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Episode 57: 10 Ways to Rock the Mom Game This Halloween

October 12, 2019

 I’m sharing 10 of my favorite ways to turn the volume up on things you’re already doing to make Halloween a bit more memorable. 10 ideas for repurposing decor, Halloween dinners and treats, traditions and more are shared to help you crush the mom game when it comes to celebrating this year! Listen below or […]

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 I’m sharing 10 of my favorite ways to turn the volume up on things you’re already doing to make Halloween a bit more memorable. 10 ideas for repurposing decor, Halloween dinners and treats, traditions and more are shared to help you crush the mom game when it comes to celebrating this year!

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Ready Give Your Kids the Best Halloween Yet This Year?

Halloween is one of those holidays that kids go nuts over! It’s the first real kick off to the holiday season and hello, sugar city. One of the things I love about Halloween is that there are so many little moments that I can take advantage of to turn up the volume and make them a little more memorable. The little stuff really does a long way, especially when it comes to Halloween!

In this episode, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite ways to turn the volume up on things you’re already doing to make Halloween a bit more memorable. 10 ideas for repurposing decor, Halloween dinners and treats, traditions and more are shared to help you crush the mom game when it comes to celebrating this year!


Halloween Celebration Guide

My Halloween Celebration Guide! This guide is FULL of easy but memorable ideas to make this Halloween extra special this year. Decor, treat ideas, menu plans, activities, and more are all waiting for you! 

Download the Halloween Celebration Guide!

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped Box

Missed out on a Halloween Memories in Moments: Unwrapped box?? Don’t worry! Winter is coming, and I’ve got a waitlist going! Get ready to see your kids lose their minds when they open the door to find a Winter themed box of crafts, decor, tabletop items, and more waiting for them! Easy but cherished holiday memories, here you come!

1. Spookify Your Porch

 I LOVE decorating my porch! Other than Christmas lights, it’s the only time I really care about what my porch looks like. In past year’s I’ve gotten hay bales from the local horse feed store that make for the perfect picture for kids to sit on with their costumes! It’s also great to stack pumpkins on or something spooky for trick or treaters!

I get a good mix of pumpkins (usually at the grocery store) of fat oranges guys, white ones I can stack (look for ones with the stems off and a flatter top and you can almost build pumpkin stacks like you would a snowman. Don’t be afraid to stack and mess with the pumpkins at the store.

I also LOVE corn stalks, a fun wreath on the door, and a new welcome mat. I always like a surprise factor so I try and do my porch when my kids aren’t around and then when I go get them from school or when they come outside to see its a big surprise. Just a little way I make it more fun, but totally not necessary! Kids would love to be involved in creating their fun Halloween porch too and it doubles as an activity so total win there also!

2. Birthday Pumpkin Patch Pics

We are big pumpkin patch lovers and always go to the same patch,  Bobs Corn. We go every year with my parents and I have pics of the kids growing up in that patch.

One of our traditions is taking the kids’ pictures next to the pumpkins that show their age that year. So for example, there are pumpkins lined up with numbers on them at pumpkin patches- which is showing the price.

When you go out into the field you know the pumpkin you choose is similar size to the $5 pumpkin so thats the price you pay. Well every year I steal the pumpkin with the price that matches my kids age and I make my kids sit next to it on a hay bale! These are some of my most cherished pictures you guys! And then…just put the pumpkin back in line once you’re done! You can also bring a dry erase marker and a travel set of baby wipes and quickly write a number on the pumpkin then wipe it off, which I think I’m going to do this year because I don’t recall there being a 6 pumpkin so I’ll have to make my own..anything for the memory right?!

And yes, the bribe for the photo is the warm apple and pumpkin donuts, which hello is the best part of braving the muddy patch!

3. Early Halloween Dinner

This idea came from my guest last year, Mariah Lesson with Giggles Galore from Episode 8: Halloween Memories and New Family Traditions. Mariah does a themed Halloween dinner every year and I was obsessed with the idea and adopted it for my own. We did this last year and it was a total game changer.

Halloween day is CRAZY. Unless it’s on a weekend which it seems like it never is, the day is nuts. School parties, trick or treating, dinner, way too much sugar, etc. There’s no time to actually do anything fun as a family. So pick the weekend before or a calmer week night where you can have a fun dinner- turning up the volume on the dinner you already have to make your family!

Themed food (tons of dinner ideas and recipes are in the Halloween Celebration Guide) and fun treat, some decorations or cute paper plates and napkins. Just do it up a little bit! Last year we had a nacho bar with blue corn chips at a fun table with a spooky backdrop and fun paper plates and cups, then we had a Halloween snack mix and carved pumpkins. It was such a fun night, it was nothing that big that I did, but definitely one of my new favorite traditions I can’t wait to do again this year!

4. Trick or Treating- You Do You

I think you pick a routine that works for you and you stick with it. At this point in our life, my kids are little and watching them and their excitement over trick or treating is more important to me than staying at the house and passing out candy. We are a bucket on the doorstep kind of family, and then once the kids are over it, we’ll go back home and pass out candy until bedtime…and then I’ll be the wicked witch mean old neighbor and put a note on the door telling them to not knock and wake my babies up or else I’ll haunt them…or scared them with my ring doorbell. Don’t mess with a mom with two sugared up kids at bedtime, amiright?! Don’t feel guilty about what you decide. If you want to stay back and pass out candy, great. If you want to go out with your family and trick or treat, go girl. BTW last year Ryan made margaritas for us and put them in to go coffee cups and outside of him asking me to be his wife, it was the best decision of his life. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast, and I’m glad I was there to watch it!

5. Trick or Treat Kickoff- The Gathering House

Speaking of trick or treating, I had a listener question come in about being the gathering house for trick or treating. Loved this question and remember those days of friends trick or treating together so well. I’m excited for that stage! So the question was, “Do you have any ideas for something SUPER simple that we could do —kickoff celebration, fast/simple activity, gift, food, etc — that I could do this year to make it special, but not overwhelming?”

Yes I do! So I love the idea of having a quick drink and something to eat available to your guests before you head out, especially if anyone gets there a little early. I wouldn’t feel the pressure to have dinner for everyone so I’d stick to snacks like a popcorn bar- white cheddar, orange cheddar, regular, kettle, etc. You can add some sprinkles or googles eyes to it to spook it up a bit and guests can either walk with it and munch, or it’s a fun treat to just have in their trick or treat bag- the first gift of the night! You can get themed cello bags anywhere- target, amazon or do clear plastic gloves and make those popcorn hands! Cut up veggies in snack cups with faces drawn on are also adorable. Carrots in a clear cup that you draw a jack o lantern face on, sugar snap peas and celery for a witch or frankenstein- I’ll put a visual in the show notes, and it’s also in the halloween guide! But stick to munchies, easy to grab and eat on the way things…and if you want to have a drink or toast…I wouldn’t turn down a neighborhood fireball shot to celebrate the night! Just saying

You could have a fun activity like a glow stick ring toss on a pumpkin- get a pumpkin with a big stem and then have some glow stick necklaces and do a toss while you’re waiting for the whole gang to show up, then the kids can wear their glow sticks while trick or treating also! show notes.

6. Halloween Movie Night- Invite Some Friends!

This year I’m super excited to host a fun little and low key family Halloween party and movie night for our friends with my friend Nicole from Palm to Pine Design! In the past I’ve done more playdate style Halloween parties and this year since all the kids are a little older, I’m excited to host a nighttime party. Easy food and snacks (I’m using my Halloween Celebration Guide), everyone brings something to share, a fun bar with cocktails- I found these super fun beakers and test tubes on sale at Michaels a couple months back that I’m going to use for the bar, and then the kids are going to have a movie night upstairs in my movie room! Cozy pillows, blankets, and popcorn hands from the bar that I just talked about- kids can make their own hand, fill the glove with different popcorn, candy and sprinkles, and munch away as they watch the movie) and parents can hang downstairs and enjoy each other’s company! Totally excited and hoping this becomes a new family friend tradition!

7. Halloween Breakfast- Let’s Get That Excitment Going

On the morning of Halloween, I like to surprise my kids with something a little fun for breakfast. I’ve done pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins and little oranges with faces drawn on the skin, orange smoothies or sprinkles donuts. I put them on a fun paper plate with a cute napkin and its all ready when they come downstairs. It’s just a simple but exciting way to start the fun day thats Halloween. I love a good kick off that gets your kids excited about all the fun they’re going to have that day at school and then when they come home for trick or treating!

8. Repurposing Halloween and Fall Decor

I received another listener question about decor- specifically about repurposing Fall and Halloween decor. This can be tricky, but I have a couple hacks. I alway start out Fall with just starting to darken things up a bit around my house. My house is very light and bright/airy over the summer in my decor- lots of white, linens, blues, flowers. So I just like to transition that out easily- move toward jewel tons, bring back the navys, darker runners, woods, etc. Then in October I start to move more into Halloween BUT most of my stuff isn’t themed Halloween. I have a couple pieces that are very orange/black Halloween that I don’t want out after as I go into Thanksgiving, but you all know me and my repurposing so most decor I buy, I like to get a long use out of it. This year, I’m really sticking to black and not so much orange. I’ve got paper bats I got on amazon flying on my kitchen cabinets (pic in the show notes), my shelf in my kitchen has all my orange, black and darker cookbooks on it, along with leaves, burlap and other fall decor, and I’m doing a lot with black and white buffalo plaid this year because its great for Fall but totally goes with Halloween! So I try and keep most of my Fall out while adding pops of Halloween around. For instance, I have a bowl of burlap, blue, cream, and sage colored velvet pumkins on my island. That’s sitting on a runner thats white and black and just yesterday I added some black spiders crawling out of the bowl to spook it up. After Halloween, I still get my pretty Fall centerpiece and just take the spiders out! Some of the pumpkin decor I have also has a jack o lanter face on it, once Halloween is over, I often times still have those out, but I spin them around so the face isn’t pointing outward anymore. ALSO letterboards, wood boards, etc are awesome for repurposing because you can have a fun Halloween quote or saying on it, then change it to a Fall or family one, etc. but it’s a way to celebrate while also being able to repurpose it. My sister just gave me a beauiful wood letter board from Mangolia Hearth and Hand that has big black letters that is PERFECT for this, but also matches the decor in my home after Halloween is over!

9. Halloween Memories Photo Board

This is a tip I share a lot on my IG and I always get tons of messages about it! I have a big blank frame in my entry way. In the frame, I’ve added bakers twine and clothespins to hold pictures. Each season, I change out the pictures to themed holiday ones. Right now, I’ve got all our old Halloween pics displayed on the board. Pumpkin patch trips, the kids with their number pumpkins, past costumes, trick or treating, carving pumpkins, etc. all of my favorite moments OFF my phone and displayed in my home where we can enjoy them. Seriously, the kids go nuts whenever I change the board..they are SO excited to see their old pics and laugh at how little they were or remember past costumes, like Evie’s first Halloween at 3 months old as a tiny donut. It’s the best! Then it’ll become general Fall pics, then it’s where I display our Santa pictures, I do a birthday board for each kid, but it’s something special I do for my family, it’s SO easy and fun to recreate in your homes as well!

10. Free Decor Hack! Display Kid’s Halloween Art as Decor

Theres not a ton of art I keep of the kids, but some of those really cute holiday art, I keep and I use as decor! I have two big bulletin boards for their important paperwork, school art they’re proud of, etc. that I display their Halloween art on as another spot of personalized decor. Again, they love seeing it, often times having no memory of creating that spider web in toddler group, but they think its fun to see their masterpieces and kids love having their work and art displayed. Totally proud of it even if they have no memory of creating it! Keep those special little pieces and bring them out each year in your home. It’s free decor, it’s meaningful and it makes the holiday more about your family- which is something thats important to me!

Alright! There we go! 10 ways you can crush the mom game whrn it comes to celebrating Halloween this year! If you liked these ideas, please please please share a screenshot in your stories or on social media and tag me @allisoncartcelebrates and encourage your mom tribe to listen in and get some new fresh ideas as well! And if you loved these ideas and want more information or even more ideas for crafts, decor, recipes, traditions, etc. make sure you download the Halloween Celebration Guide at! Go through it with your kids, have them pick out some fun things to do (knowing that everything inside is suuuuuper easy and managable- I’m even using it for Evie’s class Halloween party!) and have some fun making new Halloween memories and traditions this year! I also have 2 past episodes all about Halloween, episode 8 with Mariah Leeson and Episode 7 was an ask my anything Halloween show with tons of great info! Thank you so much for listening and Happy Halloween, mamas!

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