Memories in Moments

Episode 53: My Favorite Memories and Lessons Learned from Year ONE

October 16, 2019

To celebrate one year, I’ve compiled some of my favorite clips from guests this year that have made a profound difference in living my life as the best woman I can for myself and my family. I’d love for you to go down memory lane with me as I share the top tips, takeaways and […]

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To celebrate one year, I’ve compiled some of my favorite clips from guests this year that have made a profound difference in living my life as the best woman I can for myself and my family. I’d love for you to go down memory lane with me as I share the top tips, takeaways and lessons learned in my first year hosting Memories in Moments!

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Happy 1st Birthday, Memories in Moments!

Wow, wow, wow. ONE whole year has flown by! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this journey with me. I started the podcast with one goal- give parents the ideas, confidence and tools to make celebrating realistic and rewarding. I want to help take something off your plate, never put anything more on it. I approach each show the same- what is the takeaway the listener can walk away and try right now? Little did I know, I’d be learning right along side of you! I have learned SO much about myself as another, wife, business owner, and woman in these past 53 episodes and one year of podcasting. I’ve learned from experts on how to help my kids be more grateful, how to prioritize showing up for them, how to be confident and self assured in my decisions as a parent, and how to take care of myself. 

I wanted to honor all those lessons and memories gained from this first year of the Memories in Moments podcast! I’ve compiled some of my favorite clips from guests this year that have made a profound difference in living my life as the best woman I can for myself and my family. I learned something and loved talking to every single guest I hosted this year, so narrowing it down to this select few was tricky!! 

I’d love for you to go down memory lane with me as I share the top tips, takeaways and lessons I learned in my first year podcasting and hosting the Memories in Moments podcast. Thank you for being a loyal listener. My birthday wish is that this show keeps growing and touching the lives of parents all over the world. Cheers to Year 2!


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My Favorite Lessons Learned This Past Year

Nicole McKinley on Episode 14: Slowing Down to Celebrate All Seasons of Life

Nicole is one of my best friends and is the freaking expert when it comes to being ultra present with her kids. She talks about her motivation behind this in this clip and how fast our kids are growing and one day we are going to look back and savor these moments. 

Aleks Lopez on Episode 33: Rocking the Working Mom Life- Maximizing Time, Saying No, and Self Care

Aleks discussed one of her self care routines and it has had the biggest impact on my life- more so then anything I’ve learned on the show. Aleks, despite being a working mom, takes one night a week to herself. She chooses whatever she wants to do- work, friends, wander Target, etc. but it’s her time to recharge and have some self care time. In turn, her husband also gets one night a week. I LOVED this when I heard it and my husband and I started doing this immediately. It has had the biggest impact on our marriage. I am so much less resentful than I was when my husband wanted to go do something for himself after being gone all day and I come back much more present and relaxed because I set aside some time to work on something important to me…or be in community with friends. 

If there is ONE thing for you to try from this episode, this would be it. Try taking one night a week just for you. Go out of the home and don’t come back until the kids are in bed. Just trust me. It’s life changing. Try it for a couple weeks, or better yet, a month, and let me know how it goes!! 

My Mom, Susan Stone, on Episode 16: Creating Lifelong Childhood Holiday Traditions

 I couldn’t not have my mom on the show that she inspired! Memories in Moments is directly inspired by my mom’s book, Memories in Moments. She wrote it when my sister and I were little and my childhood was pure magic. In this clip, my mom is sharing her advice on how to get started with family traditions and how to give yourself some grace and relieve some of the pressures that go along with the stigma of traditions! This is a must listen!

Dave Hollis on Episode 41: Personal Growth and Crushing Dad Life

I was quite nervous to interview Dave because he and his wife, Rachel Hollis, have had such a huge impact on my life and my business. BUT this ended up being one of my most favorite interviews from this year! Dave shares the importance of celebrating and showing up for each individual child. Really honoring that child and their interests and how those memories are the ones making the biggest impact. We also discuss mom and dad roles and the mindset we are taking when we approach parenting. 

Emilie Karun on Episode 29: Stop Comparing Your Mothering and Memory Making to Others

When Emilie said, “the strongest thing a woman can do is stop explaining herself” I immediately got goosebumps. Moms are always trying to be their best. We want to be the best for everyone, but we rarely show up as the best for ourselves. Emilie is a life coach for moms and help moms see there is more to life than being a mom. We talk a ton about comparing ourselves and our parents, and what steps we need to take to stop explaining ourselves and just live the life we want.

Brandy Salazar on Episode 23: Growing and Making Intentional Memories with Our Partners

Brandy is still one of my most popular episodes and for good reason! This episode is JAMMED packed with insane takeaways! The biggest thing I leanred from Brandy is the need to stop directing and correcting my husband. MIC DROP. How many of us are constantly telling them what to do?! Yep! No wonder we are always bickering! 

Brandy also talks about the important morning routine her and her husband do together to ensure they are a united front and on the same page each and every single day. This communication aspect has also had a big impact on my life and marriage! This is a whole episode refresher, my friend!

 Dr. Sheryl Ziegler on Episode 51: How to Say Goodbye to Mommy Burnout

More tired than the average mom? Yep. You are most likely burned out. How do you know if you’re truly burnt out or just tired…Dr. Sheryl outlines the common signs of burn out in this clip. I bet you you’ll raise your hand at quite a few!

We also discuss the importance and scientific evidence behind having a strong community with women. I preach about my mom tribe constantly so when Dr. Sheryl was dropping this research about women and girlfriends I was cheering and grinning ear to ear. Listen to this, then text your girls and GO OUT! Doctors orders!

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