Episode 19: Starting the Year Off Strong!

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Happy New Year! in this episode, I’m sharing how my family starts the year strong with setting family-friendly goals in a way your kids will understand and enjoy! Cheers to a happy, healthy, and memorable 2019!

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Let’s Make This the Best Year YET!

I am a big believer in starting a new year with goals and a direction. I like having a focus, whether that’s goals, dreams, a theme word, whatever. Something I can think about and pull me back to what I’m setting as my priorities for the new year. I set professional, personal, and family goals. Each of these can be done at the same time, or at different times, but in this episode, I’m going to be focusing on setting family-friendly goals in a way that your kids will understand and enjoy!

Grown-Ups Only Day Date

It all starts with the parents. You need to be clear on where you want your family to go and what is important to you before you open it up to your family. Ryan and I like to go out to one of our favorite restaurants, have some margaritas and tacos and hash out the year. We look at our calendars, dream, scheme, and goal set. We mainly focus on our family during this time, but some business and work talk usually sneak in. Last year we took this time to discuss budget goals, vacation goals, screen time, relationship goals and family experiences.

I decided to ask Ryan to come on for this section of the show and give his manly point of view. I know that there was a time where he wouldn’t have been as open to goal setting as he is now, so I wanted him to speak for a minute on how you can approach this practice in a way your partner may be more receptive to. I loved what he shared!

Kid-Friendly Goals

First, I just want to preface by saying, I don’t have high expectation when it comes to these goals. My husband and I are already on the same page when it comes to goals we set each year, but I want to start planting the seeds of goal setting and growing each year with the kids so I like having conversations about them.

I have starter questions that are essentially fill in the blank for the kids to help them along. I can’t just say to a five year old, “what are your goals for this year?” She’d just stare at me. But if I ask her “What is one thing you want to try to get better at at school?” “What is something you can help mommy and daddy with at home?” These can help guide her to thinking about something she wants to do or accomplish.

I also like the idea of a wishing wall. Give your family a pack of sticky notes- their own colors would be fun. Then ask them to write a wish down on the sticky. A picture is fine too. Then go place your wishes on a wall or poster board. Talk about some of the wishes, and try to represent them as goals by switching up the language a little bit. If she says, “I wish we could go to Hawaii” then I can turn that into, “what do we need to do as a family to save money to go to Hawaii?” We talk, chores, not going out to eat as much, less shopping, etc. and then we can rewrite the wish as “We take a family trip to Hawaii this year.”

Vision Boards

I used to make a vision board every year and then I started slacking, probably because I had kids and didn’t have time to cut pics out of magazines and make a collage…imagine that. BUT this is my year to get back on track, mostly because I’m forcing my whole family to do it with me.

Each family member is going to get a small piece of tagboard from the craft store- you can also get big tagboard from the drug store and cut it up! Then we’ll stick a big pile of magazines in the middle of us, turn on some music, and get to dreaming and creating.  I really don’t have a lot of plans for guiding Evie when it comes to this. I figure each year she will understand more, especially after our family discussions about sharing and helping each other achieve goals, so I’m just going to tell her to have fun and find pictures of things she’d like to feel, see/experience or do in this next year. I fully anticipate it to be filled with cupcakes, donuts, and LOL dolls, but whatever- that’s what she’s into and I’m not going to dictate what her visions look like! Doing something like the wishing wall where she made wishes and drew pics will be helpful in getting the ball rolling for her finding things to glue onto her board.

Some ideas for displaying your vision board:

  1. We do one board as a family
  2. Everyone makes their own vision board and hangs them in their own space
  3. Everyone’s board gets put together to make a giant board and we put it in a shared space
  4. I cut the tagboard up like puzzle pieces and each member of the family gets a puzzle and we put them together for a larger vision board

These are just a few of the ways I intentionally start the year strong with goal setting in a family friendly way. 

Goal setting in this very focused way has changed my life. I write my goals as if they have already happened, I speak them into existence, I envision them happening, and I believe in that practice because I’ve seen what comes of it.

Two years ago my mom gave me a copy of Mingle magazine to celebrate me starting my business. I went home and immediately started thinking and writing “I will have a party featured in Mingle magazine” that quickly changed to “I have parties featured in Mingle Magazine” and then when I really wanted Evie’s flower birthday party to be accepted it changed to “Evie’s flower birthday party is featured in Mingle magazine.”

A little less than two years later, I’m very happy and proud to say, Evie’s 5th birthday is featured in the Winter issue of Mingle magazine which can be found in stores like Barnes and Noble, Michaels, Whole Foods and more all around the country!

Dare to dream big. Who cares what people think? It’s your dreams and your goals, not theirs. And besides, you don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to anyway. Make a vision board for yourself. Write your goals down in a journal. Speak them into existence for you. Remember, if you shoot at nothing, you hit it every time. I hope this episode inspired you to set one goal for yourself or your family, or both! This year. Just one. Go big or go home, sister. I believe in you and am cheering you on.

Cheers to the best 2019 ever! We are ready for you!!

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