Episode 3: Connecting With Your Kids At School with Laura Orlando

Memories in Moments

October 12, 2019

Laura Orlando, a teacher mom of 3 and the brains behind The SchoolHouse Site, is full of ways to ensure parents are connecting with their kids during the school day…one lunchbox at a time!

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Meet Laura Orlando!  

Laura is a teacher mom of 3 (superwoman!), and the creator of The Schoolhouse Site!  She is on a mission to help parents feel involved with their kid’s school lives through connecting with them and their teachers during the day.  She is in incredible resource, and her blog is filled with tips and ideas on helping us do this! Laura has also launched a new product, which is beyond brilliant, called The Creative Lunch Box! These boxes come with themed paper goods (i.e. napkins, treat bag, straws), a cookie cutter, and adorable themed notes to add to your kid’s lunchbox. The notes are different too- including prompts, jokes, blank ones, so you can use the one that fits yours needs on that day!

In this episode Laura shares…

-the story of how she started her blog

-How we can connect with our kids at school and why it is important

-How we can build a strong relationship with our kid’s teachers and nurture it throughout the year

-Ways we can help at school without physically being there all the time

-How we can connect with our kids and get them talking about school at the end of the day

Laura also has a free printable for getting to know your teachers a bit more too!  I told you she is full of resources! It helps learn his/her favorite things so you can grow your connection, and this also helps with teacher gifts! You can download it here!

Go Connect with Laura!

Blog: The SchoolHouse Site



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