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Episode 89: Making a Family Summer Bucket List

July 1, 2020

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! I’m determined to make this summer feel different that the “school” year did. We all know this year is going to be so weird and one that we will for sure remember, but I want my kids to look back on it with good memories. I want them […]

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Listen below or head on over to iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher!

I’m determined to make this summer feel different that the “school” year did. We all know this year is going to be so weird and one that we will for sure remember, but I want my kids to look back on it with good memories. I want them to remember the connection, family time, simple moments and laughter. I have a very low bar when it comes to summer planning this year, but I do know that because of that it’s going to make me more present and available and that’s just what my kids and I need.

Let it Go

One way I can be present? Letting something go. We have worn ALL the hates these past couple months. Wife, mom, teacher, chef, cleaner, entertainer, etc. TOO MANY HATS.

Now that summer is here and that naturally gives us a little bit of flexibility, what can you let go of? Or maybe who can you let go of? What can you put on pause?

For me, it’s the Memories in Moments podcast. And in no way because I don’t like it. It’s because I LOVE it and am so determined to make it the best it can be. Because of that, the podcast is majorly time consuming. Knowing I have some big life events and also hundreds of Unwrapped boxes to fill each month, I evaluated what I could let go (just for a little bit!) and the podcast was it!

Since I started the show, I have always taken July off from releasing new content. It was my way of showing up for this kids. This year is no different! I have TONS of content still on the blog and in past episodes for you to revisit anyway!

So what is taking up a bit more time than necessary or causing you stress that you can say bye to? Social media? A friend who’s beliefs isn’t aligning with yours at the moment? Make the boundary and stick to it. You’ll be SO glad you did!

And remember- totally temporary if you want it to be!

Kids Choice

I’ve been taking away way too much of the kid’s freedom lately. They have basically had zero choice in their day or what they want to do because my husband and I’s work schedule has been crazy. I hate that rut! I want them to take control and feel that choice again!

We sat down with our Summer Bucket Bingo Card and had a conversation about our favorite parts of summer. What do we love to do? What would we be sad about not doing?

I let the kids choose 5 things each.

Then we SCHEDULED them. Put them on the calendar so I wouldn’t schedule something else that day. Treating it as important as I would any work commitment. Sacred time.

This checks a lot of boxes in my mind. First, it gives the kids control. Second, it forces me to prioritize that family connection time in a season where that hasn’t been our strong suit. And third, it gives us all something to look forward to because it’s on the calendar and we can get excited about doing something fun as a family!

Cross Off the To-Do List

Once you let something go, it frees up some time to focus on other things that bring you joy.

Think of your to-do list. And I’m not talking about your daily to-do list. I mean that list of things you keep meaning to do, but keep putting off. That one. We all know exactly what’s on it.

The closet that never gets purged, the overstuffed playroom, the bathroom touch ups, the at home spa night, etc. What is something you keep needing or wanting to do that you aren’t prioritizing?

Schedule it and cross that baby off, mama!

Time to tackle that to-do list because it’ll alleviate so much stress and give you headspace to enjoy these fun moments with your kids. When we don’t have a million other things taking up space in our brain, we can free it up for things we enjoy or for that connection time we’re craving.

Savor It

This one sounds so cringy because I am just as fed up as you are. I too am sitting here wanting to pull my hair out everyday. BUT. I have loved some of the things quarantine has brought us.

I love not waking up, rushing in the morning, and standing at a rainy bus stop. I love watching my kids grow in their relationship together and am grateful they got another year at home together. I love that I was the one that got to teach Evie how to be a confident reader. I got to experience the moment where it clicked and she turned into a reader. I loved having lunch on a Tuesday afternoon as a whole family.

So much that I loved and want to hold onto before it slips through my fingers like every other moment of their speedy childhood.

So, yes. I want this to be over and I want my life back. But also, yes. I am savoring this time at home and I really do want to make the most out of it before school routines take over our life again.

Boredom Busters

I’ve got two resources that I think will be perfect for you when you are navigating this summer and creating your bucket lists!

I’m Bored Cards

This card back is the way that you answer your kids when they tell you they’re bored. It breaks down tons of activities and choices for them to get them up and moving and feeling good about a plan.

Each card is a letter in the word BORED. For example, B is for build, make or create something. On that card you’ll find Legos, Magnatiles, blocks, crafts, art, etc. O would be outside time with different ideas on what to do. You get the idea!

You can grab a digital file of these to print and cut at home or I’ll print, cut and laminate those babies for you and ship them right on over!

Grab your set!

Summer Bucket List Bingo

All the ideas for your family summer bucket list done for you! Gotta love that- talk about letting things go! Clear the space and outsource this thinking, my friend!

This bingo card is full of social distance approved ideas for activities and local adventures. This is exactly what we used as a family when sitting down to map out our summer and what we wanted to do together!

Again, you can grab a digital file or have me print, laminate and ship it to you!

Get your bingo card!



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