Episode 106: Becoming a Mom Through Egg Donation with Dani Repsch

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Meet Your New IG Bestie, Dani!

Danielle is a native Canadian, who has been married to her Coast Guard husband for a little over 5 years and mama to 19 month year old Nathan! The family of three lives on a 56 acre hay farm in Canada!

Dani and her husband Dave got married at 26 and were ready and wanting to start a family right away. After 3 ½ years of trying and 5 IUI’s they still hadn’t gotten pregnant, and at this point Danielle said doctors started to take them seriously into looking at what the problem could be.

Danielle and Dave fall into a large category of people diagnosed as “unexplained fertility”.

Continuing on the journey Danielle did 3 round of IVF and still was unable to get pregnant, and so decided to go the route of trying to use donor eggs.

After two attempts and two different donors Danielle got pregnant with Nathan as well as 4 healthy embryos that are frozen for future transfers.

Danielle said she is often asked how she feels looking back about using donor eggs, and she said without a doubt she has no regrets

When it comes to how this journey affects your marriage Dani had  few tips:

  1. Remember you are on the same team

2. Go through the process together as much as possible

3. Communicate as open and check in on each other

Danielle used Donor Egg Bank USA  to get her donor eggs, because in Canada it is illegal to pay for someone’s eggs you have to have them donated to you. This was shocking to me!

Dani’s top tip when looking at donors and trying to pick, is to determine a few things that are most important to you and look for those in your donor

As a recipient of a donor egg you are not just an “oven” you are doing all of the work of growing your child and that is so beautiful and special!

Finding a sense of community is so important! So you can realize that you are not alone in this journey and that there are people who can understand what you are going through so you don’t feel alone.

Number one piece of mom advice: You know your child best! You know best and you do you when it comes to your children!


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