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Episode 6: Organizing School Papers and Art Show Notes with The Organized Mama

October 14, 2019

I always feel like I’m being crushed by a mountain of school papers, work, and art projects! Jessica Litman, The Organized Mama, is here to help us tackle that mountain and give us tips on living neater, calmer lives! Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! Meet your new organization guru, Jessica Litman! Jessica is […]

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I always feel like I’m being crushed by a mountain of school papers, work, and art projects! Jessica Litman, The Organized Mama, is here to help us tackle that mountain and give us tips on living neater, calmer lives!

Listen below or head on over to iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher!

Meet your new organization guru, Jessica Litman!

Jessica is a mom of 2, an organization goddess, and the head honcho over at The Organized Mama. Jessica started her organizational journey by implementing new routines to make her home work for her family better, and by impressing her friends with the most organized nursery around. Word got out that she had a gift, and a beautiful business and blog blossomed!  Jessica’s goal is to help families how to lead neat and calmer lives, one drawer at a time!

In this episode, I chat with Jessica and she shares all her best tips for tackling the school paperwork and art project mountain we are all living under!

How do we decide what to keep and what to toss…and what do we do with the pieces we keep??

1. Ask yourself: do you want this piece of art? Would you personally want your 2nd day of Kindergarten drawing that you made to pass the time? Probably not. 

2. Take pictures of your kid’s art/schoolwork and put it in a book! This ensures you are honoring the memories and progress they are making developmentally while not drowning in paperwork! GENIUS!

Pro Tip: You can link your Favorites photo album on your phone up to Chatbooks and it’ll automatically put your book together when you hit a certain amount of photos! 

3. On Minted, you can make a giant poster of your kid’s artwork in a shape or displayed! You can make a heart with all the pics of their projects and it’s a fun and unique way to display their art and see their development! What a fun way for kids to look back on their artwork! Also, how adorable is this for playroom art??

Routines to keep us organized and at peace to start the week:

1. Prep food- grab and go items in the fridge, kids pack some of their own lunches- give your kids responsibility! 

2. To do list: only pick 3 things to do. This helps with anxiety and overwhelm. I LOVED this tip of Jessica’s because I do this for my business and it has changed my productivity, so I am so excited to implement this into my personal life!

Pro tip: doing the dishes is 3 things! Wash, dry, fold. Give yourself a break, friend!

What is the space in our home we can organize that’ll give us the most peace of mind?

Surprise! It’s your bedroom! It’s your tranquil, clutter-free, calm space. This is important, mamas! We need a space that is calm and safe for us to decompress in.

Tips on de-cluttering kid’s rooms

  • Model this with our own rooms- set the example of the importance of a clean room (i.e. my dresser has 2 things on it, can we get your dresser to look like that?)
  • No toys in the bedroom. Bring a bin up for nap-time or quiet-time but toys live in the playroom, not the bedroom

Jessica’s Decluttering Challenge: The Declutter-athon!

Your timeline, go at your own pace, but the goal is to declutter your space in 30 days.

One topic each day for 30 days to declutter- one little job each day. (i.e. Day 1: organize your junk drawer: make it an office drawer- anything else gets tossed or moved to a different location)

Sign up for the challenge!

Blog posts talked about on the show:

Tips for organizing and storing holiday decor

Easy systems for organizing school papers 

Teaching kids how to declutter

Go connect with Jessica and say hi!

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