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What is something we’re all MISSING this year? Control. Control, structure, normalcy. What is something we can do to get a little of that feeling back? Implementing routines! And there is NO ONE better than my girl, Ashley Brown, when it comes to routines!

What I love about Ashley is that she makes it very easy and has a do what works for you attitude. She has ideas, tips and systems and then goes out and encourages you to make them work for you. We do NOT have to have an intense recharging morning routine if that doesn’t work for us. And just because we hear that works for other moms…doesn’t mean that has to be US. It’s sure as heck not me, so I love the realness Ashley brings. Give me tips grounded in reality and I’m all in!

Meet your new routine guru, ashley brown!

Ah routine. So I need to wake up early and crush our to do list before the kids get up? Pass. NOPE! You get to make routines work for you. If you are fluid and like to switch it up, that is fine. Recognize though, that that is still a routine.

Routines are like a security blanket. They give comfort and stability. When we let go of them, we always want to put that blanket right back on. So what are those go to routines for you?

Identify Markers in Your Day



Starting a New Routine

Is your routine realistic? Does it actually meet your lifestyle right now?

Is your routine too specific? Make broad, flexible statements: move my body vs. doing yoga

Is your routine FUN? Making it fun helps you stick to it!

What Routine Every Mom Needs

A Self Care Routine: the best decision you can make it to take care of YOURSELF!

A Cleaning/Tidy Routine: when our homes are somewhat clutter free, we have a clearer mind

A Planning Routine


Shop Routines & Things!

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