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Episode 99: Raising Adventurous and Imaginative Readers with Joseph Keeler

November 11, 2020

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! SAY HI TO THE ULTIMATE FUN DAD, JOSEPH! Joseph Keeler is a dad of 6, former military man, an attorney and a JUDGE! And he’s legit one of the most creative and imaginative people I’ve ever talked to, which made me laugh because when’s the last time you […]

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Joseph Keeler is a dad of 6, former military man, an attorney and a JUDGE! And he’s legit one of the most creative and imaginative people I’ve ever talked to, which made me laugh because when’s the last time you said that about an attorney??

Joseph is the ultimate reading dad. He grew up with a parent that valued reading and adventure, and he has totally taken that and brought it to his own family.

As a former teacher, I can attest to how important parents reading to kids is. Research has shown time after time that reading to kids strengthens your bond, improves communication, success in school, and so much more. AND there is a TON of research around how important it is for dads to read to kids! It activates a different part of the brain, and it’s just a fun and special time shared together!

Another important aspect of parents and reading is modeling being a reader. It’s so important for our kids to see us as readers. If we are showing that it’s enjoyable and important, they will pick up on that. Reading should just be part of your family’s routine. If they read, pick up a book and read too! Make it an enjoyable experience.

Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure

Jospeh wanted to take his adventurous spirit and all the memories made reading and telling stories to his kids, and put them in a book series all about this character, Captain Pabbu, a red panda ship captain!

We were fortunate to receive a copy in the mail, and the fun thing about this story is that it’s personalized for your family! I started reading the book to the kids, surprising them that THEY were the characters in the book! Right when I said their names, they both got such wide eyes and immediately were way more invested in the story! It was really fun to watch!

Captain Pabbu takes a couple of kids and their mom on an adventure to find the buried treasure on Orangutang Island. While there, they had to find the treasure, fight the pirates in an epic food fight with magical umbrellas, and finally find victory with the treasure. The book also leaves off with a cliff hanger which both Evie and Hudson were very curious about reading more!

Also, while reading, Joseph has added tips for movement and acting out the story for parents and kids to get up and bring it to life. These made reading the story even more engaging and now the kids are reading it to each other and sharing how to act it out and coming up with new ideas. It’s so fun!

Reading Tips for at Home

Make a Cozy Reading Place

Find a Consistent Time to Read

No Phones/Tech

Have a Variety of Books

Read from Physical Books

Favorite Christmas Tradition

Joseph’s favorite family tradition is EPIC. Like insane. When his kids were little (all the way until they were out of the house) each Christmas Eve he would set up booby traps for them to get through on Christmas morning. If the kids could get through the booby traps without waking him up, they got to open their stockings! SO stinking amazing. Below are some of the pics of past traps he set! I told you he was the ultimate fun dad!


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