Love Notes to Celebrates Valentine’s Day


One of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Days with my kids is to write love notes for them.  I started this tradition a couple years ago when Evie was 2, I believe. Last year was Hudson’s first Valentines so it was my first year writing double notes!  I loved it.

Starting February 1, I leave a note written on a paper heart on the kid’s bedroom doors before I go to bed.  Then when they (and let’s be real, they means Evie…Hudson pointed and noticed but obviously doesn’t really get it haha) wake up, they see their notes when they come out of their room in the morning.

Pro Mom Tip!
Sit down and write all your notes at once.  Then you aren’t scrambling the night before to find or cut the heart, write the note, and stick it on the door.
OR…even better,  I’ve created a FREE printable for you! I wrote your love notes for you and all you need to do is print and cut! I also left some blank hearts for you to fill in and personalize!

On the last day, Valentines Day, the kid’s love note is downstairs on the breakfast table with a small little gift.  I make a special breakfast, and then we have a little celebration that morning. Makes for a super fun, but very manageable and low key celebration.  Just as special though, and that’s what’s important.

Download printable love notes HERE!

The love notes I left for Evie last year!
Hudson’s love notes from last year!

I forgot to tell Evie that the love notes were coming back before she went to bed last night, but this morning I heard her open her door, gasp, and then run into my office.  Immediately I knew she saw her love note! “Mommy, the love notes are back!” How fun that she remembers them, and that they mean so much to her. I love sitting down and taking the time to think of 14 things I love about each of my kids.  Evie felt the need to make her own love notes for our family, so that’s what we did!

If you are looking for a super quick and easy, but meaningful activity to do for Valentine’s Day this year, this is the one.  Love notes are a must! They make such a giant impact, but little to no effort. And honestly, I should sit down and really think about little things I love about my kids more often.  I’m obsessed with my kids, they are my life, but I don’t take the time to sit and savor their unique qualities, and what about them I’m head over heels for. It is just as much of a treat for me as it is for them.

And the cutest thing?  The morning that you wake up and there’s a love note on your door.  That is when you know they get it, they love it, and they want to reciprocate, and your mom heart just explodes. It is simply the best.

Download your Love Notes HERE!

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