Episode 105: Teaching Kids to Be Problem Solvers with Ann Kaplan

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Meet, Ann Kaplan! 

Parenting is tough… and sometimes we can all use a little extra help! Ann Kaplan is a professional parenting coach and in this episode she gives us some tips that you can use as soon as the episode is over!

Parenting Tips to Remember

Mistakes or normal and okay! Parenting philosophies: I make mistakes and that is normal, don’t beat yourself up about it

Parenting approach: Teaching our kids that we make mistakes and that it’s alright, and then teaching them how to make it better and do better next time

All about finding the balance between honoring and respecting your child and still setting boundaries and giving consequences as well

First step to improving parenting, is figuring out the ‘why’ behind why we think the things we do and have certain responses to certain situations.

We have to dismantle this idea that as parents we are “supposed to know how to do this” and “not need help” because that is a complete lie!

Don’t do it by yourself!!!

Ann’s 3 fundamentals for parents: skills, guidance, and community

If you are interested in learning more about what Ann does, a good place to start is her free guide called ‘Getting Kids to Listen’!

overwhelmed parents with kids that aren't listening

Problem Scenarios to Tackle Lightning Round Style

  1. Kids drop toys all over and refuse to clean up, crying, saying no, ect.

Productive Actions:

Kids are biologically programmed to distance themselves from you by doing what you don’t want them to do… so don’t just say “no”.

Offer a choice instead

Never create a rule unless you have a plan for enforcing that rule!

2. Moved to a new area and kids are having trouble connecting with other kids, as a mom what can we do to equip our kids instead of swooping in and fixing the situation for them

Productive Actions:

Mistakes are the secret sauce: Unless anyone is in physical danger, give your child the room to try and figure things out for themselves when is comes to interacting with other kids>

3. Siblings fighting

Productive Actions:

As parents we can’t get in the way of our kids relationships with the other people in their life

Set rules that need to be followed but don’t solve their problems for them

Don’t just talk, talk, talk. Kids learn through doing and experiencing natural consequences. 

Biggest tip.. Talk less act more!

siblings playing well and listening



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parenting coach Ann Kaplan teaching on how to get kids to listen and solve their own problems

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