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Episode 91: How to Get Back to Being the Fun Mom with Tabitha Cee

September 2, 2020

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! I am SO excited for you guys to get to know Alaskan born and raised, blogger, and mother of two Tabitha Cee! This week Tabitha and I are talking about all thing’s motherhood; the good, the bad and the ugly! Tabitha shares her tips […]

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Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher!

I am SO excited for you guys to get to know Alaskan born and raised, blogger, and mother of two Tabitha Cee! This week Tabitha and I are talking about all thing’s motherhood; the good, the bad and the ugly! Tabitha shares her tips and tricks for shifting your motherhood experience from negative to positive. We also dive into talking about routines and time management, specifically morning routines and block scheduling.

Taking on Motherhood 

Those of us who are mothers have all experienced the moment your life unfolds before your eyes when you find out you’re pregnant. This is such an exciting and life changing moment, almost like a fairytale!

But as you transition into the early years of motherhood it’s easy to lose that sparkle. Mundane tasks like changing diapers start to feel like such a struggle and mommy burnout begins!  Like so many other women, this is how Tabitha felt in her early years of motherhood. Feeling lost, but inspired, she decided to start a blog to journal her thoughts as a new mother and process pregnancy and early motherhood.

Over time, her blog turned into an opportunity to help her friends, build a community, and a space to talk about all things motherhood! Through her blog and time spent researching personal growth Tabitha began to see the wonderful and blissful parts of being a mother. She wanted to share this with other mothers so they could enjoy the early years of motherhood while they are still living it! 

Make Yourself a Priority

I think it’s so easy to believe that the more sacrifices you make the harder things are, the better mother you are. But this really isn’t the case ALL the time. Tabitha and I can both  agree that when we don’t allow ourselves to make US a priority, we become grumpy mothers. We start to focus on what’s hard instead of the joyful, easy, and fun things being a mother entails. 

Change Your Expectations

Big, big, big one! Erica and I talked a lot about this in the Monday Mantras episode. Oftentimes we can fall into the cycle of thinking we are ‘failing’. We all have so much on our plates.  It’s okay to prioritize certain things over others! It doesn’t mean you’re failing; instead you are allowing yourself to make a choice for your well being  and you should feel good about that. 

Look for the good

And be grateful for the GOOD things. When we put ourselves in this mindset life becomes so much more enjoyable.

Get creative with making things fun.

You guys know I am all about celebrating! 

Listen to your energy

We all know that being an adult comes with a lot of draining and mundane responsibilities. I absolutely love this one. If you don’t feel like cleaning out the pantry today don’t do it! Do it when it’s going to be fun for you. Thanks to Tabitha my new line is “my energy is not responding well to that!”

Routines, Routines, Routines!

Routines can be a double edge sword. Personally, I have always struggled to stick to a routine and oftentimes find myself feeling ‘beat’ by them.

Whether you struggle with routines like me or are a die hard routine mommy, Tabitha has some AMAZING tips for making your routines simple and flexible. We spent a lot of time talking about morning routines. So often how we start our day is how it winds up going. Forcing yourself to get out of bed or forcing yourself to get your routine done sets the tone for the day. Forcing yourself to get out of bed or start your routine WILL set the tone for the day. Instead, follow your energy, and allow your routine to be flexible in order to alleviate the pressure of sticking to a rigid plan. Here are three things Tabitha swears by to programing your mind for an awesome day!

Start your day proactive instead of reactive

Maybe try waking up 15 minutes before your kids. Use this time for YOU before the little ones need anything from you!

Refrain from checking your email or social media

Both are potential triggers of anxiety which is not the tone we want for our days!

Practice gratitude

Think of three things you are grateful for. Write them down or keep them in your mind. This is a great way to program yourself to see the good throughout your day.


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Tabitha Cee is on the Memories in Moments podcast with Allison Carter to share her tips for family routines and time management, specifically morning routines and block scheduling.

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