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Episode 96: Normalizing Infertility and Loss with Laura Nielsen

October 14, 2020

Laura is the most FUN mom. Watching her on Instagram with her daughter Leah is such a joy, but it wasn’t an easy road to get to cooking in the kitchen with her daughter. Shortly after getting married, Laura and her husband started trying for kids. After being prompted to make an appointment at the […]

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Laura is the most FUN mom. Watching her on Instagram with her daughter Leah is such a joy, but it wasn’t an easy road to get to cooking in the kitchen with her daughter.

Shortly after getting married, Laura and her husband started trying for kids. After being prompted to make an appointment at the fertility doctor just to be safe, they found that they were going to be need a little more help. Many failed IUIs, ending in miscarriage resulted in going into IVF. The first embryo transfer didn’t take, but the second one turned out to be her daughter Leah!

As raw and emotionally devastating as the experience was to get to her daughter, but most people don’t realize is that secondary infertility is also a thing that rears it’s ugly head. You think well it happened once and worked, it must again (both either getting pregnant naturally or with help), but nope! SO many women suffer secondary infertility, but they get ripped about it because they “already have a healthy baby.” I’ve heard this with so many friends and women in their life. Told to be grateful for the baby they have and just enjoy them. It’s still such a loss for those that had a dream in their heart for siblings though. It doesn’t discount those feelings of loss at all- they are still alive and fully real. Laura tried two more IVF cycles before deciding to let go and move onto the next chapter of her life with her family.

Normalizing Infertility

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue how common infertility was until I met my mom friends and talked to other moms and heard their stories. It wasn’t something I was all that aware of, and that was just 8 years ago. Now, you hear it all the time and I think that is SO great. It needs to be normalized. Moms need to know that they did nothing wrong, it wasn’t their fault and that it happens to so many others.

At the time of this recording (10/20), Chrissy Teigen shared that she was on serious bedrest while pregnant with her 3rd child. She was all over Instagram sharing about blood transfusions and the plan of attack for keeping her and her baby safe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and her son passed while she was in the hospital. Devastating.

And Chrissy shared it. Knowing the hate and comments that would come, she shared it and I applaud her for that so much. There are so many moms that were scrolling IG that day and saw her post and immediately didn’t feel so alone or filled with shame. It happened to someone as famous as Chrissy? Wow.

My hope is that this topic because completely normal by the time Evie is navigating this journey for herself. That she is aware of the twists and turns trying to conceive can throw at you and that she is equipped and ready to face them. It won’t be anything to be ashamed about, hide or feel like you’re broken or wrong. Obviously, it will still be emotional and traumatic for anyone to experience this at anytime, but it won’t be seen as different. Talking about it more, sharing stories, and moms connecting with other moms- this is the way to get there.

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Food and Connections

Laura is insanely talented in the kitchen. She is a crazy good food photographer and easy recipe whiz. I’ve loved everything we’ve made from Laura so I love using her blog and Instagram as a resource for me and my family!

Laura’s Busy Mom Kitchen Tips

Sheet Pan Dinners

Go big on the main dish and shortcut the sides

Use your InstaPot- it’s clutch!


Laura just released two brand new eCookbooks that are insanely good. Like I have mine and I’m obsessed. One is all about easy and delicious dinner recipes- all busy mom approved, and the other is for easy appetizers that your friends are going to ask you for the recipe immediately upon first bite!

She also has a bundle option that comes with a FREE 30 day meal plan which is going to be gold AND she has generously gifted my listeners with a 10% off code! Use MEMORIES10 at checkout!




Buy the Cookbooks! Use code: MEMORIES10 for 10% off!

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Lolo’s Desserts eCookbooks!!

Rockstar Memories in Moments guest, Laura Nielsen with Lolo’s Desserts JUST released her two new eCookbooks and they are TO DIE FOR. I legit love everything Laura cooks up and these cookbooks are MADE for the busy mama that needs some dinner help! When you order both cookbooks- Lolo’s Dinners and Appetizers Made Easy, you also get a BONUS 30 Day Meal Plan…and Memories in Moments listeners can use the code: MEMORIES10 for 10% off! I got mine and am obsessed, and I know you will be too!

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