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Episode 69: How to Clear the Clutter and Live in an Organized Sanctuary with Elise Hay

January 19, 2020

Raise your hands if your house is exactly how you want it to be? No? Yeah, let’s change that! Elise Hay, founder of Organized Sanctuaries is here to help us clear the emotional and physical clutter when it comes to our homes so we can live in our own sanctuaries. Calm, efficient, happy. Ready to […]

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Raise your hands if your house is exactly how you want it to be? No? Yeah, let’s change that! Elise Hay, founder of Organized Sanctuaries is here to help us clear the emotional and physical clutter when it comes to our homes so we can live in our own sanctuaries. Calm, efficient, happy. Ready to clear the clutter and feel like you can breathe again? Me too!

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Meet Your New Organized Bestie, Elise!

Seattle mom, Elise Hay, is the founder of Organized Sanctuaries. She believes an organized home is about making physical changes that allow you and your family members to focus on what’s important: the people and belongings that bring meaning to your life, without the distraction of unneeded clutter. She really has a talent for making spaces functional and CALM, helping you design your own personal sanctuary and I can’t wait for you guys to hear her tips on doing so in your own homes!

What is the Emotional Benefits of Clearing the Clutter?

Why do we want this reset? Especially in this time of year, we are hellbent on making changes. But why? Why are we hanging on to things? Why can’t we keep the routines and habits in place? There is a root cause of these emotional blocks and that is what I think is fascinating, and that’s something that individuals need to take some time to dive deeper into a figure out for themselves!

Saves Time

You know where things are and you don’t waste time looking for them!

Saves Money

You don’t buy extra things when you see what you have! It’s very clear when you have an inventory of pantry items, for example, so you know exactly what you have which makes the overbuying unnecessary!

Teaches us to Focus on What Matters

What is the value we are placing on our boundaries? Let your belongings give YOU purpose, and if they don’t do that for you, time to pass them along!

Yeah…But I Have Kids #chaos

Teaching children to take care of their belongings and respecting the space around them is a huge gift, and one of the best lesson’s we can give them as parents. We start by teaching them that not everything has a value and not everything has to have a yes associated with them. The value may have passed on that item already, or the value was had in creating the item, or the value isn’t for us anymore, but it is for someone else!

My biggest takeaway from this part of my conversation with Elise was about the art projects. I have a crafter/creator in my house as well, and I loved the question of placing the value on things. The process of painting and enjoying the time creating is the value sometimes and it’s okay to say goodbye to the creation because the value has passed already. Love this respectful taking ownership for kids.

Love this concept when it comes to purging also. Asking them about the value- did we get our value out of this already? Could someone else find more value in this than we can right now? Could be a great approach for those that are having a hard time saying goodbye to some of their belongings!

I Love This…But Where Am I Going to Find the Time to Make These Changes?

Where’s the area we can get the most bang for our buck? Starting to calm the clutter starts where?

Walk through your house.

Whats the flow? How do you use the space? Where are the sticky points? The challenging moments that trip up the day for you and your family?

Think about vertical space! Hooks, wall pockets, wall organizers, etc. Also, your house needs step stools if you have kids. It gives them independence and teaching them how to put things away. Everyone needs to be in charge of their own stuff, and sometimes littles just need a tiny bit of a step up in order to do this!

The end goal- make your house work for you. If you need the do a little up front work here and there to work your way up to a calm, efficient space, then commit to it. In the end, your space will be saving you time and crazy headspace so it’s still a total win! Start small, one step then another and see what happens! Nothing to lose…other than some junk and clutter you don’t need ?

How Can We Make This a Habit?

Think of a space where you have excess stuff. Kid’s bedrooms being a big one. Keep a bin in their closet and anything they’ve outgrown or notice is too small, goes right in the bin. Once the bin is full, you drive it right to Goodwill. Love this idea for toys too! Have a bin in their playroom that’s the go away bin. When they come across a toy they don’t want or really play with anymore, they can put it right in that bin, it’s full and you go donate. Done and done!

Trash bin by the art table. GENIUS. Scraps, non valued pieces, etc. go right in the trash rather than staying on the table or schlepping to the trash can in the other room (ha- that’ll never happen!)

Anything that is kid height, kid friendly, and SIMPLE helps make habits stick. Simplify their choices so they don’t have to work or think so hard, it just becomes second nature! Elise’s example of cereal, bowls and spoons was so great! One place to go for independent breakfast, no questions asked!


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Professional organizer, Elise Hay with Organized Sanctuaries, helps families clear the clutter and make their homes functional, calm, and enjoyable on the Memories in Moments podcast.

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  1. This is such a great episode with so many easy ideas for busy moms to implement!

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