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Episode 59: Celebrating a Birthday During the Holidays

October 22, 2019

Do you have a kiddo with a birthday that falls during the holiday season? It can be totally stressful thinking of ways to celebrate your kid and make them feel special…while dealing with all the craziness the holiday season brings. On today’s episode, I’ve got some great tips for juggling holiday birthdays and making sure […]

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Do you have a kiddo with a birthday that falls during the holiday season? It can be totally stressful thinking of ways to celebrate your kid and make them feel special…while dealing with all the craziness the holiday season brings. On today’s episode, I’ve got some great tips for juggling holiday birthdays and making sure your kid feels seen and celebrated during this busy time!

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My Kid Has a Holiday Birthday…What the Heck Do I Do?!

It’s around this time of year where the most asked question I get is…”my kids’ birthday is SO close to the holidays, how do I host a birthday party as well?

Now, full disclosure, I don’t have this problem with two summer babies, but I totally understand the struggle and I’m going to answer this question by telling you exactly what I would do if I WAS in your shoes.

First, the birthday is the priority. Your kid has very few moments in their life where it is all about them…and yes it feels like it’s always about them, but birthday are their day. They get the attention, they get to be front and center and be celebrated in a special way. The holidays have a whole season, a birthday is only a one time deal! Acknowledge it.

If they want to have a Rescue Vehicles birthday party at Christmas, host the dang firetruck birthday. Its not your kids fault they were born during the holidays so they shouldn’t not be able to have a party in a theme they want ever just because the timing is off. Let them have control when it comes to choosing the theme. It gives them some power and let’s them feel like it really is about them and not just trying to make it work.

There are a couple themes that really are adorable for birthdays are the holidays, however, if you really are having a hard time meshing the two! A Frozen party or a WinterONEderland for a 1st birthday because the themes are just way too cute and SNOW much fun! A Bake or Sweet Shoppe party or Milk and Cookies theme would also be really fun for the holidays and would be easy because there are SO many baking things out during the holiday season!

Now you’re going to ask…what about decor?

You can do one of two things when it comes to . First thing, just embrace it. It is what it is and it’s not realistic to take it down and put it back on so just accept what it is! Add a firetruck garland to your stockings hung on the fireplace or go to town incorporating the two.

OR have a designated spot where you clear out some decor just for the party and focus on the birthday, then go back to your holiday decor. This is the one I’d most likely do. I’d choose the kitchen. The table can have a backdrop behind it for food or desserts, its the room that has the least amount of actual holiday decor in it, and then I’d be find setting up activities and whatnot throughout my house but if there was one area I could go all in on the party theme and not have it be distracted by holiday- I would do this!

Okay one kind of fun idea thats a bit more work…but could be totally fun. You know how you decorate your Christmas tree and a lot of times there is a side that doesn’t get anything because its facing a wall or corner or something?

What if you made that into a birthday tree? Pics of your kid, streamers, little toys they love like Hot Wheels or Barbie clothes. OR you can decorate this with the party theme decor! So stick a firetruck garland there or add some crowns and accessories for a princess party!

So when they go to bed, or when you’re decorating for the party, you spin the tree to the blank side and birthday that baby up! This may be a totally ridiculous idea…and something to play around with BUT I think it could have the potential to be a really fun new tradition and something for your kid to look forward to and a check in the not worrying about holiday decor box because you’re making it work for YOU!

Going to a venue also eliminates this problem, but regardless of where you hold the party…the next question always follows!

The Holidays are SO Busy…What if People Can’t Come?

Now…dates. The follow up to this is almost always, the dates are SO hard. It’s hard to ask people to give up a holiday weekend for a birthday party. Again, totally valid question, and as a guest, that is hard. 

A couple suggestions for this!

  1. You can choose their half birthday to have a party and go all out which is kind of fun and then they also get a fun experience or small dinner or gift on their actual birthday. It’s like a double celebration- score!
  2. Do the party a couple weeks before the holiday madness starts! You have a much better chance of guests coming and you also can hold off on the decor front if it’s early enough.

The same goes for having the party after the holidays when things free up. I know it’s not the best plan for your kid, but at the end of the day they want the celebration. They want to see their friends, they want the party and the attention. It makes them feel seen and heard and thats like the most important thing to a kid. SO they are still getting that AND they are getting something special on their actual date also so that isn’t brushed over.

If you want to host the party close to the date of the actual birthday, send out invites well in advance. That’ll help make sure most guests have time to put it on their calendar and give you first dibs on that date!

Try and make invites stand out also because you’re getting a ton of mail during this season- think of a colored envelope that stands out!




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