Episode 20: The Ultimate Mom Style Guide with Erin Stoll

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October 15, 2019

In this episode, Erin Stoll of Style Thief Fashion, is giving us the ultimate style guide for starting 2019. She gives us her must-have wardrobe pieces and advice on how to look and feel our best when we’re out making memories with our families.

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Meet My Most Stylish Friend, Erin Stoll!

I think I was just destined to meet and become friends with Erin! Erin and I met in a line waiting to enter a cocktail party at Rachel Hollis’ house. Crazy right?! We were there for a VIP Garden Party to kick off the Rise Conference that weekend. I was there with two of my girlfriends, and Erin just so happened to be standing behind us.  She was impeccably dressed and I immediately admired her accessory choices. We struck up a conversation and became fast friends! Now, Erin is my go to girl for everything fashion. I DM her pics of me in different looks asking her opinion and am always seeking her style advice.

She is rocking the side hustle with her business, Style Thief Fashion. Is that not the cutest name? Erin is on a mission to help women feel their best through their fashion choices. In today’s episode, she is giving us the break down on all things style. How do we go about editing our closets? Why should we even care about fashion? What at the mom essentials I need in my wardrobe? If you’ve got questions about how to look and feel our best when we’re out making memories with our families…Erin has the answers. I can’t wait for you to hear her tips!

The Closet Takeover

I asked Erin to share how we can go about tackling our closets. Especially with this new year, wanting a fresh new start. But I can look around my closet and instantly get overwhelmed. Erin shares the emotional process she walks her clients through and gives some great tips on how we can purge our own closets to make room for those essential pieces that make us look and feel great.

Something to keep in mind when you are doing this closet edit, is that you are a different person than you were years ago. I often emotionally hold onto clothes because they “may” one day look cute, or I have a special memory tied to it, or spent a lot of money on it, but at the end of the day, my closet has to work for me and where I am right now in my life. We are constantly growing and changing, and our style should be reflecting that. Just something to keep in mind when you are making those tough calls!

I also loved Erin’s trick of putting a couple pieces we are attached to in a box for 3 months, then revisiting them with a clear head. Maybe we see them in a fresh light or maybe we are ready to let them go. Try that!

The Essentials: Erin’s Must-Have Pieces

1. Denim or Moto Jacket- basically a jacket with some structure

2. Black turtleneck- they’re having a fun, comeback moment and are perfect for layering!

3. Basic black t-shirt

4. A great pair of jeans that make you feel amazing

5. A little black dress- whatever style you want, but try to find one that you can dress up and down so it’s a workhorse for your wardrobe!

6. Blazer- the ultimate way to look pulled together

7. A statement piece of jewelry- it can change your whole look and make it fresh!

8. Flair: something a little fun to add to your outfit- a pop of color, a fun print (Erin and I both love leopard!)

Head on over here to look for Erin’s whole Monday Must-Have Recap!

Lightning Round of Erin, Please Dress Me!

1. School Drop Off

Leggings and a cute graphic tee- try the Spanx leggings!

2. A Meeting at School

Blazer, jeans and a cute flat or sandal

3. Weekends with the Family

Sweaters- there are so many styles and shapes, and even ones with embellishments! Pair with a dark jeans and boot or flat depending on weather. This is a fun time to add the statement piece also! A leopard coat, a statement necklace, etc.

Let’s talk about the front tuck for a minute! Front tuck your sweaters and shirt, it instantly makes your outfit look more pulled together and it’s super flattering! 

4. Date Night

A touch of a feminine detail, or a little something to be desired, like a lace cami or bralette. Pair this with a cardigan or blazer and some nice jeans and a heel. Super cute!

Looking Ahead to Spring

Sneakers! Look for ones like a cute slip on Converse that will go with everything, You can wear with a cute casual dress or jean.

Cropped ankle jeans- above the ankle with a raw edge

Prints-leopard is here to stay, along with floral and fun patterns like polka dot!

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