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Episode 34: Bringing the Fun and Silly Back to Family Game Night

October 15, 2019

Meghan and Christine, the mamas behind my family’s favorite game, Silly Street, are here to talk all about the importance of family game night, how Silly Street is helping build character and empathy skills, and the impact being present and playing with our kids is having on kids all over the world.  Listen below or […]

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Meghan and Christine, the mamas behind my family’s favorite game, Silly Street, are here to talk all about the importance of family game night, how Silly Street is helping build character and empathy skills, and the impact being present and playing with our kids is having on kids all over the world. 

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher!

Meet Meghan and Christine, the Silliest Moms on the Street!

Meghan and Christine are friends and sister in-laws, and the creators of my family’s favorite games, Silly Street and Animal Act! When I say favorite, I mean. The kids are obsessed with Silly Street, and Ryan and I love playing too! I bought the kids Silly Street as a Christmas present, but one night we were having one of those crazy nights where we just needed to all calm down. I ran upstairs to grab something new out of the Christmas gift closet (we all have one of those right ?), and Silly Street was the first thing I saw. We opened it up and started setting up the game, and I immediately knew that a mom was behind this game. The flat pieces, the massive puzzle game board, and the cards giving kids a chance to practice character building and creative skills…I knew a mom created this, and I had to know who she was. Lucky for me (and you, sweet listener!), it was TWO moms and they agreed to be guests on the podcast the next day! 

In this Memories in Moments podcast episode, we’re talking all about the importance of family game night, how Silly Street is helping build character and empathy skills, and the impact being present and playing with our kids is having on kids all over the world. Meghan and Christine share some really cool stories and I can’t WAIT for you to meet them and then get your hands on your own Silly Street! I promise it’ll quickly become your family’s favorite game also!

I Need These Games in My Family’s Life! 

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Silly Street

Animal Acts

The Story Behind Silly Street

When their oldest boys were younger, they were leaving play-based preschool and going into more of a traditional school setting. They loved and wanted to play games, but had a hard time finding ones that were engaging and teaching their kids something of value. Between the shift of play making them uncomfortable and wanting their kids to feel confident,  brave, creative and build those skills, they weren’t seeing a lot of resources, so in true mom fashion, they decided to create their own. They wanted something engaging, that gives them an opprotunity to move their body and be creative, and to make a game that is new and different each time you play. Hello, Silly Street!

Fun Fact! Meghan is the master artist behind the adorable illustrations of Silly Street!

How to Play

Silly Street is the best because the play starts the second you open the box! The game board is a puzzle that you put together, getting their bodies and minds calmer and focused. The pieces are wood and flat (no knocking over!). The board is a pathway from start to finish on the illustrated board, that comes into play during certain cards.

The players choose a card when it’s their turn and tells them to do something. It can be a finding something on the board card (find something on the board that swims), a dramatic play card (roar like a lion) , telling a story card, character building cards, (tell us 3 things you’re grateful for), challenging another player cards (flamingo challenge- Evie’s favorite!), among others. The player follows the directions on the card and moves the amount of spaces it says after completing it.

Things I love about the game: it’s always new, the whole family can play and enjoy the game, it teaches my kids something valuable!

The App

The app was created for 2 reasons: to keep the game fresh and new, and to create an app for kids they were comfortable with. 

Being moms, they did a lot of research on digital wellness for kids before building the app. They wanted an experience kids could play alone or with others (up to 6 real people- not virtual), give them a chance to interact with the environment around them like they would the board game, and have a game that was short enough for kids to consciously make a decision to keep playing or to go play something else (great for parents wanting to limit also!).  

Animal Act

Adaptability, creativity and bravery- that’s the goal of this fun game centered around dramatic play! For Animal Act, you roll a die and move around the board. The space you land on tells you what you need to do with the card you draw. Maybe your card has a shark on it and you need to either act out, sing about, describe, etc. the thing on your card. This really gets kids to think creatively and outside the box when trying to get someone else to guess without necessarily using their words! This one is a little challenging for Hudson (almost 3) because he just says the item thats on the card, but Evie (almost 6) really enjoys playing!

Silly Street at School

One of the things I found fascinated and really encouraging actually was how many teachers and schools were using Silly Street! It’s on recess carts, used as free choice time, and Meghan and Christine have developed some resources for teachers to use in the classroom around the ideas on building character skills and teaching empathy. 

Kids can also play the app together in groups! Animal Acts is also the perfect group game that kids would love to play at school that teaches them a lot of different skills, and piggy backs on a lot of literacy skills being taught in the classroom.

Knowing how great this game is for kids, I think this would be the PERFECT gift for teacher appreciation! It’s SO fun and teachers are always looking for fun, fresh resources that they don’t necessarily have the funds to purchase themselves.

Go connect with Meghan and Christine and say Hi!




The Silly Street App

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