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Say Hello to My Bestie and Favorite Things Co-Host, Nicole McKinley!

There is no one else that I could have on to discuss how to host a Favorite Things Party for your girlfriends this summer! Nicole and I have co-hosted this epic party every summer for years now, and every single time we post about it, we get a ton of messages and comments about how fun it looks and how you wish you could host one! No excuses now, sister! We are breaking the whole party down for you and giving you all the details on how to host this unique and special party for your girlfriends!

Nicole and I are big on celebrating YOU! In her last episode, Episode 14: SLowing Down to Celebrate All Season of Life, we challenged YOU to host a small (or big! You do you!) party with your growups as a way to celebrate you and enjoy some quality time with your friends. This is such a strong value of both Nicole and I’s so we wanted to break this party down for you because it is SUPER easy, an absolute blast, and one you can host right away in these warm summer months! Don’t worry though, if you’re listening to this in the Fall or Winter, this is a GREAT idea for your holiday gift exchange!

In this episode, Nicole and I did a live stream on Facebook and Instagram. It was just a fun little way to show listeners some behind the scenes on our friendship and how we’re just figuring out this whole thing- no experts here!  We talk about what the heck a Favorite Things Party even is, why it’s the next party you need to host, the details that make it special, and how to delegate to make your hosting life even easier! 



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What is a Favorite Things Party?

First, it’s the best party ever- let’s just say that right up front. It’s an excuse for your friends to get together, share some of their favorite things, and enjoy relaxing and spending time with each other! We choose to do this party at the end of summer as a way to celebrate surviving it and all that summer brought us and our families also! There really is no other reason to celebrate other than slowing down, enjoy the company and take a minute to celebrate yourself and your girlfriends!

The Jist

You, and hopefully a co-host because co-hosting is more fun and less work, invite your friends and ask them to choose 3 favorite things to bring to the party (this is the gift giving part).

The gifts: Each guest brings 3 of the same gift- they pick something they love within a budget set by the host and bring 3 of the same item. It’s totally up to you to set the budget and amount of gifts your friends bring. Maybe you bring 4 gifts at $10 each or 2 gifts at $50 each- regardless, bring your gifts unwrapped so they can be displayed on the table and your guests can drool over them!

The Games

Everyone loves some friendly competition, right? Before the games begin, guests are mingling and scoping out the table! Because all the gifts are unwrapped, you can see everything and make a game plan on which gifts you’re going for first!

We’ve done choosing a number order games, team games (like scattegories or word scrambles), and even just drawing numbers or names out of a hat.

All the details for decor, cocktails, food, games, and the flow of the party are ALL outlined for you, with links to purchase it all in one of my Party Plans, making it super easy for you to host!

Click your theme below and get to hosting, lady!


Delegation (A Hostess’ Best Friend)

If we did everything at a party…we would never host again. It does NOT make it fun or realistic for anyone to do it all! Ask your friends for help! This is a party all about bringing your friends together, and they are willing and able to help you out and bring something to share!

Think about your friend’s strengths. Does one of your girls love to bake? Great! Dessert from her! Got a master mixologist? Score! She’s on cocktails! Maybe one of your friends is great at taking pics and would love to snap a few of your party and some group shots!  Think about what will make your friends shine and be comfortable and then ask them to help.

Also, be specific in your asks. If you are setting the menu…tell them what they want. A green salad, a cheese board, a chocolate dessert…WAY better than “just bring what you want!” Hostess nightmare!

Let your tribe help you. This party is about your tribe and they can easily help! Also, think of this in the mindset of you’re doing them a favor. A bunch of busy moms don’t want or have the time to think about what they’re going to bring to a party. They appreciate being told and having that work done for them!

The Gifts! 

It’s only natural that you find something you love and you share it with your girlfriends. This party is basically an extension of that! If I’m loving a face oil, work out shirt, or new snack food, you better believe I’m telling my girlfriends about it! Girl code! Instead of telling them about it, bring it as your gift to share! Remember, choose one gift idea and buy 3 of them (i.e. you bring 3 of the same cookbook or 3 face masks).

It’s fun to think of things your girlfriends may not necessarily buy themselves also! This party is all about treating yourself and your friends, so it’s fun to think about things that are maybe a little decadent or out of the box to spark some joy in your friends! Chances are if you like it, your friends will too! 


Make it Personal

Raise your hand if you love words of affirmation? I know I do! For every party, Nicole and I try to have one thing that is a little special and loving toward our friends. They mean so much to us and we love to give that love right back.

Love Cups

Get a mug from the Dollar Store, draw a heart with gold sharpie and grab some gift tags and write your guest’s name on them. Throughout the party, have other guests go around and write they favorite things about the friends on their tags! I STILL look at my love cup notes all the time when I need a little boost. It’s a special gift and favor that you can’t find at a store!

Favorite Things Card

Same idea as the love cups, have a card with their name on it and throughout the party, go around and write loving notes and special things about their friends on it! Frame that card and put it in your office or room and feel the love all day long!

Choosing a Theme

Themes are essential. They keep you focused and organized. Colors are themes, one little detail or pattern is a theme, but zero theme at all results in overwhelm and spending too much money buying whatever you think “may” work. Pick and lane and stick to it!

I get a lot of my inspiration from one item, usually something I find in my house. For the first Favorite Things, we used some of Nicole’s favorite things- flamingos, pineapples, and palm trees. Rose All Day came from me and wanting to transform my backyard into a vintage Palm Springs lounge. It came off a pic I saw on Instagram, combining with the famous Palm Springs pink door, and boom! Inspo! Rose helped with the colors of deserty sunsets of dusty blush pink!

This year’s theme came from a watercolor wave wall decal I found at the Target Dollar Spot! Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Breaking Down Into Specifics

What kind of cocktail would I serve? What outfit would I wear? Narrowing down details really helps bring the theme to life and grounds it into reality. This also helps when you go around and shop your house also! What do you have that works?

The Goal?

Have ONE night this summer where you just focus on YOU. You and your friends, some good drinks, fun food, and presents. How could you say no to that! If you have any questions at all, please comment below and Nicole and I will be more than happy to answer them and help you plan to best Favorite Things Party this year!


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It’s finally here! My Ultimate Busy Mom’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving This Summer!

This guide has everything you need to make cherished memories with your kids this summer while still tackling your to-do list and not playing cruise director for months. Looking for the answer to having the most memorable, productive, and fun summer of your parenting life thus far?

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