Episode 2: How to Plan a Stress-Free Party

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Parties are one of the most special ways to make memories with your loved ones. But…planning them can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. In this episode, Allison shares her favorite strategies for planning a stress-free event!

Planning a party? Don’t Even Think About Opening Pinterest Until You Listen to This Week’s Episode!

Parties are one of the most special ways to make memories with your loved ones…but I know they can also be stress, time-consuming, and stressful.  I have always been a party girl. I was raised in a home where special occasions and celebrations were important. They were and still are a big cornerstone to my family. When the time came to plan Evie’s birthday, I was ready! This was my Super Bowl! I was the party girl! This will be a breeze.


Planning that party was horrible. It was stressful, and time-consuming, and so expensive. I was a wreck. Not only was I emotional about my baby turning one, but I was fixated on making every little detail for the party perfect. I thought I needed to do it all- DIY decor, baking everything on the dessert table, the perfect IG pictures. All of that stress and overwhelm resulted in a beautiful party, but I also cried in the laundry room from exhaustion right before Evie did her smash cake. I loved having everyone there together celebrating, but it was a lot harder than I ever knew.

I knew something needed to change because that I knew parties would stay in my life…but I didn’t want to experience that rollercoaster again!

My Strategies for Planning a Stress-Free Party

In this episode, I break down the two most important things I do before I even lift a finger for the party.

1. Ask yourself 3 important guiding questions

These questions ensure you are in the mindset of planning your party. They put the focus back on why you are doing this- you are celebrating someone or something. The answer to these questions guide the whole planning process, and immediately set you up for success. Don’t skip this step!

-Why are you having a party?

-What is your theme?

-Where will your party be?

Sit down and actually write the answers out to these questions. Below is an example that I wrote in my planner before planning Evie’s 4th birthday party. “My daughter is turning 4 and is obsessed with Disney princesses. We are going to have a princess themed birthday party in our backyard. I want to create a memorable experience for her and her friends, so I am going to hire some princesses to come surprise the birthday girl and her guests.”

2. Make a DETAILED checklist

Start from 6 weeks out and work your way down to party day. Write down every little thing that needs to get done- your brain cannot hold everything you think you need to do. Even write down things you think are obvious, like getting ready. It reminds you that you need to organize your time to allow for that to happen so you aren’t scrambling and forget your deodorant (been there).

Party Favor Time!

I’ve got a free download ready and waiting for you! My 5 Stress-Free Secrets to a Memorable Party.  The tips I talk about in the episode, and more are all outlined in details with examples so you can enjoy the planning and hosting of a beautiful party!   Download below!

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These 5 time (and life!) saving tips will save your sanity when it comes to planning your next party! 

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