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Episode 86: Summer Sleep Routines and Habits with Lauren Olson

June 4, 2020

Listen below or head on over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! We’re a family that is very regimented when it comes to sleep. Sleep usually isn’t the thing that is affected when it comes to my kids because we’ve had such strict routines from day one. But with quarantine, we’ve been a little more lax and lenient on some […]

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Listen below or head on over to iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher!

We’re a family that is very regimented when it comes to sleep. Sleep usually isn’t the thing that is affected when it comes to my kids because we’ve had such strict routines from day one. But with quarantine, we’ve been a little more lax and lenient on some of these habits and

Changes are a big deal for kids. Something as small as no more pull up can trigger a new behavior or habit when it comes to sleep. Think about all the changes that are happening for your kids in these past few months. Parents being home all the time, no school, their community gone, not being able to go out, normal routines are gone.

4 out of the 7 days need to be consistent and have a routine. This helps them balance those big feelings. Something I found interesting is when Lauren said that consistency means what your day looks like, not just a consistent bedtime routine. I’ve been focusing on bedtime, not the routine of our day- which because it’s survival mode, we have zero routine. Every day is different for us and them because of work schedules, weather, etc.

Early Rising

Lack of nap or the wake window was too big- if your kid is melting down at dinner or falling asleep, that window was too big. Lauren works for an 11 hour stretch of sleep time, so keep that in mind when setting your kid’s bed and wake up time.  For example, 7 pm bedtime, 6 am wake up. 8 pm bedtime, 7 am wake up.

The sun is the biggest factor right now. It is a natural trigger for our bodies to see the sun and be awake. Black out shades are the jam. They help create that boundary for it still being dark/night time and tricking their body into not knowing it’s day and time to be up and at em with the sun!

Keeping Kids in Their Room

Toddler Monitor- hangs on their door and alerts your smart phone if theres movement at their door. This is more so a safety issue for those kiddos just transitioning from crib to bed and you not wanting them to be roaming free in your house.

Ok to Wake Clock or the Hatch clock- set the visual expectation and lay it out for them. If you’re clock isn’t green, you can’t come out. Set them up for success and give them a visual to cue into.

Screen Time

We are doing the best we can right now. Pick a time of your day for screen time, and try to not have it be around a particular sleep window. Give yourself grace with knowing that screens as babysitters and for school are a bit more essential than they normally are right now! As a rule of thumb, no blue light 20 minutes before bedtime! And if it’s necessary, use blue light glasses.



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