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Episode 102: My Wish for Every Mom This Holiday Season

December 17, 2020

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! This Holiday Season isn’t About the Kids…It’s About YOU. Listen, I am done feeling overwhelmed, not joyful and fed up with life. It’s not serving anyone and just constantly feels like a rut thats getting harder to climb out of. Yes, this season is different and yes, change […]

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Listen below or head on over to iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher!

This Holiday Season isn’t About the Kids…It’s About YOU.

Listen, I am done feeling overwhelmed, not joyful and fed up with life. It’s not serving anyone and just constantly feels like a rut thats getting harder to climb out of. Yes, this season is different and yes, change is hard. But that doesn’t mean that the whole thing is a waste we just need to close our eyes and power through.

If you asked me a year ago why I care about the holidays so much and about making these moments special and memorable, I probably would have told you it’s about the kids. I would have told you that my mom was a pro at making things magical for me and I have such vivid and powerful memories from my childhood, that I want to give that same experience to my children.

But this year? This year I’m thinking…well where the hell do I fit into that equation?

I want to have a magical holiday season also. I want to be excited and have anticipation for the fun things. Why do we have to lose that when we have kids? Why for some reason do we shift into work mode and stress and appearances/comparison of what we’re doing take over and all of a sudden we dread the holidays rather than look forward to them? It’s not fair and I’m not doing it this year.

This year, I am choosing what we’re doing because if I am not showing up happy, joyful and excited to be there, then no one is. Happy wife, happy life? Happy mom…we all get along?? 😉 Do I need to jam pack my schedule with every single activity we’ve ever done because that’s what we’re “supposed” to do for the holidays? No.

We as a family are sitting down and each choosing ONE thing that is important to us that we want to do to celebrate the holiday season this year. The thing that each of us find the most special and meaningful to us and we will all do it together. NOT everything. This is not the year for the activity advent. This is the year of simplifying and streamlining so we get to enjoy ourselves too.

So mama reading this. What do YOU want to do this season? What do you love most? What lights you up? What makes you show up, as your full engaged self, well? What’s the tradition or activity you love MOST about the holiday season that you want to do? Then guess what? Bless and release the rest. See ya next year, Polar Express Train. ✌?

Your kids are going to have a magical Christmas regardless. They could wake up to anything and be stoked. Christmas magic is 100% alive and well inside them. I am not worried in the least about them and their memories or perception of Christmas this year. I’m worried about you and your emotional health and you missing out on a season that should be magical because change sucks and the world is crumbling around us. We can find something to control, and something that brings us joy and happiness, and we can show up and spend some good times reconnecting with the ones that matter most in our life.

That we can do, and that is my Christmas wish for you this year, my sweet friend.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!

I’ll be back with new episodes starting mid January 2021!



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