moms and it’s one of the highlights of my week! I got asked all the time about things I was doing with my own kids during special occasions, holidays, and other little celebratory moments outside of parties.

I figured I’d continue writing blog posts, but then when I thought about my schedule and how busy my tribe is…I knew that a podcast was much more manageable. A podcast can be listened to on the go, in the car for drop-offs and errands, or at night while you’re tidying up. I consume a ton of content on podcasts, I’m obsessed, so I took the jump and Memories in Moments launched!

Memories in Moments is actually inspired by the book, Memories in Moments, written by my mom 20 years ago! It is FILLED with timeless ideas for moms that are looking to make their kids’ childhoods just a bit more magical. I’m giving those same ideas a facelift by bringing in guest experts to share their tips for making memories, family traditions, and creating special moments and celebrations for your family in a tangible and realistic way for the modern parent. You will walk away from every episode with at least one new idea or tip to try with your family that you’ll be excited about…not overwhelmed by!

Choose the episode that resonates the most with you, or my personal favorite…binge them all Netflix style! You can listen and see all the show notes for each episode here OR find us by searching Memories in Moments on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and SoundCloud!

I didn't know a service like this existed! How did you think of it?

I have always loved parties.  I grew up with the belief that every occasion, big or small, deserves to be celebrated. One conversation with some friends of mine led to me launching my business creating Party Plans saving busy women around the world time, stress, and money when planning their next party. 

One of my girlfriends was lost on how and when to plan her daughter’s first birthday party.  She was an incredibly busy full-time working mom and I offered to help her think of some ideas. For some reason, I opened a Google Slides doc and threw some ideas for decor, outfit, menu, etc. for a fiesta themed birthday on it.  I sent it off hoping it would give her a vision and some guidance on where to go next. She was floored. She loved it and instantly felt less stressed and could fully envision what the party would look like. I laughed it off…and then I realized this is something that others can use and benefit from too!

3 weeks later I was running a business planning parties for moms in my life.  Word spread about how much party plans helped save them time and made them feel less overwhelmed, and one year later, I have planned hundreds of parties for women all over the world.  I love that I get to gift families with the ability and confidence to create memories and experiences for their loved ones, and actually enjoy themselves in the process!

Want even more details?  Go ahead and read more about me and my story, and how I went from crying in the laundry room at my daughter’s first birthday to helping women save time, stress and money with my passion for party planning.

I'd love to collaborate! How do I contact you?

Awesome!  I love working with brands and teaming up to better serve busy women! I’d also love to chat if you are interested in being on the Memories in Moments Podcast! Please send me an email at and let me know how you think we can work together! I look forward to chatting!