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Episode 9: 5 Tips for Hosting a Rainy Day Party

October 14, 2019

You’ve got a party coming up…but dang it, it looks like it’s going to rain! Now what?! Today’s episode is full of tips and creative ideas for you to try when planning your next rainy day party!  Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! You’ve got a party coming up! But…dang it, it’s going to […]

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You’ve got a party coming up…but dang it, it looks like it’s going to rain! Now what?! Today’s episode is full of tips and creative ideas for you to try when planning your next rainy day party! 

Listen below or head on over to iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher!

You’ve got a party coming up! But…dang it, it’s going to be rainy. Now what?!

Today’s episode is all about what the heck to do when you have to host a rainy day indoor party. Maybe you are planning a party and rain surprise attacks you, or maybe your kiddo has a rainy season birthday and this is your reality every year. Regardless of the circumstance, I have tons of tips and creative ideas for you to try when planning your next rainy day party! 

I get asked about rainy day parties all the time. “Where do I host?”  “How do I fit people in my home without using my yard?” “Do I have to host at a kid’s play place?” These are all real questions I’ve gotten… and I bet you’ve wondered them before too! Heck rain even stresses me out and I do this for a job!

So the two things I hear from my tribe the most often are…

  1. I can’t host a party because my house is too small
  2. My house is NOT nice enough to have people over. I need a venue.

I get it. I hear you, and I’m here to help! I will preface this show and these show notes by saying that I am always in the camp of trying to make it work at your own home. I am a big fan of hosting a party at home because I like total control. I want to set the date and time that works for me, I want to serve whatever food and drinks I want, I want to decorate how I want to, and I don’t want to pay to host somewhere where I have to lug all the stuff I want to make the party personalized. That is important to me, and I 100% understand that those may not be important to you. At the end of the show, I have tips for those that know their only option is an outside venue, so scroll down for those!

My Tips for Hosting a Rainy Day Party

1. Clean House

Well duh, Allison, I’m hosting a party, of course I’m going to clean my house. Yeah, thats good, but I mean CLEAN AND MOVE things you don’t need to make space. Move your furniture, sister. What do you think your garage is for? You don’t need that coffee table taking up space…what about moving your kitchen table against a wall rather than the middle of the room? I want you to take a look around your space.  I bet you have a lot more room than you think. There have been plenty of times I have moved furniture out of the party space to get more room. This works, I’ve done it and it’s been great!

2. Cut the Guest List

I know this can be harsh and hard to do…but be honest and they will understand. They are probavbly worried about this when it comes to their own party and may even thank you later! 

Invite one parent or one sibling…this can be tricky but be honest about it! I have a very tight knit group of friends, and almost always the whole family is invited. It ends up being a lot to take on! Not only is it more expensive because of the food costs, but it’s a lot to have a bunch of little and big bodies in your house! Stressful!

Drop off party…something I’m terrified of, but guess what, you probably have the space for a handful of kids, but maybe not their entire family! People will understand…they most likely don’t want everyone and their brother in their house either!

Doing a big themed party for friends, and a separate more casual party for family is also nice.  A lot of times people want to bust it out in one day, but that can get a little stressful and you never get to visit with people since you are playing hostess.  A dinner party or pizza lunch is just as fun and gives you the chance to catch up with family members.

3. Become Best Friends with Your Garage

Your garage is a big empty space that is shielded from the outside! Be creative, it could be totally awesome! It’s a covered space attached to your home that you can use as an extension to your party space!  How cool would it be to turn your garage into a haunted house? A space station? Or even a soccer field! Yes it is going to take some effort into cleaning it out and making it safe for kids….but hosting a party at home is FREE.99, people.  Free is worth some cleaning that you probably need to do anyway…am I right? Related to this….renting a tent and heaters to extend the party to your patio is also an option. Not the cheapest, but not terrible either!

4. Beg, Borrow and Steal

Time to put your game face on and ask a friend or family member if you can use their space. I bet you have someone close to you with a house just waiting to host a party.  Or maybe someone lives in an apartment/condo or a community that has a club house for their residents. When Evie was born we lived in a tiny house with an even tinier yard. There was no hosting a party for 50+ people there.  I am incredibly lucky that both of our parents live around us, and my parents graciously “hosted” my daughter’s first two birthday parties in their yard. I was able to control all the things we talked about previously, but did go over to clean before and definitely after the party to ensure everything was put in its place and back to normal.  This is definitely worth asking…maybe bribe them with free babysitting? Take them out to a nice dinner? A weekend of yard work? The worse that can happen is they say no!

5. Rent an Air BNB or VBRO

Yeah yeah I get that sounds weird, but hear me out! They are almost always cheaper than renting a venue for the party. They allow you to have the freedom and control. and the best party? You have a place you paid for the spend the night by yourself or with friends after the party is over for some peace and quiet! Uh hello! I’m a secret genius, right?!

If after all that you are still not convinced it could work…here are some different options for party venues…

A Community Center

  • Churches or hotels also usually have large spaces they hold for groups and large get togethers
  • These are usually very cost effective and you still have a large room to decorate however you want
  • There may be limitations on food, especially not being able to bring hot food because you won’t have an oven
  • Inquire well in advance- you aren’t the only one unable to host at your home and they can fill up fast!
A Themed Destination
  • Goes hand in hand with your theme!
    • Museum: dinosaur party, space party, Mad Scientist party
    • Aquarium or pool: mermaid party, under the sea party, whale party, nautical sail-a-bration
    • Indoor gym: sports party, jungle party (think little monkeys  )
    • Zoo: party animals, jungle party, wild one
    • Farm: most is outside, but guests will be prepared to get dirty…and most farms have a covered area you can minimally decorate and serve food under
      • Most of these places have large rooms for parties that you can decorate and do at least one themed activity before going off to explore/play

A Play Place or Restaurant

-They almost always have a birthday party room that you can decorate

-Lots of times they have food included

-You can reserve for a certain amount of time at specific times

-Usually your most expensive option because you almost always are required to buy a package

-More times than not you also do not get to rent the whole space, so you will most likely be sharing with other people or parties

Always remember…your party will be a blast!  Stressing about where to host is not worth the effort.  You have lots of options. I suggest trying to host at home- look around with fresh eyes and some new motivation.  If it just won’t work, head on down to Plan B Land and refer back to my suggestions on other places to host. It will all work out in the end, I promise.

I’ve got a new blog post up all about the 10 perfect themes for indoor birthday parties! Go check it out and get inspired by all of the darling theme possibilities for your next rainy day party!

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