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No Time to Siesta…It’s Charlie’s First Fiesta!

August 11, 2017

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Charlie’s First Fiesta was.  One, it was the first party I “officially” planned for someone other than myself.  Major. Two, Charlie’s mama, Aleks, knocked the execution of her party plan out of the freakin’ park. Have you ever seen a beautiful picture on Pinterest that you knew […]

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I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Charlie’s First Fiesta was.  One, it was the first party I “officially” planned for someone other than myself.  Major. Two, Charlie’s mama, Aleks, knocked the execution of her party plan out of the freakin’ park. Have you ever seen a beautiful picture on Pinterest that you knew you needed to recreate for your party then spent countless precious hours scrolling through Pinterest and Etsy looking for the items to make it happen? Hello busy moms, I’m looking at you!  Is that really how we want to spend our Friday night after the kids go to bed? I’d rather binge watch Housewives with a glass of pinot grigio. That is what I do for you for my party plans, and that is exactly what Aleks used when executing this party. No searching for those perfect must have cupcake toppers, mama, I have the links ready to purchase right in the plan, and you’ll see when you scroll through this party, just how beautiful (and easy!) your party can be with my help! I can’t wait for you guys to relive this party with me!

“I wanted a very special theme for my daughter’s first birthday, that was bright and beautiful but also personal. Allison came up with a Mexican Fiesta theme that was still very feminine and I couldn’t be happier!”

Welcome to Charlie’s First Fiesta!

The cutest family there ever was.  The Lopez family are the type of friends you dream of having.  Kind, generous, and SO FUN.

These stunning pictures were taken by Angela, with AWE Photography.  She was amazing at capturing all the little details, and got some great shots of their family that I know Aleks will treasure forever.

The Decor

A fiesta should be all about the color!  Tassel banners, Mexican papel picado garlands, and pops of bright pink, yellow and turquoise in flower pots, frames, runners, and tabletop items made this First Fiesta quite the celebration. Aleks did a beautiful job balancing DIY decor, like the chalkboard signs and tassel banner, with purchased items like the papel picadas and tabletop accessories. Beautiful printed signs complimenting the party were custom made by Nicole with Twisted Sister Shop.  She also designed the invitations, and they were perfect, as always! The joyful colors brought so much life to the fiesta! Even more details and ideas on creating a stunning atmosphere for your fiesta are located in the Fiesta Party Plan! I promise, I have scoured the internet for the best tutorials and quality decor items that compliment your theme perfectly, without breaking the bank.

How cool are these tables?? Wood boards painted with chalkboard paint and held up with boxes!  Then you can just write whatever you want on them with chalk markers! Brilliant idea. I know you were all looking for a DIY hack for all your Amazon boxes…well, you can thank Aleks! Check out these activities!  Raise your hand if you can never come up with themed party activities that are great for all ages? So.much.thinking.

Good news! I did it for you!

Four awesome activities outlined all with links to purchase materials can be found in the party plan! You’re welcome! The little ones were completely engaged with these two activity tables.  The first was a DIY Donkey Pinata. They each got a blank donkey pinata, and were able to decorate it with different colored fringe and googly eyes, and then stuff it with little goodies! SO fun!The second activity was making their own maracas!  Those babies were shaking all over the place, and it was a blast!  Did you know that two spoons, an Easter egg, some beads, and washi tape could make a darling maraca to keep your little one busy for way longer than you’d expect?  Hudson was shaking his for a long time! It was the perfect toy to throw in my diaper bag when I needed a quick distraction for him also. A party activity that is enjoyed by everyone…and is useful to moms after the party is over?  Total win.

The Food

Need a party food that is a guaranteed hit with everyone?  Taco bar. I was even at a wedding last weekend, and dinner was a taco buffet.  Everyone was on cloud 9. Tacos just make everyone happy, and these did not disappoint!  Aleks’ husband, Julio, did an outstanding job cooking up all the delicious meat and taco toppings. Fun fact: Julio flew home from California with those tortilla chips just so they could serve them at the party.  Slow clap for that dedication!

The Desserts

I’m obsessed with how the colors work so well together for this INSANE dessert table.  Aleks did an amazing job executing her dessert table tips and tricks (included with your party plan!). 

The symmetry with the boxes on either side of the cake, the art as a backdrop, and hello…look at those WOW piece cakes! 

Perfection. I think using Mexican blankets to add even more depth and color was such a great idea also.

Aleks enlisted the help of Jenny Keller, with Jenny Cookies Bakeshop, to help her with desserts.  Guests enjoyed Jenny’s signature buttercream sugar cookies decorated as gorgeous succulents, chocolate dipped peanut butter sandwich cookies, and drumroll please…this gold leaf succulent adorned naked cake that just about took my breath away when I saw it perfectly placed in the middle of the table.  Amazing job, Jenny.

The desserts were not only beautiful, but so, so delicious!For the rest of the desserts, Aleks made yummy churro cupcakes, dipped pretzel sticks, and Charlie’s smash cake. 

Pro baking tip! Bake and freeze your cupcakes and cake a week or two out. It not only lets you check something off your list earlier, but it locks in moistness and your cakes are super tasty! The darling UNO cake topper and cactus cupcake toppers added a sweet touch also.

The Smash

I just love the look of a painted wood high chair.  It is so classic and can be customized however you see fit for your party. 

When Evie turned one, her high chair was light pink with a gold mongrammed E painted on the back.  Hudson’s was navy and white. I love the all white chair with this beautiful gold and floral paper UNO decoration. 

Charlie, the cake, and balloons all popped next to the white chair, and the pictures were so cute.

Place your bets!  How did Charlie react to her cake?  Totally obsessed or was it a big fat no??

Verdict is in….and that’s a no on the cake.  She even tried a cupcake instead to see if that was less overwhelming, but no.  Get with the program Charlie, cake is everything, girlfriend! But…how adorable is her cactus bow?  I mean. Stop.

Charlie’s First Fiesta was a smashing success!  The guests had a great time, and left with very full bellies and even fuller hearts.  Happy 1st birthday, sweet Charlie girl. Thank you for letting me be part of your special day!

Click here to read all about why Aleks says she will never host another party without a party plan again!  It is a MUST read for anyone who has ever felt stressed over party planning! More info on the First Fiesta Party Plan here! This little baby is your ticket to a stress-free night with your DVR, and dare I say it…quality time with your husband! 

Now you get to have that beautiful Pinterest party, completely outlined for you, just like Aleks did! Are you ready to stop scrolling Pinterest for hours and ask for help with your next party?  Contact me here!  I’m ready to help plan that perfect party for you! Just no Housewives spoilers! ?          

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