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Featured Party: Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!

June 28, 2017

Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails…That’s What Ryan is Made Of! I met Ryan’s mommy, Nicole, at a hospital baby group, called Parent Baby, that I went to when Evie was born in 2013. Going to this group every Wednesday was how I survived my first year of motherhood.  I formed an incredible bond with […]

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Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails…That’s What Ryan is Made Of!

I met Ryan’s mommy, Nicole, at a hospital baby group, called Parent Baby, that I went to when Evie was born in 2013. Going to this group every Wednesday was how I survived my first year of motherhood.  I formed an incredible bond with the women I met there, and I am forever grateful for the relationships I still have today. When Nicole asked me to plan her second son, Ryan’s, first birthday party, I was thrilled!

“I wanted to throw a fun, beautiful and memorable party for my son’s 1st birthday, but I didn’t really know where to start. Parties generally stress me out and never turn out how I want them to. When I learned about your new business, Confetti Party Plans, and I knew it was just what I needed!”



We decided the theme would be Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails, That is What Ryan is Made Of!  So fun and a great way to celebrate his first year. I created the party plan, sent it off, and she executed it SO well.  When checking in with her a couple weeks before the party she shared, “I am just really excited and looking at all the ideas it has been easier for me to just DO. Plan, order, make lists, instead of just feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating.  I have never felt so on top of things.” Music to my ears, sister.

Looking through her party pics actually made me cry!  I was so proud of her for running with her plan, and bringing all the ideas to life.  I’ve said it before, but looking at pictures of parties I have helped plan will never get old.  I’m so grateful to play a part in such intimate and meaningful days in my client’s lives. I love my job.

I’m so excited for you all the see what a fabulous job Nicole did with this party!  She nailed every detail.

You’re officially invited to Ryan’s 1st birthday celebration!

Invites and all printed decor created by the insanely talented, local Etsy shop owner, and my good friend, Nicole McKinley, with TwistedSisterShop!

The Birthday Boy

A first birthday is all about celebrating what a special year your family had with your newest love.  Monthly photos displayed, a custom print with the birthday boy’s current milestones, and a birth print to show just how far he’s come.  I mean, hello, look at that little face!

The Grub

Nicole’s dessert table is too cute!  She clearly incorporated every little detail from her party plan, and ran with it.  The cupcakes with themed cupcake toppers, Ryan’s smash cake with frog topper, wood stump platters, themed sugar cookies, and the most adorable snail cinnamon rolls you’ve ever seen!  She created great heights with different serving pieces, and a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers, which fits the nature theme of the party perfectly. And can we have a moment of appreciation for that epic frog watermelon?  Blown away. For someone that isn’t confident throwing parties, she sure did an amazing job!

The Activities

The digging for snails station was a total hit!  Look at all those little ones digging away! Great activity for all ages too! Get a cheap pool, (Target has them for $9.99), fill it with sand, and dump some plastic bugs in.  Throw in some shovels and buckets and you have yourself a station you’ll have to pry your kid away from!

Nicole lives on a beautiful property, so a Nature Scavenger Hunt was the perfect activity for some of the older kids at the party.  The scavenger hunt lists are a free download with this party plan also!

I love when the hosts get a keepsake of the party, especially a milestone party like a first birthday.  Having a book that fits the theme, in this case-The Poky Little Puppy, for guests to sign with a special wish or message is a cute and easy to execute idea.  I’ve done this for a couple parties I’ve hosted for Evie and she LOVES going back and having me read the messages. She has memorized most of them now, and I love that she knows those books are special and just for her.

The Smash

Nicole found this highchair on her local Buy Nothing group!  If that isn’t the score of the century, I don’t know what is! So jealous.  She sanded it down and painted it gray for the party. Perfection. As you can tell by his face, Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his smash cake!  Did you notice his adorable snails diaper (Honest Company FTW) and frog bow tie? I mean, come on!

The Favors

Nicole generously gave each guest their own bucket and shovel with custom gift tags (also a free download with the party plan!).  The tags say, “I Dig You!”, “Thank for Hopping By!”, and “Snail Pail.” I love when a party favor is something that a kid will actually use and enjoy.  The Digging for Snails activity was such a big hit, that I’m sure the kids couldn’t wait to go home and find treasures to stash in their buckets!

I loved being able to create this party plan for Nicole, and I was blown away when I saw these party pics.  It was a beautiful day, and one I feel very grateful that I was able to be a part of!

Click here to snag this Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails…That’s What Little Boys Are Made of Party Plan!

Do you need help with your party?  I’d love to help! Contact me here and we can get to work!!

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  1. Aleks says:

    Love!!! And his adorable diaper and bowtie ?

  2. Everything turned out stunning! It was so fun to have a small part in this -all boy, all the way- party!

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