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Episode 109: The Road to Roses with Desiree Siegfried

July 8, 2021

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! Where are my Bachelor Nation fans at?! In this episode of the Memories in Moments podcast we have Desiree Siegfried. Desiree was on The Bachelor in 2012 with Sean Lowe, and following that was the next Bachelorette where she found her now-husband Chris Siegfried. Meet Desiree Desiree is […]

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Where are my Bachelor Nation fans at?! In this episode of the Memories in Moments podcast we have Desiree Siegfried. Desiree was on The Bachelor in 2012 with Sean Lowe, and following that was the next Bachelorette where she found her now-husband Chris Siegfried.

Meet Desiree

Desiree is a PNW mama, like me. She, Chris, and their two adorable little boys live just outside of Portland. She is a wedding dress designer, host of Heart of Purpose Podcast, and recently named author of The Road to Roses. 

Prior to being on the Bachelor, Desiree had moved from Orange County to LA and for a whole year was living a life feeling like a lost soul. Her roommate had been watching the Bachelorette, and as Desiree explained:

“I never really watched a full season, maybe only a few episodes here and there. However, it looked awesome, you get to travel, and there are all these guys vying for your heart! And, I thought, “What the heck!”

Desiree had then started her first season with The Bachelor and a few weeks after being eliminated was called to be the next Bachelorette. She shares that she knew she needed the break from the emotional stress of the show, but in the back of her mind, it was something she knew she would do if she was called.

During her time on first season of being on The Bachelor, Desiree was very guarded. After being hurt in a previous relationship, it took her a while to open up and see if Sean was the right guy for her. She had a lot of doubt and questions and as she explains:

“I’m not the one to fall quickly for someone and with multiple girls involved and him not being able to share his feelings it really just didn’t work for me.”

When it became Desiree’s turn to be The Bachelorette she was able to be a lot more aware of the guy’s feelings. And, as an empath she really cared for how they each felt, however, in turn as being the lead on the show it made the decision that much more difficult as she would shy the focus away from her feelings and lean into what the guys were feeling.

Ultimately, it was all worked out in the end, but it did make things harder for her to be on that side.

“When Chris came out, he was super clean cut and super perfect,” Desiree said.  She shared that she wanted to get to know him more, he was super cute, and handsome, but I was curious and at the time felt very weird.

Desiree explained “when you look in hindsight, you’re like, whoa, like that was my old self just diving in because you want the attention from the person who’s not giving it. Whereas Chris was this solid rock that was so steady, so confident and it was different from anything I ever experienced.”

She shared that she didn’t feel the need to impress him and he didn’t need to impress me and this is how a relationship should be.

Being a sensitive person these experiences affected Desiree as a whole, and sometimes not in a positive manner. She shares how it affected her headspace and her mental health as a whole. These situations can be very damaging when you are constantly in an environment where there is negativity. 

The journey of being a part of the Bachelor Nation has lead Desiree to writing her first book, a memoir, titled The Road to Roses where she shares her journey through The Bachelor to becoming the Bachelorette and everything in between along with becoming an entrepreneur, her path as a mother, and so much more. 

You can find Desiree and everything you need to know about her podcast and book at www.desireesiegfried.com and connect with her on gram @desireesiegfried!

And BUY THE BOOK! Grab The Road to Roses and get all the juicy deets!

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