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Episode 63: Wrapped and Done By December One with Ashley Carbonatto

November 19, 2019

PNW mom and blogger, Ashley Carbonatto of Design Style Purpose is sharing her number one tip for beating the holiday stress this year so you can fully be present and enjoy the magic the holidays bring! I’ve got one favor to ask…listen to this episode with an open mind and take away one thing to try […]

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PNW mom and blogger, Ashley Carbonatto of Design Style Purpose is sharing her number one tip for beating the holiday stress this year so you can fully be present and enjoy the magic the holidays bring! I’ve got one favor to ask…listen to this episode with an open mind and take away one thing to try this season! I believe in you, mama!

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Seattle mom blogger and Memories in Moments fan favorite, Ashley Carbonatto, is back and we’re dishing about the holidays! Ashley has a way of coming on and talking about things that instantly make me want to say no. It makes me wonder if you ever think that with some of the ideas I share on the show?? One her last appearance, Ashley was talking about tackling summer boredom, allowing our kids to be bored without cruise directing them and then encouraging us to try screen-free summers. That’s the one that made me nervous and I’m sure you can relate!

So here she is again sharing something that totally makes me a little skeptical but also makes me feel like its the total dream and #momgoals that I’m going to work my way up to. On this episode, Ashley is discussing how to be WRAPPED AND DONE BY DECEMBER ONE! What. How can I even wrap my head around that?! And before you freak out and leave…we’re sharing some ways that we can ease into this and give you some starting points that you can easily accomplish even if you don’t go big or go home quite yet! We also talk about one of the ways her and her tribe give back during the season and I love, love, love it so much and you will too!

Here We Go…Wrapped and Done by December One!

Ashley says this mindset is her actual key to success when it comes to rocking the holidays as a busy mom. After being left out of a wrapped and done party one year, she decided to host her own and it’s been a tradition thats stuck ever since! She invites her girlfriends over, they wrap the night away and all leave checking shopping and wrapping off their lists!

What happens if you aren’t done? Bring what you have! Show up as you are, bring your stockings, Christmas cards, whatever you want to get a little head start, or help a sister out and be the wrapping helper! Under the tree by December 3 also has a great ring to it!

So why does this help…rather than put more stress on us?

Zero stress throughout the season on leaving gift to the last minute, more intentional gift giving and buying less because you are getting it done ahead of time, and you are able to be more present in celebrating all the fun things that happen with your family during the holiday! Doesn’t checking this all off early sound so damn good? It’s like a dream!

Your challenge? Try it. What do you have to lose? You either check something off your list early, or you leave it all to the last minute. Either way it’s getting done…so why not try something new and see what happens?

For me, I am committing to stockings being done by December 1. That is manageable with my current schedule and will feel so good to check off! Maybe yours are teacher gifts, Christmas cards, extended family gifts, whatever. But can you have something done before the holidays to release a bit of tension? I believe in you! Be sure to tell Ashley (@ashleydsp) and I (@allisoncartercelebrates) on Instagram what it is that you are committing to having done by December 1! Then each your you can do a little more and a little more to work your way up to total completion! That’s my plan!

Also, remember when we talked about Mommy Burnout with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler? One of the number one ways to relieve that stress and get a boost for your burnout is going out and being in community with your girlfriends! So getting together with them and doing something productive…that is such a total win and actually really benefitting your overall health!

Giving Circles

This is another cool thing Ashley does with a group of women as a way to give back to the community in a BIG way! You grab your people- a group, moms group, church, etc. and set a number to give. Everyone gives that number and you are able to then give a larger amount, usually much more than you are able to give on your own, to an organization thats meaningful to the group!

Ashley was able to pool a large amount of money and do a big give to help foster care on a National level and that impact that money will make it huge!

So how can we get started on a smaller scale? Talk to your friends/family about a cause that is important to you? Why? Then decide on a number everyone is committed to giving. Celebrate the impact that check will make to the group!

Don’t have a group that would be into starting your own Giving Circle? Look up 100 Women Who Care. It’s a national organization with local chapters. You go with $100 and get presented by 3 nonprofits and collectively you choose, and in one hour, you raise $10,000 for a community in need. Obsessed.

What about involving kids?

Involve them in these discussions. Include them in the discussions and be open about why the organization or community you choose needs help. Find local organizations where they are able to help kids like them so they can relate on a more realistic level as well. Have them go shopping with you to buy the presents, have them play a part in choosing the organization for the giving circle and giving reasons. They get and understand a lot more than we give them credit for so try and be open and honest with them this holiday season!

Ashley uses the a separated piggy bank– which has a save, spend and give option. Great Christmas gift for anyone listening!

Top 3 Take Aways

  1. Write down your intentional gift giving this year- no more wandering around grabbing things
  2. Do as much as you can in community- involve your friends, make it a girls night, gather and get it down!
  3. Choose something to be done with completely by December One…or December 3! One big ticket item…done!


Blog: Design Style Purpose

How to Host a Wrap Party Blog Post



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Holidays stressing you out? Beat the stress this year and get everything done by Demember one! Mom blogger, Ashley Carbonatto, is here with her top tips.

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