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Why I’ll Never Host a Party Without a Party Plan Again

August 2, 2017

Today’s blog post is from my first ever guest blogger, Aleks Lopez! Meet Aleks! Aleks and I met at a parent baby group when our oldest daughters were tiny nuggets, and we’ve been close friends ever since! She is literally the most generous human I have ever known.  Not only does she work full time, […]

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Today’s blog post is from my first ever guest blogger, Aleks Lopez!

Meet Aleks!

Aleks and I met at a parent baby group when our oldest daughters were tiny nuggets, and we’ve been close friends ever since! She is literally the most generous human I have ever known.  Not only does she work full time, AND parent insanely effectively when she gets home…she is constantly bending over backwards for people.  She takes pictures of all our friends and their families.  Not to mention, captures all the special moments at every party we have…and with our group-that’s basically every weekend.

The Backstory

True story: Aleks is one of the biggest reasons I started my business, Confetti Party Plans.

Back in February, she wanted some ideas for her daughter Charlie’s 1st birthday party.  I suggested, “There’s No Time to Siesta…It’s Charlie’s First Fiesta!”  She loved it, but was concerned that it wouldn’t be feminine enough for sweet Charlie.  I tried to figure out how to send her some ideas, so I opened Google slides (never even knew that existed!) because I didn’t have Powerpoint downloaded to my Mac.  I threw a couple ideas on about 5 slides and attached it in Facebook Messenger.  She was super impressed, raved about how I nailed the vision in such a short time, and told me I needed to be making these “vision boards.” Thank you, Aleks, for lovingly shoving me into this new life.  I have never been more certain that this is what I should be doing, and I owe a large part of that to you, my dear friend!

Aleks asked if she could write a blog post about why party plans have changed the way she approaches party planning.  My answer?  Uh…heck yeah, sister! Here we go!

Alek’s 5 Reasons Why She Will Never Host a Party Without a Party Plan Again

1. Having a Plan = Less Stress

Like many things in life, having a plan makes me stress less. I can become overwhelmed by big work/life/home projects, but when it’s broken down into consumable chunks and put on a timeline, each piece becomes achievable. We don’t have any family that lives in town, and none were able to fly in for this birthday. But the plan helped me clearly see what needed to be done when, so we could manage hosting a large birthday without the extra helping hands of grandparents the day of the event.

Two nights before party day, my husband and I were able to go on a date night because the party was under control and we had finished everything we needed to get done.  No stress!

2. Planning Ahead = Cost Savings

It may seem counter intuitive. You have more time to shop in advance of a party so more time to buy more stuff. In reality it was really empowering and budget friendly to have more time to buy supplies for the party. It meant that I could wait for sales or stumble upon great finds during my regular shopping excursions for life stuff. I can’t tell you how many items I bought in Target’s Bullseye section, on sale in the party section of various retailers, and at the dollar store. It also allowed me to buy stuff that I really loved, because I knew I could wait until I found the perfect item at a great price.

Target dollar section cake plates!

3. Stocking Up on Staples

Related to the above, I finally made a list of great party staples that it was time to invest in. I had some basics, but it was time to add others like larger platters, cake stands and a drink dispenser. And again, not being in a rush meant that I could look for staples that were classic colors/styles that could carry me through any small intimate dinner to large children’s party.

I found these chalkboards and stamped them with letter stamps as signs to use for all my future events.

Staple pieces I found that I get to reuse over and over: drink dispenser, bucket for drinks, frames, large white tablecloth (I can always switch out the runner with different colors and patterns!).

4. Repurposing Party Décor for Your Home and Office

I’ll keep saying it but related to the above, having a plan and time allowed me to purchase party décor that would serve a dual purpose. Fresh potted succulents and cactus art? Large frame with 8 photos with a bright reminder to “Enjoy the Little Things”? Yes please! I purchased our art and custom frames at 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and I love how much color it brought to the party and since then, my home and office. And now when I look at that particular art, photos and the fresh potted plants, I’m reminded of the party, and how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives.

My new favorite wall in my office! 

5. Changed my Life Approach to Party Hosting and Home/Office Decorating

Look, I always loved a good party. I grew up in a family that hosted large events, and there is nothing better than friends and family brought together to celebrate life’s events and holidays. But the logistics of hosting a large group of people, when you have small children, can feel daunting. But my plan allowed me to realize it’s doable. The staples I now have on hand means that I can throw together a small or large party with less effort and on a budget!

And lastly, I love that everywhere I look now, I think about how I can bring more joy and color to that “thing”. I had a large beige fireplace and mantle that’s now a shrine to succulents. A dark navy wall in my office is now covered in colorful photos repurposed from our party. It’s been so rewarding getting a second life out of these party investments and getting to enjoy them with my family every day.

My new mantle that my family and I get to enjoy every night!  Tons of color and memories from our Fiesta!

With all of the benefits above I didn’t even mention that the party was just beautiful. Everyone had fun, and I was actually able to enjoy our guests instead of running around stressed out. The décor, desserts and kids activities were out of this world, more than I could have ever imagined. And we’ll reap the benefits for many years to come. I’m so grateful for our plan, and all of the coaching and advice from Allison at Confetti Party Plans!

Aleks and I at Charlie’s First Fiesta.  The first party I ever planned for someone else!                Photo Cred: AWE Photography

You guys are in luck! You all will see the AMAZING and GORGEOUS First Fiesta Aleks hosted for Charlie next week! Click the button below so you don’t miss out…and there will be a little freebie from me to snag also!

Yes, let me see those pics!

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