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Episode 7: Halloween Traditions: Decor, Food, and Activities

October 14, 2019

You asked, and I answered! I’m taking a deep dive into all your Halloween questions and giving you all my best tips and ideas for decor, food and treats, and themed activities to do with your families this year! Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! Welcome to the Ask Me Anything About Halloween Show! […]

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You asked, and I answered! I’m taking a deep dive into all your Halloween questions and giving you all my best tips and ideas for decor, food and treats, and themed activities to do with your families this year!

Listen below or head on over to iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher!

Welcome to the Ask Me Anything About Halloween Show!

I had a blast with this Q&A style show! I put a call out to the Memories and Moments listeners and asked them to send me any and all questions they had about celebrating Halloween this year. I gathered them all and answered each one in the episode! The questions generally fell into 3 categories: decor, food, and activities. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I loved recording it! This was a really fun one for me! If you liked this episode format, would you let me know? I’d love your feedback on it! Send me an email at or go let me know over in my free Facebook group, Memories in Moments Insiders. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

My Halloween Celebration Guide is the perfect compliment to this episode. It has even more ideas, tips, and gives the supply lists, materials needed, and actual recipes to the examples I mentioned in today’s show! It is a must if you want to step up your Halloween mom game this year!

Grab Your Halloween Celebration Guide!

Halloween Decor

Q: I’m looking for Halloween decor that is more timeless vs kitchy/spooky (like my kids like). What are some ideas we can DIY together…but that can also stay up as we transition into Thanksgiving?

A: The sequin pumpkins I made with Evie last year are my favorite for this question. I did a blog post on making them with a supply list and video tutorial as well! You can totally make them with your kids, but they are sophisticated and trendy so they will be perfect for your style. You can also choose whatever colors you want for this. I have white pumpkins with gold polka dots, but really want to do rose gold this year! I also have black glitter ones. I love that I can bring these out in September and keep them all through Thanksgiving. They totally fit for Halloween, but are not kitchy and super themey.

Garlands are another way I can incorporate the kids into our decor while still keeping my style. Craft stores or Amazon have packs of burlap or colored cardstock, like black, pennants to buy and then you can use sticker letters for a saying, shapes the kids cut out like pumpkins or witch hats, or use fun themed scrapbook paper. Lots of garlands and tutorials are linked in the celebration guide too! I also love plain pumpkins and gourds. You can attach faces to them for Halloween and then take them off and have them last till Thanksgiving! Or you could just turn them around so the decorated “Halloweeny” part is hidden- I’ve definitely done this with decor that is technically a jack of lantern but the other side is a plain pumpkin so why wouldn’t I repurpose?

Sequin Pumpkins: Easy DIY with Kids! 
DIY Garlands and pumpkins/gourds in a basket! The ceramic pumpkin on the right has a jack o’ lantern face and is turned around!

Easy Themed Food and Halloween Treats

Q: Nicole from FB asks, I would love Halloween dessert ideas that aren’t complete and total sugar overload, or how to dress up something that is sugar filled.

A: Stick to apples for a dessert idea that isn’t all junk. You can have caramel or chocolate (or even nut butter if you want!) and then different toppers to dip into- nuts, candy, Oreos, mini chocolate chips, coconut. You have have the apples sliced in wedges or in rounds to create apple pizzas. Both super fun and kids like being in charge of making their own thing. There is also a yummy pumpkin cheesecake dip you can put into a small pumpkin and dip apples into that is not too bad for you- sugar is in it but also pumpkin puree…so thats a veggie. Check! Pumpkin muffins or bread with chocolate chips is always a treat that everyone loves as well, and great for the lunchbox!

I love dressing up cupcakes with fun toppers. It is such an easy short-cut that makes a big statement! I love the cupcakes with the witch feet sticking out of them that looks like the fell in, so cute, or you can find black cat ones, pumpkin ones, so many themed toppers. You can also take brownies and turn them into ghosts with a marshmallow and some melted white chocolate or a mummy with a white chocolate drizzle. I love the spider web frosting hack also- 3 circles with food gel then use a toothpick the connect the circles. There’s an example and tutorial for this in the Halloween Celebration Guide, most all of these options I gave you actually!

Decorated store bought bundt cake and cupcakes with witch cupcake toppers

Q: What are some of your favorite Halloween cocktails? What about non-alcoholic versions?

A: Halloween is crazy town and the energy is overwhelming. Mommy and Daddy need a cocktail, people! Spiked apple cider, caramel apple sangria was a hit we did one year- I liked that one because its a big batch recipe so it was great for a party or potluck. Now the 3 of us are tequila people so this year is going to about the Hallow-rita for us- traditional margarita with a splash of orange juice to make it orange, and a black salt rim.  I also saw a recipe the other day for a apple cider Moscow Mule and that is on my list as well. The apple cider and ginger beer would make a good non alcoholic option also!

For a non-alcoholic version, you can make an orange party punch and float some black plastic spiders inside, or freeze spiders in ice cube trays (boil the water first so the ice is clear) and float those in. Super cute! You can always have some vodka next to it for adults to pour into their drink if they want…but the base will be friendly for all guests, kids included.

Caramel Apple Cider Sangria: Great big batch cocktail!
Cheers, mamas! You got this!

Q: I have to bring something to a Halloween potluck party prior to trick or treating and I want to make it the day before with my toddler. Both days are working days and I’m super pressed for time. What can we make that’s fun for us both and will keep for 24 hours and in the car.

A: There is the cutest veggie pumpkin I saw on Pinterest, here is a picture of the pumpkin! They did carrots and orange bell peppers in the shape of a pumpkins, then cucumber for the stem, and black olives for the eyes and mouth. It was really adorable and little ones would have a blast helping design the pumpkin! You could keep a dip in a cooler or pick one up on the way to the party also depending on how long it’ll be sitting in the car.

Most all dessert are easily to make ahead. You could do bark which is melted chocolate with toppings sprinkled on top- like chocolate with oreo crumbs and chopped up Halloween candy, or candy eyes! Cupcakes with spider web frosting is fun and kids would love helping with that, you could also just make cupcakes and get some cute toppers on amazon or etsy to jazz them up! Rice crispy treats are also fun to make with kids and can easily be kept in the car. You can do regular rice krispies, mix in rainbow for monsters, or chocolate ones and drizzle with white chocolate like a mummy! You can use a cookie cutter to but into a shape, or decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. SO many possibilities with rice krispies!

Halloween themed snack mix is also fun- think chex mix with cheese its or another orange cracker and candy corn mixed in

Q: I would love to have a tradition around our dinner meal on Halloween, for instance, my mom always made a stew that cooked in the oven all day. My kids don’t like stew so looking for another “fall-ish” meal for our Halloween tradition. Suggestions?

A: I love this question! I’m so glad you asked it. I love the idea of having a traditional meal…and to be honest, having a traditional meal makes things easier! Every Halloween I know I’m going to have x so it’s planned ahead and done. I love when things like that happen. I also like the excitement of looking forward to that meal! Growing up it wasn’t necessarily a meal, but my mom would always have white cheddar popcorn and apple cider on the stove waiting for us when we got home from trick or treating. To this day, it is not Halloween without either of those things!

So dinner ideas. The Halloween Celebration Guide has a bunch of fun easy food ideas like jack-o-lantern quesadillas and mummy dogs, but something cozy is also nice on Halloween night. Chili is usually a crowd pleaser, and easy because you can set it and forget it, which is nice when Halloween falls on a weekday! I love the idea of a nacho bar with queso because it’s orange…and also everyone gets to choose what they want. It’s easy to prep ahead of time- chicken or beef in the crock or Instant pot, melt the cheese, make the guac. All simple things, a lot of which the kids can help with. I’ve also done sweet potato nachos before with the kids and it’s been fun and healthier than chips! I just buy the wedges in the frozen section for a shortcut and then build on those as I would chips.

Butternut squash lasagna or mac is fun and themed also! I make homemade mac and cheese with butternut squash or pumpkin puree in the cheese sauce instead of milk or cream and it’s delicious and makes the sauce even more orange! You can put the mac in a hollowed out pumpkin or a clear bowl you a face on with sharpie and have pumpkin mac!

Another cute one I’ve seen, but haven’t done, is stuffed peppers. Get the orange ones and carve a little face on the front like a jack o lantern then stuff them with whatever recipe you like and top with cheese! Yum and how cute!

Jack o’ Lantern Quesadillas
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese Cups

Easy and Fun Halloween Activities

Q: I signed up for an activity for my son’s kindergarten party. Do you have some ideas on what I could bring?

A: I love this question! So I was a 2nd grade teacher before I decided to stay home with Evie, and the school Halloween party was one of my absolute favorite days. I always made it a Mad Scientist themed party and focused on fun, kind of spooky and maybe a little gross science experiments. I had students make their own play-doh (which then turned into an independent activity they could keep in their cubbies to do when they finished work. That was always a hit. Here’s a recipe for no cook play-doh. I had a group help out at a time, so think stations. 5 kids help make the play-doh (one dumps, one stirs, one rolls, etc., and then each leave with a little baggie of it. You can do pumpkin scented, glittery, orange, be creative and have fun with it! Slime or GAK is also a blast!

Punchboards are also a genius school party activity. I have a tutorial and supply list in my Halloween Celebration Guide but basically you just fill plastic cups with a treat or prize, cover the opening with tissue paper, then glue to cup onto tagboard in the shape of your choice. I’ve done a pumpkin, a ghost and have even had clients of mine do these for their birthday parties like rainbow and Lego theme- super fun and a total hit!

Target has a witch hat ring toss game (affiliate link ) that is super affordable and fun. It’s basically black cones and plastic rings so you could totally DIY, but my kids are obsessed and play it constantly. We just got our decor down and they immediately grabbed it, set it up and played for a long time! And they were independent! It was amazing.

All of these are great options for school parties, but also play dates and just to do at home for some new activity ideas also! 

Making slime and enjoying the ghost punchboard! Two super simple activities that are guaranteed hits!

Q: How can you best do Halloween when you are on the road/vacation!

A: Great question and now I’m totally curious as to where you are going to be! The good news is that regardless of where you’ll be, they will be celebrating also! I’d call ahead to where you are going and ask if they do any sort of trick or treating, or know of a nearby place that is. Often times outdoor malls and shopping centers do trick or treating!

If you don’t want to bother with Halloween on your trip, then celebrate early! Depending on how old your kid is, they most likely won’t know any different. Have a fun themed dinner, make some treats, and do a trick or treat scavenger hunt around your house or yard. Think Easter egg hunt but with candy. You and your partner (invite grandparents/family members too!) could also take turns standing in doorways of rooms and he could go from room to room trick or treating! If you really wanted to, and knew your neighbors, you could just ask them if they wouldn’t mind answering the door a couple days before Halloween so your kiddo can have the real experience. People love little kids and want to see them in their costumes having fun, so I’m pretty sure they would love it…and it would only be a couple houses and then you’re done! 

Q: I’d love ideas or items to give out to the adults who are trick or treating with their kids too.

A: You are very sweet, first of all. I’ll admit, this never really occurred to me until you asked! The first thing that came to mind were hand warmers, because in Seattle, it can be chilly trick or treating! I was also thinking that dinner can be super rushed before trick or treating, especially if it’s a week day like this year, so a snack may be nice. I’m betting they didn’t eat a lot in the mad dash to get ready so a bag of cheez-its or popcorn would be nice! Even a granola bar! How cute could it be to have a crock pot with apple cider next to your candy bucket to offer the adults when you open the door as well? Super easy because the crock pot keeps it warm, then you just offer them a paper cup and I’m sure they’d be thrilled. If you really love your neighbors…a little airplane size bottle of an adult beverage may be a fun little surprise also, but again, know your audience before you do this! ? 


My Halloween Celebration Guide! This guide is FULL of easy but memorable ideas to make this Halloween extra special this year. Decor, treat ideas, menu plans, activities, and more are all waiting for you!

Download Your Halloween Celebration Guide!

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