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Episode 75: Mom, What’s For Dinner? with Krista Moreland

March 5, 2020

Health coach and Arizona mom of 3, Krista Moreland, is here to help us answer one of the most asked questions in our house…”MOM! What’s for dinner?!” How many times do you think we’ve been asked that in our parenting career? 100? 100,000? Krista is here give us some easy meal prep tips and kid […]

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Health coach and Arizona mom of 3, Krista Moreland, is here to help us answer one of the most asked questions in our house…”MOM! What’s for dinner?!” How many times do you think we’ve been asked that in our parenting career? 100? 100,000? Krista is here give us some easy meal prep tips and kid approved dinner ideas for those of us on the go!

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Meet Your Newest Mom Friend, Krista!

Anyone else’s body change after kids?? Uh hello, obviously, right?!

I didn’t necessarily have a ton of body image/weight issues after kids, part of that being me not eating my whole pregnancy due to barfing, BUT I had a ton of skin and dietary changes that came out of nowhere. All of a sudden my skin was going haywire and eczema was taking over. It was SO itchy and uncomfortable, not to mention ugly. I tried every single cream on the market, nothing was happening and then it dawned on me that it could be related to my diet.

Well, I was right. Dairy hates me…and gluten isn’t my friend either (although I love it more than anything so it’s a very one sided relationship!).

A lot of times when we are experiencing these areas of discomfort, or mystery illnesses, diet plays such an integral part in this.

And what is one of the biggest areas of our diet that take up a ton of time and effort but is crucial to our family’s health and reconnection? DINNER!

Mom’s Influence

Guess what? I’m the one thinking of dinner…planning it, buying it and making it. So I’m going to eat with works best for my body and health, and the benefits get passed onto my family.

Our influence is the heart of our family’s habits. I can’t teach them what I don’t know. It starts with us wanting to do our best and feeling like we could do a bit better in an area of life. Healthy dinner options being one of these habits. If we can’t navigate our own health and diet, how do we expect our kids to do this?

So Mom…What’s For Dinner?

What usually happens when we get asked this question? Crickets a lot of the time! Well…what do you want?

No more of that. That takes up way too much time and energy. If we don’t know the answer to that question, we need to figure out a process that’ll help us answer it quickly. And you know that I’m alllll about those systems and routines to making our lives easier!

Step #1: Set a time on your calendar where you are going to think about your family’s meals for the week

Step #2: Get buy in from your family- they need to be part of this process

This is a time where your kids can have their opinions, make choices and be part of the discussion. This also helps with the surprise attacks of dinner. They have a clear expectation that something is coming and if they don’t like it, they can suggest something to have with the meal that they will enjoy.

Once you start this process, you also have more ideas in your backpocket

Your Nutritional Blueprint

Whenever we build something, we want a solid plan. Something to follow as we do something new or make a change. The blueprint lays that foundation for their approach to food as they continue to grow and become more aware of their choices. Treats are great, but not the norm. Outside parameter of the grocery store is where we try to shop most. We choose vegetables because….Carbs give our body energy so some carbs we can choose are…These habits start to become ingrained in them without them even realizing it!

Meal Planning

Sit down on your scheduled date and decide on 3 proteins for the week. Crock pot chicken, defrosting shrimp and sausage, for example. Then bulk cook the proteins and they can turn into all the meals for the week.

Crock pot chicken (9 breasts): chicken burrito bowls, pulled BBQ sandwiches, tacos, soup

Shrimp (double batch): for rice, salad, pasta, plain

Sausage: pizza night, breakfast for dinner, burritos

Don’t do all your meal planning once. Start with the meal you need most help with, or the one that’s most important to you, then get in that routine and then add another meal like breakfast or whatever.

Krista’s Favorite Family Dinner

Protein Mac and Cheese in the Instant Pot

16 oz Barilla Protein Pasta

4c water

2tsp salt

8 oz fat-free evaporated milk

4 oz fat-free half n half

7 oz of sharp cheddar

Directions: Add pasta to the instant pot, close and set to high pressure for 4 min. Quick-release. Set to saute add all the other ingredients and stir until thickened and immediately remove and eat!



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