Episode 21: How to Capture Memories Like a Photography Pro with Rebecca Ellison

Memories in Moments

October 15, 2019

In this episode, photographer Rebecca Ellison shares her tips for getting our kids’ to smile with their natural smiles, how to get a pic of them even when they’re moving all over the place, and shares her favorite editing hacks.

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Meet My Family Photographer, Rebecca Ellison!

I am SO excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Rebecca! Becca may as well be part of our family now because she has literally documented and captured every single one of my family’s milestones! She photographed our wedding, my maternity shoots, newborn and first year pics with both my babies, and most all of the photos of me on my website (including my podcast cover art!) is all done by her. Today she is here to share her expert tips and tricks for capturing life’s little moments with our iPhones! We are walking around with a very advanced piece of technology in our pockets, and I was shocked at the amount of information I learned from Becca just by listening to her tips! I had no idea my phone was capable of so many things! She shares her tips for getting our kids’ to smile with their natural smiles, how to get a pic of them even when they’re moving all over the place, and shares her favorite editing hacks. If you are a mom that is constantly taking pics of her kids, and is looking to beef up your skills a bit, this is the episode for you!

The Party Feature in Mingle Magazine shot by Rebecca!

A couple of pics Becca has taken of my family milestones throughout the years! 

Evie’s Newborn Shoot
My bouquet and I at my wedding
Evie and Hudson (my whole world)

Rebecca’s Expert Photography Tips for Taking Better Pics of Our Kids!

Portrait Mode: makes you look the fanciest, but can be the trickiest because it’s slower so hard with moving kids!

Live Mode: taking a 3 second video and showing you an image, or one frame. Did you know you can look through that little clip and choose what section/frame you like best?! Mind-blown! Perfect for those crazy active toddlers!

Burst: holding the button down to burst (take a bunch of pics at one time) and it shows you all the photos you took. You get to select that couple that works and you love, and delete the rest! Another thing I have ZERO idea about!

When you have kids, you take a bunch of pics, and remember to delete the rest? All you mamas out there with full phones…I’m talking to you!

Why Threats and Bribes Don’t Work

You are either making your kid skeptical or it’s resulting in that weird grimace smile that doesn’t even look like their real smile. You are giving them the power! Keep in mind that kids are always the worst for us. We are their safe place, so they can act out. 

Instead, try getting them to act silly and even have them run around! By making it a game and giving them some freedom, they are much more likely to get caught in the moment and will result in a great picture. This definitely helps with the candid vs. posing moment!

Surprise Attack

Pretend your kids are Oprah and you are sitting next to her at a restaurant. You need to discreetly take a pic of her to prove that you actually saw her…but you don’t want her to see you take the pic. That’s the gist of this. Sneak up on them with your camera down low or to the side so you don’t tip them off. Use those sleep-training ninja skills, mama!

Editing 101

Keep it pretty simple and try to keep it as natural as possible. If you do need to edit, try and bump up the brightness, contrast, and saturation if needed before you attempt a filter. Filters can be super trendy, so classic is going to be the best bet in the long run.

Becca’s Favorite Editing Apps: VSCO and Filmborn (these also keep your photos consistent, which is important if you are trying to build any sort of following/blog!)

Lighting Tips

Face away from the light- everyone is going to squint if you look directly at the light! Directly below light also results in sun spots and weird shadows.

Outside: open shade is your best friend! Avoid direct light as much as possible.

Indoor: open all the window shades fully and turn off the indoor light. Natural (sun) light is always going to be the best and most flattering for your pics. 

Indoor at night: turn on the lights/lamps that are next to them or around the room, rather than overhead lights because it’ll bring the light in around their face instead of on top of their heads casting weird shadows.

Rebecca has a free resource for you!

Top 3 Tips for Great iPhone Photos!  You can download that here! She also has an online course in the works teaching you how to use your iPhone for taking better pics and making it work for you and your family (and small business!) better. 

As someone who has been a long-time client of Becca’s, I fully trust her expertise and am excited to watch her teach her skills!

Go connect with Rebecca and say Hi!

Website: Rebecca Ellison Creative

Freebie: Top 3 Tips for Great iPhone Pics!



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