Episode 17: 5 Favorite Easy Christmas Traditions

Memories in Moments

October 15, 2019

I’m sharing my 5 favorite easy Christmas traditions with you in this episode! I also discuss a bit about why setting the groundwork for these memories and traditions is important and appreciated, even if our kids aren’t showing it right now!

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Let’s Chat Christmas Traditions!

On this episode of the Memories and Moments podcast I’m sharing my 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions (spoiler alert they are super easy and barely require prep!). I am also addressing why I value creating memories and traditions with my family so much. I was asked the question, “why bother if they won’t remember or show they care anyway?” and it made me stop and think through some of these things. I kept coming back to, they are listening and they are remembering even if they don’t know how to show it yet. I can ask Evie about something we did and she’ll tell me all about it…even if I remember it being a bust. She has excitment in her voice and that’s what matters to me. In no way am I doing these things and making memories a priority to prove something to someone. The experiences and moments I think of and create give me joy, and they bring my family joy, and that’s important to me. I want them to look back and be proud of their childhoods and of their mom who did what she could in the time that she had to make it magical for them. 

So my advice is to start. Just try something and see what happens. Do it again, and you’ve got yourself a tradition. It’s that simple. Challenge, accepted!

My 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions

1. Christmas Pajamas and a Book

2. Elf on the Shelf with a Kindness Twist

3. Christmas Lights and Community Events

4. Cookie Party (adults only!)

5. Christmas Morning

To see the full run down of these traditions and see some of my family’s holiday pictures, head on over to my blog post where each are outlined!


My Holiday Family Traditions Guide is ready and waiting for you! It is filled with every little moment, tradition, experience, and activity I do, did in my own childhood, or plan to do during the holiday season with my kids. I outline these all start to finish, encouraging you and setting your mind as ease when it comes to creating a magical season. This is a guide you’ll look back on year after year as you continue to create lifelong holiday memories and traditions with your loved ones. 

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