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Let’s PAWTY at Hudson’s Puppy Birthday Party!

June 26, 2018

He’s 2! My big boy is two and I’m still not handling it well.  Hudson and I have a very special relationship. We had some hard times when he was hanging out and invading my womb, but the second I saw that boy, I fell in love like never before. This kid kills me everyday, […]

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He’s 2!

My big boy is two and I’m still not handling it well.  Hudson and I have a very special relationship. We had some hard times when he was hanging out and invading my womb, but the second I saw that boy, I fell in love like never before. This kid kills me everyday, and I’m the luckiest mama in the world because he chose me.

1. He is the best hugger in all the world.  Seriously, his hugs are magic.

2. He LOVES dogs and calls them “woofs.”

3. He is all boy- constantly moving and constantly hurt. His legs are so beat up that I’m embarrassed when he wears shorts.

Because of Hudson’s love for “woofs” I knew we would be hosting a puppy themed 2nd birthday. I wanted it very clean and modern.  All black and white, but with small pops of teal. I LOVED how this paw-ty turned out and I think you will too! Keep scrolling to see all the pics and get the inside scoop on how party day went down!

Want to Host Your Own Puppy Party? Click Here to Grab a Puppy Plan!

The Little Details

The little details are what really gets me excited about any party I host.  Thinking of how to make parties personalized and unique is one of my gifts. I am constantly looking for ways to make client’s party plans personal to their children.  I love when a guest walks into one of my parties and says, “I never would have thought of that!” That is my biggest win. I wanted a simple sign for the door, just to welcome people to the party and set the tone.  I’m a big believer in having something at your front door. One, it is reassurance that people are at the right place (maybe it’s their first time at your house! It happens!), and also, it tells guests they are in for a darling themed party!

I am constantly taking pictures of my kids, and at night, I look through our day and gush about how stinking adorable they are and how much fun we have…while totally relishing in the fact that they are in bed and not next to me.  I always incorporate pictures of them at their birthday parties. It’s cool to see how they grew through the year, and to witness those milestones over again! I topped this little personalized station off with Dalmatian letters I made one night while watching Below Deck (obsessed.), and busted out my Light Box to say Happy Birthday!

Wondering what the newspaper rolls are? Guests favors! I’m obsessed with how they turned out.  They may be my favorite detail of the whole party. More information and a supply list on how to create your own are outlined in the Puppy Party Plan!

Okay…I might have just lied. Turning the playhouse into a custom Hudson doghouse may be my favorite detail. How cute is that?! And look at that handsome boy in his puppy ears. Where did I get those, you ask? I made them. Will I do that again? Undecided. I had grand plans to find Dalmatian fur from the fabric store which would have made these little headbands so.much.faster. BUT  they were super easy and seeing the kid’s run around with their ears was worth every single black spot I cut and hot glued onto 20 pairs of white fur ears. Links to purchase already made puppy ears are linked in the Puppy Party Plan, as well as outlines/templates, supply lists, and tips to create your own.

Playtime at the Pound

I wanted to create an area for the kids to play and act like pups.  This banner from my friend, Nicole at Pine to Pine Design turned out so cute and was perfect for the space!  Nicole also made all of the signs and other printables for the party. Inside the puppy pound, I had the kid’s table seating (more on party supplies coming up!), the puppies for kids to pick out and adopt, and a create a puppy collar party activity station. I also had the puppy ears for guests to grab in there!  When the little guests were not outside playing and digging for bones, they were in here! Worked out perfectly.

One of the best things I’ve heard from this party? “My kid still sleeps with their little puppy!” How cute is that?  The kids LOVED adopting their puppies- choosing which one they wanted to take home, and what to name them on their carriers. I created a little party hat for each pup to bring in a the pop of teal (hot glue gun ftw), and Nicole made stickers for the carriers.  All supplies needed for this station are all linked in the Puppy Party Planincluding a FREE download for the adoption stickers!

Want to Host Your Own Puppy Party? Click Here to Grab a Puppy Plan!

The Dessert Table

Well, if you’ve followed me for awhile, you know creating a dessert table is one of my favorite things to do.  I love mixing the desserts in with traditional serving pieces, as well as some fun decor finds. Moment of silence but intense appreciation for my husband. He built the bone backdrop AND the darling doghouse on the middle of the table. Dad of the year! Does that doghouse not look like it is straight out of Hearth and Hand?? I am 100% up for licensing the design, Chip and JoJo. Just give me the word, and it’s yours! ? I also scored some adorable decor from Home Goods and Marshalls’ pet department for this party!  How they knew I was hosting a black, white, and teal puppy party is beyond me, but thank you, friends! Isn’t it so fun to use dog bowls as serving pieces?? I filled them with puppy chow (aka Muddy Buddies aka crack…oh boy that stuff is addicting) and Scooby snacks! Adorable.

Wondering about that cake and how perfect it is?  It’s one of Confection Deception’s creations!  Alyson creates fake cakes, that are little pieces of art.  Her cakes are meant to be statements, and they totally live up to that description.  The puppy cake was totally talked about during the whole party!

Other desserts on the table included these perfect buttercream sugar cookies from my girl Kayla with SeaTown Sweets.  She is such a talented baker, and her treats are delicious! One of my favorite things on the table was this insane cookie cake.  Have you seen this trend yet? I think they’re so fun and Hudson’s puppy party was the perfect opportunity to try one out! Kayla also created that beauty, and let me tell you, my guests went crazy.  The kids thought it was the coolest thing they’ve ever seen! It was so tasty and decadent too! A tutorial on how to make your own is inside of the Puppy Party Plan also!

More dessert ideas and recipes, as well as a tutorial on how to create your own stunning dessert table (it’s SO much easier than you think, I promise!) is all outlined and waiting for you in the Puppy Party Plan!

The Table Setting

Cutest party supplies ever award goes to the puppy party!  You just don’t get cuter plates than these guys! And did you notice they match the puppy cake perfectly?? I ordered all of my party supplies from my friend, Jackie, at Sprinkles and Confetti.  She had everything I needed, and I love shopping in ONE place.  Every party supply I used and needed is linked to her shop in the party plan, and for everyone that purchases a Puppy Party Plan, she has graciously offered a discount on party supplies!  Score!!

Bone Appetit: The Food

Gotta have hot dogs at a puppy party!  I created a menu for the hot dog bar that included all kinds of different combos inspired by dog breeds!  The Seattle Schnauzer was the most popular of the day, no surprise there! Would you like something else for free?? Good, because Nicole is also letting me give you all the Hot Dog Menu as a free download with your party plan! The whole menu plan with recipes and tips on how to keep it simple (as well as links to purchase puppy themed garlands and backdrops like this pictured) are all outlined and linked in the plan!

The Dog Park: The Activities

I kept it pretty simple with the party activities for this one because we just got a new play structure in the backyard, and I knew that would be what kids would want to do! Also? Super fun fact? My summer birthday party basically got rained out. Well, my phone’s weather app scared me into setting up the party inside. Then…of course, the actual day of the party was beautiful so the fact that I got to kick 50 people out of my house and send them outside was what I was mostly focused on. That aside, the big kids loved making these collars! The little kids liked stringing the beads onto the pipe cleaner, but the big kids had a blast finding their letters and trying to spell out their puppy’s names! It was so cute and the former elementary school teacher/literacy obsessed lady was so proud of all of these little 4 years trying to sound out puppy names! ?

3 other super easy and fun activities with supply lists are outlined for you in the Puppy Party Plan! They are all a breeze to put together, and the guests had a blast playing, digging, and chasing!

We had the best day celebrating our favorite little pup!  Our party mascot, Huck, enjoyed himself too! 

All photo credit: Aleks Lopez

Hudson had a blast at his puppy paw-ty with all of his favorite people.  His mama got a little thrown off by the weather situation (hey, I’m only human), but once I switched the vision around, I was so happy and I totally relaxed and enjoyed celebrating my son at his party.  The food was easy, the decor got set up the night before, the drinks were flowing, and guests had fun. What amazing memories we have that will now be cherished forever. The help of my Puppy Party Plan was essential to all of that.  I know I’m biased, but having everything you need for your party outlined for you and in one place is a huge game changer.  I can’t even wrap my head around planning a party from my Pinterest board of a million tabs anymore. I’d be lost without my party plan and weekly checklist.  I follow it just like any of my client’s would!  I do this for a living, and am still incapable of enjoying a party if I don’t host it from a plan.  I become too unfocused, spend too much money, and am stressed to the last minute. It is SO not worth it, and it’s the reason I hear “parties are SO overwhelming” every single day. Make your life a little easier this year, mama! Go grab a party plan, or email me and we can get another theme planned for you and your little one.

Want to Host Your Own Puppy Party? Click Here to Grab a Puppy Plan!

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