Episode 104: Rocking the Bonus Mom Life with Krislyn Foust

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Meet Krislyn! 


All moms have different walks of life and Krislyn shares her individual journey, her takeaways, and her advice with us! Being a bonus mom can be a lonely road and it can be confusing and emotional to try and figure out your place. I love sharing real honest stories in these episodes because as moms it is so important to find a place where we can connect and relate!

Krislyn tied the knot with Brandon right before COVID set in and she married into a beautiful family with two kiddos, Maeci and Finn. When she’s not being a bonus mom she runs a Lululemon store on the Las Vegas strip! Going into dating as someone who has always wanted kids with a man who already had two offers a unique dating experience. 

Krislyn mentions that it took time to navigate what her role specifically would look like as a mother influence in the lives of these kiddos. A journey of finding who she was as a bonus mom to be the best addition to their lives.

When you’re dating someone with kiddos it can be easy to worry about timing and when is “too soon” or not, but Krislyn says she learned to always keep the kids’ hearts in mind when making these big decisions.

One of the trickiest parts was realizing I am not their mom, I am not here to replace their mom, so who am I as Krislyn to Maeci and Finn. And what I’ve learned is I am here to be their biggest cheerleader and an additional advocate for them”

Krislyn’s stepson Finn has an undiagnosed genetic disease and is currently non verbal and non mobile. So she mentions it has been important to learn what it looks like to be a place of stability and an advocate for Finn, while understanding that decisions regarding his medical care aren’t hers to make.

Even in 2021 there is still stigmas surrounding blended families and it can be hard to find a community of people experiencing your same journey as a bonus parent, and Krislyn mentions that social media has been a great tool for finding people and groups to connect with people walking a similar life.

Krislyn’s Best Advice for Stepparents:

  1. Make sure you continue to date your husband
  2. It’s going to be hard, but it is more than worth it in the end
  3. Get to know the kids hearts- not being bonded by blood it is so important to find a unique way to build that deep bond!

Everyday is a fresh start! Give yourself so much grace, give your little ones grace, and remember tomorrow is always a new day.


Instagram: @krislynfoust

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