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Episode 27: How to Host a Classy and Modern Character Birthday Party

October 15, 2019

In this episode, I’m sharing my best tips and ideas for hosting cute, classy, modern character parties that both you and your kid will be happy about! This is one of the most popular questions I get from party planning clients and I’m excited to share! Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, […]

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In this episode, I’m sharing my best tips and ideas for hosting cute, classy, modern character parties that both you and your kid will be happy about! This is one of the most popular questions I get from party planning clients and I’m excited to share!

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher!

Ohh…the Character Birthday Party. 

We’ve all experienced this. Our kid is OBSESSED with a particular movie, television or book character and everything in their life must revolve around them, including their birthday party.  I am totally a fan of the character party because I am a big supporter of honoring your kid and their interests. I like looking back and recognizing the year that Evie was princess obsessed (also the year we took our first Disneyland trip) or the year Hudson loved dogs. Those memories are special and unique to your kids and your overall family story, so it’s fun to give into them in your own way.

I get asked about character parties constantly with my clients in my party planning business, Allison Carter Celebrates. How do I host a character party that doesn’t look “too charactery.” You don’t want to host a tacky party, I get it. There is a total balance when it comes to hosting character parties. You can host a party that is classy, cute, modern, and totally honors the chosen character. You just have to be a little creative in your approach!

In this episode, I’m going to give you all my best tips and ideas for hosting a cute character party without looking like a party store threw up all your house. You are going to walk away with a clear plan for your character party that makes you and your kiddo happy as can be!

All of the images below are character parties planned from clients of mine using these tips and the help of their party plans! Scroll down to shop all the character party planning guides I have ready and waiting for you to download!

I also wrote a full blog post on this same subject, check it out here!


I know party planning can be super overwhelming. It’s time consuming, expensive, and can lead to a lot of insecurities…not to mention the HOURS it takes to plan and prep it all! I’m here to help a sister out. In addition to hosting the Memories in Moments podcast, I also create party planning guides and checklists for themed parties. These are designed with one goal in mind: help a busy mom save time, stress, and money so she actually enjoys the party she’s hosting. I’ve thought (and found!) every little detail you need to bring your themed party to life, given you links to purchase it all, and put it all in one convenient download you can access anywhere. No more Pinterest and no more wandering the aisles of Target. Now you’ve got a clear plan of attack that’ll result in a beautiful party ending in tons of cherished memories with your loved ones. It’s that easy! Shop party plans and let’s get celebrating!

Party Decor

Garlands and Banners

Think about a way to give a nod to your child’s favorite character. This banner I made was SO easy and the perfect spin on my daughter’s princess party. She loves each princess, but I didn’t want actual pictures of the princesses at the party. When you go down that route, it can get a little in your face. When I was making this banner (the templates and instuctions can be found in the Princess Party Plan!), Evie was all about it. She loved helping me put the dresses together to make Cinderella, Rapunzel, and we even threw Sofia the First in there because why not? She didn’t miss their faces at all, and I loved the vibe and color they brought to the party without going too far down the Disney black hole.

Garlands and banners are the perfect way to showcase your chosen character. You can often have a cutout of them, a silhouette, or one of their signature phrases, colors, or patterns.  I have links to many themed garlands and banners in party plans or you can easily create your own like I did with this princess dress one! In the following pics, you’ll see many banners that are clearly for a character but aren’t crazy character-y.

The Outfit

Another one of my favorite ways to incorporate the character into the party is through the guest of honor’s outfit! Look how cute this little fairy is as her favorite character, Tinkerbell! Chances are if your kid loves the character enough to have a whole birthday dedicated to them…they’ll love dressing up like them! The dress up item also makes for a great gift on party day! 

We had a bunch of princess dresses for all the guests to dress up as at the princess party, and other clients of mine have had My Little Pony masks and tails, teddy bear ears for Goldie and Bear, over the top fancy dresses for Fancy Nancy, and a LEGO t-shirt for the birthday boy. Every party plan I create has a page dedicated to the outfit. For a character party, I really spend time finding the cutest pieces that honor the characters and make your kiddos happy…while still being something they may be able to wear after party day. I got your back, mama!


I am a total sucker for a themed menu! A fun way to bring the character to your food table is with fun little names for the dishes you’re serving!

Ariel’s mac and cheese with shell pasta? Come on, now! Cinderella’s pumpkins? What about the exact food that you can find in the world of Minecraft? Block rice crispies anyone? I have a blast coming up with these names. 

If you aren’t feeling in the super creative mindset, don’t worry, you know your party plan has them all outlined for you anyway! You can show off your character’s attributes, characteristics, home, appearance, interests, etc. with how you name your food. Your kid will also LOVE this. A powdered sugar donut is cool, but when you call it Cinderlla’s carriage wheel? Well, that’s just mom of the year status right there, sister!

Party Activities

So this one is a no brainer. What does your character look like? What do they like to do? What are they famous for?

Tinkerbell party…well you have to have wings. Everyone needs to enter the world of Pixie Hollow and experience it’s magic. The fairies also love nature, so of course there needs to be a nature scavenger hunt!

What does Fancy Nancy love more than anything? Dress up and tea parties. Hello. Feather boas for days. Add a photo booth element and you’re golden!

LEGO party? Easy! Let them build! Or have them pin the head on a LEGO guy.

My Little Pony fans! It’s all about friendship, right? Friendship bracelets galore! Add little unicorn charms to really put it over the top.

The possibilities for this one are endless, and because our kids are so obsessed with these particular characters, we are very well versed in them! I am 100% confident that I could win a trivia contest about Sofia the First any day of the week. Bring it, princess. Use that mindless knowledge and bring the show/movie/character to life through recreating it through your party activities.

And because I know you’re going to ask this next, yes, all party plans include activities that already thought out (with cute names!), outlined, and I provide links to purchase all supplies needed.

There you have it! My top tips for hosting a character themed party that is classy, cute, and not full of character clutter from the Dollar Store. Do as much or as little as you want. You are the host, so your rules! 

Go ahead and scroll down to shop all the Character Party Plans! If you don’t see your little one’s true love in the list of plans below, I will be more than happy to design the character party of their dreams with a custom plan! I promise to keep it classy for you, mama!

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