Episode 36: Nailing Down Your Party Style with Catherine Hildner

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Catherine of Kitty Meow Boutique, and I are going to teach you how to confidently identify your unique party style. Party planning and hosting can be totally overwhelming. Catherine has such a distinct voice and style that she not only brings to her parties, but to her life, and she is the perfect person to speak to you about how to step into your own style!

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Meet, Catherine Hildner, Mom of Two and Founder of Kitty Meow Boutique!

I am SO excited to introduce you to Catherine Hildner! Catherine and I met at Alt Summit. I was eating breakfast by myself and of course was eavesdropping on conversations…you may not know this about me, but I am like a 5 year old at restaurants. I am very social and extraverted, so I am constsantly looking around and listening in on people’s conversations. It’s not the best habit, drives my husband nuts. Anywho, I’m SO glad I did this with Catherine and her friend Nicole though because I met two rad chicks who I actually followed on social and was excited to meet!

Catherine is the creator, designer and heart and soul behind Kitty Meow Boutique. At Kitty Meow you can shop beautifully designed paper & party goodies based on your mood, witty or sweet. Whether you’re looking for something witty and even a little rude, or prefer sweet sentiments, she’s got you. You can snag these products on the KMB site or at an ever expanding list of retail shops. Catherine is also a wife, momma to two gorgeous little ladies, anchor-loving philanthropist, and self-proclaimed Customer Service Queen. She’s dedicated to bringing a little personality to the party and sharing what she knows with other creatives. 

In this episode, Catherine and I are going to teach you how to confidently identify your unique party style. We know that party planning and hosting can be totally overwhelming. Catherine has such a distinct voice and style that she not only brings to her parties, but to her life, and she is the perfect person to speak to you about how to step into your own style! We talk about parties for sure in this episode, but we also talk a lot about confidence in general, the feeling we want to give our families with celebrations, and why it’s important to find your voice and style!

 Catherine also is being CRAZY GENEROUS and giving my listeners $10 to spend in her shop…with NO minimum! How fun is that! Just use code: ALLISONCELEBRATES at checkout! ? 

So What is Party Style?

Well, what is more important to you? For both Catherine and I, it’s the feeling our guests have when they come over and then have when they reflect on the experience of the celebration. We want them to feel special and honored. Remember, these parties and celebrations are gifts you are giving. You are gifting your people with a cherished experience. I want them to leave every single event of mine thinking, “that was such an Allison party” or “I always enjoy myself at Allison’s parties.” The feeling they leave with is a signature of an event of mine. This is also important for you! What do you want to feel at every party? Your signature shouldn’t be overwhelm. It should be warm and fuzzy and happy because you enjoyed celebrating with your loved ones.

The biggest compliment for both of us is that our guests enjoyed themselves and are walking away with a happy memory. That is the marker for a successful party for me. So how can I weave this into my style? They leave being surrounded by kind people, they eat good food, there is always dessert, a cocktail will always be present, decor that is interesting to look at. All of those things make up my personal party style.

Little details that capture our own personalities weaved in with the guest of honor’s is the sweet spot.

Focusing on this mindset, of gifting your guests with an experience (rather than what we want our old high school friends to see on IG) takes a ton of the pressure off as well. It’s a lot less overwhelming to focus on honoring the person or occasion than it is to stress about the decor, baked goods, or activities. So this is not a visual aspect of “party style” in the way you’d think, but this is literally the core and essential to every.single.party or celebration you host. Just trust me on this, it’s a game changer!

Where to Start

With your own personality! Focus on one detail and expand on that. That one detail actually gives you a lot of direction (I.e. texture, color, guests, etc.) Catherine talked about a baby shower she helped plan and design, and decided to switch it up with a special little detail that her friend was loving- baby leather jackets. She had a little leather jacket on the invite, a cool black flower crown for the mom, and really leaned into the edgy theme of the shower. It was unique and fun and totally spoke to both Catherine and the mama to be’s personalities!

I shared a story about a party I planned for my girlfriend, Nicole’s, birthday. She had a newborn baby on her 30th so she really wanted to do something fun for her 31st as a little do over. I created a Let’s Get Nauti Party Plan for her and she LOVED it! It had tons of plays of words (one of my signatures), but with fun/easy decor and cute cocktail ideas. So many fun ideas that I knew would speak directly to Nicole, but it also had my style and personality behind it. A perfect marriage!

Try it! Identity who or what the party is for…and then zone in on one little detail that you can bring to life that will make you happy…but also them smile because it makes them feel seen!

Your Must Haves List

I tell the moms I work with to make their must haves list before they start any party or celebration you are about to host. These are the non negotionables that you definitely want at your party.

My Must Haves:

  • Unique decor
  • baked goods (outsourced!)
  • cocktails

Every single party that you come to at my house, you will see some spin on decor to make it a little more fun and unique, a dessert table, and no matter what the occasion, adult beverages. My friends and family know and expect that now, which I love because it’s creating that style and signature!

Catherine loves having balloon garlands, having one designated area that she does up and really goes in with decorations, and then of course, printable and design elements. 


It stems back to stepping into who you are as a mom and woman. And also, why we are having this event or celebration in the first place. We’re creating a moment and experience for our loved ones, and we’re doing it out of the goodness of our heart. It’s coming from a place of love and if we lead with that, the confidence starts to get a lot stronger.

Amazon Moms vs. Pinterest Moms

This is what helps me in situations where I’m feeling bad about myself or intimated over something. Every single one of us moms has some sort of Pinterest mom hiding inside them waiting to shine. My shines with parties, celebrations. and making memories with my family. Mine does NOT shine playing outside, playing at the park, or being messy. I want you to think about where yours shines, because you can step into that when it comes to hosting and play to those strengths. When we are doing something we like and feel good at, we are immediately more confident.

Where does your shine??? Comment below!!

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