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Episode 35: Losing a Tooth: Tooth Fairy Traditions

October 15, 2019

It happened! Your kid has a loose tooth! Now what? In this episode, I’m giving you some of my favorite ideas for preparing your kids when it comes to losing their teeth, fun new traditions to start, and how to keep that tooth fairy magic realistic to your busy life for countless nights for years […]

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It happened! Your kid has a loose tooth! Now what? In this episode, I’m giving you some of my favorite ideas for preparing your kids when it comes to losing their teeth, fun new traditions to start, and how to keep that tooth fairy magic realistic to your busy life for countless nights for years to come!

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“Mommy, My Tooth Feels Funny!”

It happened! Your kid has a loose tooth! Now what? In today’s show I’m giving you some of my favorite ideas for preparing your kids when it comes to losing their teeth, traditions to start, and how to keep that tooth fairy magic realistic to your busy life for countless nights for years to come!

This is a milestone we have yet to experience yet at my house, but I know we’re getting close with Evie so I wanted to do some research and hunting and have a clear plan of action when it comes to making memories about my kids losing their teeth! It’s a big deal! I feel like it’s totally one of those signs that you have a big kid. Sad but fun and special!

The Anticipation

It’s time to get your kids excited about losing a tooth because honestly it can be scary for some. I know this is going to be daughter. She is going to have her teeth dangling out of her mouth before she pulls it and never in a million years if she going to let us pull it. She is that kid that is very nervous and skeptical about things hurting her.

  • reassure them that this is a totally normal process- everyone loses their teeth, even Mommy and Daddy! Bonus points for showing pics of you as a kid missing teeth! They’ll think it’s hilarious!
  • Use books as a helpful resource to show them that kids are excited about losing their teeth because it means the Tooth Fairy gets to come
  • Give the wiggly tooth it’s own name (let your kid name it). This way you are putting the feelings onto the tooth vs. them. For example, “how’s Wiggles feeling today?” or “does Wiggles feel looser?” This way they can think about the tooth being a separate thing…”Wiggles kind of hurts” vs. “My mouth hurts.”

Best Books for Losing a Tooth

(these are affiliate links, to read more about what this means, click here!)

1. Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson

2. Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth by James Dean

3. Loose Tooth by Lola M. Shaeafer

4. Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth by Jane O’Connor

5. The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy by Jan Berenstain

6. Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood (my FAVORITE from childhood- this is the one the Tooth Fairy left me when I was little!)

7. The Missing Tooth Fairy (Adventures of Sophie Mouse) by Poppy Green (this is a pre-order available Oct 19, but we LOVE Sophie so it deserves a place on the list!)

8. Silverlicious by Victoria Kann

9. The Night Befire the Tooth Fairy by Natasha Wing

10. Anna and the Tooth Fairy by Maureen Wright

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Losing a Tooth Kit

You know your kid is going to eventually lose their tooth…it happens to every kid, so it’s something we can prepare for! That isn’t always the case when it comes to these crazy kids of ours!

One of the ways I plan on prepping for losing our first tooth is to have a Losing a Tooth Kit! I plan on having Evie help me put it together too. Head over to Target together, or open Amazon and take 20 min out of your day to shop for your kit.

Your kit could include…some guaze (just in case it gets a little bloody!), a new water cup for water swishing after the tooth falls out, the Tooth Fairy pillow/dish/envelope you plan on having your kid put the tooth in (links to purchase these are below!), and maybe a book.

Super simple and straight forward…but you will be SO glad you did this ahead of time! So when that loose tooth falls out at bedtime…you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to figure out what you’re going to do for your Tooth Fairy tradition! Just keep it in the bathroom and remind your littles that you get to use it once their tooth falls out! They will be totally excited and forget all about it possibly hurting or being scary!

The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is something that your kids are going to be super into and aware of…which means consistency is key. Find a tradition/practice/routine that works for you that you can keep up because you know your kid is going to call you out the second things go a little different! Be realistic about your schedule, time, and motivation, knowing that you have to do this multiple times a year for awhile…and then again if you have other kids!

 The Tooth Pillow

There are TONS of options when it comes to storing your kid’s tooth. Pillows, envelopes, boxes, dishes, stuffed animals, etc. Below are a list of some of the cutest tooth holders I found! Add this to your Losing a Tooth Kit as a special surprise for your little one!

One genius pillow I found was actually a door hanger! This is awesome for those of us with light sleepers! I also like the little dishes that hold that tooth that can go by the sink in the bathroom before they go to bed. Both are great alternatives for those that are stressing out over your kid waking up as you’re army crawling across their floor at midnight!

Remember, your kid knows your traditions. YOU are the parent, YOU get to decide what your family does and how they celebrate! If you don’t want to bust into your kid’s room at night and steal their tooth, then don’t. Just because that’s what you grew up with, or their classmates, or even characters in books…doesn’t mean it’s whats going to work best for your family. So pick something that does work well, that you are comfortable with, and then stick to it! Boom! You made your own amazing tradition that your kids will LOVE!

Pillow Choices for Purchase

1. Tooth Fairy Pillow with Notepad and Keepsake Pouch

2. Tooth Pillow with Office of the Tooth Fairy Notepad and Fairy Dust

3. Knit Tooth Pillow (this is the one I have for Evie!)

4. Hanging Tooth Pillow (comes in different colors!)

5. Wood Tooth Box

6. Personalized Tooth Fairy Dish 

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What Does the Tooth Fairy Leave?

Glitter Trail

Growing up, my mom left a trail of glitter from our beds all the way to the window. I still remember exactly what the glitter looked like-silver with little stars mixed in. I thought it was the most magical thing! I always looked forward to that glitter!

Glitter Money

Making your money sparkly is just so whimsical and fun! This is something I may do to celebrate the first tooth, but probably not something I’ll do each time due to time. Take your bill and spray it with spray adhesive. Sprinkle it with glitter and shake off the excess…do the same for the other side. Magical glitter money! They’d FLIP over this!

Special Money

Think about doing something a little unique with your money like $2 bills, half dollars, or silver dollars! Kids don’t necessarily see these all the time, so they seem a little more mysterious when it comes to the tooth fairy leaving something for them.

The First Tooth Lost

I plan on doing something a little more special for the first tooth. Maybe glitter money, and note from the Tooth Fairy, and a little present, like a fun toy or sparkly bracelet. This tooth fairy necklace is also darling! I also have a kid that needs this experience to be a positive one or else each and every time she loses a tooth, it’ll be very dramatic…and ain’t nobody got time for that! ? I also think it’s such a milestone in the life of a kid, that it should be celebrated in a bit of a bigger way!

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