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Best Party Themes for Indoor Birthday Parties

October 10, 2018

Fall and winter parties can be a total toss up. If it’s early Fall, you may still luck out on an outside party depending on where you live! But for the most part, you need a theme that that will lend itself well to an indoor party. Check out this blog post for some tips […]

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Fall and winter parties can be a total toss up.

If it’s early Fall, you may still luck out on an outside party depending on where you live! But for the most part, you need a theme that that will lend itself well to an indoor party. Check out this blog post for some tips on how to host a rainy day party at your home too! It is full of great information if you want to host at home. Many families decide to go the play place or venue route for rainy season parties, and these themes work really great for transporting and having a more personal, unique and adorable themed party there too!

I have a coordinating party plan for each of these themes! Each plan outlines exactly what you need to host an adorable themed birthday party. I’ve outlined your whole party, start to finish, and given links to purchase everything you need and instructions on how to set it all up. The work is done for you, so you can focus on prepping a party you’ll actually enjoy hosting! If you see a theme you like, click the link and it’ll take you right to that theme’s party plan! Happy hosting, mama!

Now on to the indoor party themes…

Puppy Party

A classic theme with a fun modern twist for your favorite little one! This puppy party is full of pun-filled decor, like let’s pawty and bone appetite garlands, along with super fun activities like a puppy adoption station!

Time Flies

Time Flies is one of my all time favorite 1st birthday party themes. It can easily be a plan for any age, but such a perfect way to describe that first year with your little one! This vintage airplane inspired party is filled with maps and pops of red and blue. The decor is totally easy but impactful and the minimal prep activities will keep guests entertained and happy! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Dinosaur Party

A total classic. What little one doesn’t want an epic dinosaur party? This party transforms your living room into a pre-historic land before time. Your little dino guests are greeted with a table of accessories turning into their favorite dino. Now they can stomp, chomp and roar as they play dinosaur games, eat a delicious themed menu, and celebrate your favorite kid. This dinosaur party is a guaranteed hit.

Mine-Themed Gamer Party

This mine-themed party is made for the gamer in your life. Just wait until they step into the pixelated world you are about to create! The outlined decor for this party is actually very simple but totally makes a statement. The activities put your guest’s building (and team-building!) skills to work! The menu plan and dessert table ideas are straight out of the game, talk about easy to prep! This is the perfect theme for an indoor birthday party!

LEGO Party

Probably the most loved indoor toy and activity known to children…how could this not be a favorite indoor party theme for a kid’s birthday party? This LEGO party is every kid’s dream. The decor includes so many LEGO inspired pieces that are perfect for repurposing in your kiddo’s room when the party is done! The activities take building to a whole other level, and don’t even get me started on how adorable the desserts are for this party. This is definitely one that’ll go down in history as your kid’s favorite party ever!

Now onto the ladies…

Rainbow Party

Chances are if you are having an indoor party, it’s because your birthday party falls during the rainy season! Let’s bring some color back into the day with an adorable rainbow birthday party! The decor, as you can see in the client picture below, is just beyond cute and colorful. Your little lady and her guests will love playing with the fun activities and being artistic with some of the crafts outlined in the plan. This party is such a popular theme that I also have a first birthday party plan for it!

Pro Tip! Indoor parties lend themselves to character parties really well! Now, I love to plan a party where the character is definitely acknowledged, but it doesn’t look like you went down the aisle of a party store and bought everything with their face on it. Think of it more like a balance between character and capturing the feel and vibe of them! The following 3 parties are perfect examples of this balance.

My Little Pony Party

Calling all ponies of Equestria! This My Little Pony party is one of my favorites I’ve ever planned. I have a major pony lover at home and she actually helped me plan this party to make sure I was hitting all the essentials. We both agree, it’s party-loving Pinkie Pie approved! The decor is all about colors and rainbows, and guests are invited to dress up as their favorite pony, unicorn, or alicorn…their choice! Guests also have the opportunity to earn their cutie marks by the end of this party. If you’ve got a My Little Pony fan at home, this one is for her, mama!

Fancy Nancy Party

Oooo la la! Let’s have a soiree (that’s fancy for party!)! It doesn’t get fancier than this Fancy Nancy party, and let me tell you, it is a must for an indoor party. Fancy people can’t get dirty after-all! You know this party has all kinds of opportunities to get fancy, and your plan houses all the links to purchase all the accessories and ensembles needed to dazzle your guests. The activities are completely Fancy Nancy approved and spark the imaginations of your guests as they channel their inner artists. Super fun and a breeze to put together!

Princess Party

Every little girl’s dream…a princess party. This is the perfect party for indoors. It’s full of accessories, jewels, and of course dresses! Your little princess and her guests will experience the royal treatment with jewelry making, princess games, and over the top treats that are not only delicious, but easy to prep! The decor for this party honors our favorite princesses we all know and love, but doesn’t cross the line into super themey. This is a party I actually hosted when my daughter turned 4 and she still talks about how magical the day was! A must on any little girl’s birthday party list!

Storybook Party

This Storybook inspired party is all about our favorite storybook characters! Goldilocks and the Three Bears is the main inspiration, along with the show, Goldie and Bear. Each guest gets their own baby bear to picnic with at this cute, whimsical party. One of my favorite parts? The big hunt for Goldie as she hides around the makeshift forest of your home. This is a team activity that is SUPER fun! You little one will love it. Bring on the pink gingham, we’ve got an indoor picnic to host!

So many darling themes to choose from that are guaranteed to make your little ones happy, even if they have a rainy day birthday! Remember, the goal is to have a celebration you and your family enjoys. There is no need to stress. I’ve already done the bulk of the work for you with your party plan, now it’s up to you to invite your guests and host a memorable party your kids will love! You can do it, and as always, I’m here to help if needed!

Which theme are you going to host this year? Tell me in the comments below!

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